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The Toybox

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seattle with scy
children of dune - leto 1
Survived trip to Seattle. Also, let me just say, after leaving 101 degrees in Dallas yesterday afternoon, the weather is here is really working for me.

Off to do things with [personal profile] scy. Not sure what those things are yet. As she hasn't told me. We are apparently not going to get lost anywhere. This means someone who knows us needs to have their phone nearby for emergencies.

Right then. *looks determined* Will not get lost today.

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I will come and find you if you get lost! Or at least get lost too?

welcome to the Pacific NW !!! have fun enjoying all the splendours (and people) of Seattle. I hope your tour guide(s) can take to you Archie McPhee's, home of all sorts of awesome crap you didn't know you needed


! Good luck on the not getting lost!

And I will admit to total envy on the weather front. (High 90s here for WEEKS!)

::waves from up near Vancouver::

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