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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i do not think irl means what you think it means
children of dune - leto 1
So while waiting in the turn lane to turn into my parking lot, we were startled to discover the car suddenly died. This continues as we speak; it's not coming back. While still trying to figure out wtf, a vehicle came at us at the speed of stupidity and belatedly realized our hazard lights might mean we were like, stuck. At which point we exited the vehicle and ran for safety.

ETA: Vehicle stopped abruptly and turned into parking lot. After two comments and a re-read, I realized I left out the climax and jumped to the aftermath. Coda: AAA came for the vehicle about ten minutes ago or so. God it's been too long since I wrote fic; I forgot the structure of a story.

The very moment imminent doom approached, I was texting [personal profile] svmadelyn for sympathy and has she answered? No. That could have been my last text ever and resounding silence.

Not bitter or anything.

However, to take the edge from the bitterness, Blizzared of WoW is shucking the shakes of pseudonyms and embracing RL names only!

This won't end badly. Or like, even just tracking down your digital footprint inch by excruciatingly personal inch.

Oh, wait...maybe it will.

How can WoW, which is played online and designed and run by people who theoretically know what a computer is, possibly think this is an idea of genius? This is an online game. Which begs the question if Blizzard is actually run by people who know what the internet is, and just as likely, are not women and boggle at the idea that this could be like, IDK, kinda not good.

I mean, I'm mad, but I'm also filled with this sort of weirdly protective feeling, like I need to lead all of them out for juice and cookies in a quiet room with no windows but some large primary colored blocks so the grown-ups can go, you know, do sane grown-up things, like not expose their female members to IRL sexual harassment, stalking, or murder, and all their members to serious IRL danger as well.

And introduce them to the web. Because wow, are they going to be surprised what it is WoW is running on.

"This is google. It sees all, knows all, and this is the route to your children's school and your home phone number and recent electric bill. Not very green of you there, sparky. So. Let's talk why random online people knowing this shit is bad. Have another cookie. You'll need it."

Now I really want a cookie.

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Are you okay? Is the car? How awful!

Yes! Car is fine, but we're lost on why hte non-starting occurred. AAA (two As? maybe?) took it in hand, so hopefully it will be fixed.

It was very sudden.

It's because of Facebook. They figure if FB can do it and be overwhelmingly popular, so can they.

So....what happened to your car?

*shudders at mention of Facebook*

It was icked up by the AAA (AA?) and taken to Pep Boys (I think) for evaluation. It was really just--odd. Eveyr time you turned it on and wnet ot drive, boom, dead.

Happened to me once. Fuel pump. Good luck!

My car had this thing once where it didn't want to idle and would die- had to rev the engine so you could change gears, even. Turned out to be the PCV valve (I think that's what it was called- something plasticy sounding) but the mechanics had it for a day before one of 'em went 'Wait a minute... I think, maybe, I sorta know what's going on here.' Apparently, the valve thingy was collapsing and killing the engine. Doesn't happen often, apparently.

Bets of luck and I hope it's something not terribly expensive.

I'm going to go with the crowd - probably fuel pump/line related. Make sure the mechanic checks for clogged fuel filters and fuel line blockages before he charges you for pulling, purchasing and installing a new fuel pump. I'm glad you're okay and I hope your car is easily and inexpensively fixed soon.

I find it ironic that the reason Blizz gives for introducing this idea on the forums, namely:

"The official forums have always been a great place to discuss the latest info on our games, offer ideas and suggestions, and share experiences with other players -- however, the forums have also earned a reputation as a place where flame wars, trolling, and other unpleasantness run wild. Removing the veil of anonymity typical to online dialogue will contribute to a more positive forum environment, promote constructive conversations, and connect the Blizzard community in ways they haven’t been connected before. With this change, you’ll see blue posters (i.e. Blizzard employees) posting by their real first and last names on our forums as well."

-is the very reason the idea is SO VERY BAD. Those people on the Blizz forums are effin' CRAZY and the last thing I want them to do is have my (well, technically, my brother's) real name and information. It's just another reason why the reasonably sane people will not post.

