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jet planes are not all they're cracked up to be
children of dune - leto 1
I am (miraculously) packed for Seattle, except my toothbrush, because brushing my teeth is the last thing I do before going to the airport. Therefore, I will forget it. Every. Damn. Time.

Things That Are Questionable

I went yesterday to find the perfect shoes, though I'd already found the perfect shoes and resigned myself to not getting them, so really, I was aiming for okay-fine-these shoes. In a turn of events I'm pretty sure is up there with discovering your parents are actually exiled royalty or getting the last warm chocolate chip cookie, my perfect shoes were there.

Today, I am packed. Into only one carry on and my computer bag. Like, completely. My phone and my laptop aren't, as my typing on the laptop would seem to suggest, and my phone because it will likely be the thing that keeps me calm and focused on the plane and I need to save every second of battery I can.

Today, I found both my earrings that I'd taken out and put somewhere safe, which of course means they promptly got lost. After searching everywhere, I found one under the bathroom counter (these are tiny silver earrings, tiny; chances of finding? Pretty low) then came back to the bathroom later to see the other sitting innocently on the bathroom counter.

Mobile phone boarding passes. The future is here.

I don't know if I like this pattern of goodness. The compensating badness is always a bitch.

Things That Are Awesome

Flight to Seattle a bit over two hours away and counting.

Shall see [personal profile] scy (and colonize her apartment)! Shall see [personal profile] boggit! Shall see [personal profile] sherrold! Shall see [personal profile] dragojustine! I would keep going but that's a lot of typing and I am trying not to be too excited, but that's mostly impossible. Adam concert! Potentially breaking my ankle with new shoes (and I know how many people are waiting for this; you're right, my luck with heels has been too good. Eventually, I will have to break something)! At some point alcohol, which will help along the point above.

Things That Are Happening

You might not know this, but I really don't like flying. I'd go by train everywhere if it didn't take like, forever to get anywhere. Stupid slow trains.

I am way too tense. Probably would have helped if the first news I saw this morning didn't include trains crashing in India and various disasters--would it kill them to start the news with cheerful statistics on how many people survived the night? How many planes safely landed yesterday? Choose life, is what I'm saying. Choose life. Or fake it, come on.

Also, there's a time change and it keeps throwing me off in conversion. Yes, this is petty, but this is my life and I am so petty right now.

Cheerful thoughts--I am trying. When I am safely on the ground trying to get a cab in Seattle, I will be totally cheerful. This is why I avoid twitter--I would spend my entire pre-flight time updating the world on my escalating panic as boarding approaches, even as I really hate waiting for bording because hey, that give me too much time to worry.

Okay, now time for actual getting dressed. I wish we could fly in pajamas.

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Therefore, I will forget it. Every. Damn. Time.

Toothbrushes are pretty cheap. You could just buy a second one to keep in your travel kit. (Note: My "travel kit" consists of a couple of big ziplock bags so I'm not talking about anything fancy.)

P.S. Have a great time! *crosses fingers that you have good travel karma*

Edited at 2010-07-19 08:53 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I second the travel kit idea- I have a ziplock of travel friendly liquids and an extra toothbrush, so I am finally free about worrying about which toiletries I forgot to pack.

When I was camping a lot, I kept a separate set of toiletries so I just had to make certain that was packed and didn't have to worry about leaving anything behind.

Worry about if it was filled is another story. :/

Alcohol in the airport pre-flight, y/n? I used to do that for several years so I wouldn't spend the entire flight wanting to scream. It's definitely not always a bad thing to use alcohol medicinally. Coping mechanisms FTW.

Who says you can't fly in pajamas? I see college-aged kids doing it all the time!


I love Seattle. I have very good memories of being kidnapped by a second hand store that specializes in vintage Playboys. Totally developed Second Hand Stockholm Syndrom as a result.

Also, declaring porn when going through customs to get back into Canada is just plain fun.

I'm terrified of flying but it doesn't stop me either. Have fun!

PJs and toothbrush are the two things I forget constantly. Now when I'm packing, I put my PJs in before everything else and have a spare toothbrush in my toilet bag.

Yay, Seattle! I hope you have fun here, once you get off the plane anyway. :)

Our plane angsts don't match. Mine isn't flying; I've been doing it since I was, what, five? in tiny third-world airplanes. My problem is everything before and after the flight. I know at some point you have to get, like, tickets, and there is a gate one must wait at, but trust me: no map is good enough. I once got lost looking for a place a block away. I want step-by-step instructions and someone to hold my hand and whisper soothing things about how the rooms are not moving around when I'm not looking.
Anyway. Rambling. Hope you have fun in Seattle, and good luck with your flight!

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