Holy shit. Do these people live in the same reality as we do? There's already a documented case of some guy going batshit crazy and spending six months tracking down the player who beat him in a game, and then STABBING HIM IN THE CHEST. And now they want to make that shit *easier*?!

[boggling helplessly]

So much for my embryonic interest in WoW. I wouldn't join now if you paid me. Sheesh. (Although it's nice that apparently they've decided their employees can remain safely anonymous after all.)

And also, god, I'm so glad you weren't hurt when the driver-of-stupidity came rocketing along. And cars being taken care of by AAA is a good thing. [smushes you]

While I'm not in ANY way trying to actually defend them, the forums, which is what this is affecting, have very little to to with the actual game. I've played the game for over three years and my post count is still in the single digits. The forums have always been full of trolls and wank and are nearly impossible to get any actual information out of even on a good day. This is just one more nail in their coffin and cementing the fact that the small percentage of sane players who MIGHT have posted .... now won't. They're already backtracking (suddenly now that an employee's been outed, oh well, we won't be posting THOSE of course) I'm hoping they'll realize this was a colossally stupid idea soon.

I would disagree on your assessment of the forums. The realm forums, or at least the two I've been associated with, and the one battlegroup forum i know have only minor trolling in general and are currenly invaluable for setting up pug raids, premade battleground groups, and other end game content. They are also a great way to get information on recruiting guilds. Suddenly to have people's real names instead of toon names and guild association, which mean a hell of a lot more in general as well as being properly private, will destroy that community, since most sensible adults will opt out of posting. Intead of creating more community, as Bluzzard insists they are doing, they are ruining realm communities outside of trade chat. If they are so concerned about trolling, don't let toons under level 40 post on the forums or link all of the toons on the account to the post.

Anyway, it is a bad, bad idea, as is the current implementation of RealID within the game, where if you share your real name through the friending system all of that person's RealID friends can also see your name.

I don't know how Blizzard cannot see the privacy concerns and real world dangers in these changes.

Well, it's also unfortunately one of the primary sources of tech support for some issues. I think a lot more people would be taking the "doesn't matter if you don't use them" tack if it weren't for that. It would still be a horrible, horrible idea on so many levels, but the "doesn't inconvenience me" factor would kick in.

This is what I meant in my post about gamers being wanky.

And, I'm with you about sitting TPTB down for a nice juice and cookie chat.

Also, I was reading some of my gaming lj comms and someone speculated Blizzard may be trying to confirm to Chinese and South Korean net rules for forums in this post.

While still trying to figure out wtf, a vehicle came at us at the speed of stupidity and belatedly realized our hazard lights might mean we were like, stuck. At which point we exited the vehicle and ran for safety.

I had that happen to me last summer when I had an alternator issue that was sucking the power from my battery/electrical system/what not. Car died just a few yards past the end of a school zone during morning drop-off time, so you'd think that those nice slow-moving drivers would had ample time to spot my stopped, blinking car and move over to the next lane.

Which mostly happened, except for one wench who just had to slam on the gas as soon as she exited the zone and only noticed my stalled car barely in time to slam on the brakes. (In an SUV, of course, and I'm probably just misremembering her as being on a cell phone at the time as well because it's SUV-drivers-on-cell-phones responsible for most of my near-accidents on the road.)

Mind you, at that point I realized that the low-power issue that had stopped my car had also affected the brightness of my hazard lights (which might have been adequate when I first turned them on, but had been getting dimmer and dimmer, with the blinky noise inside the car being noticably weaker and weaker) and so shut the lights off and got out of my car to stand behind the trunk and make it blatantly fucking obvious that my car was in fact not going anywhere. No more near-misses that morning.

Also, ran across that WoW story yesterday evening on the BBC news website while winding up my browsing for the day. Very amused, and all the more so by a quote or comment about this being a clear-cut case of someone who thinks Facebook is an accurate representation of social networking not understanding why so many people hate the way FB works and avoid it.

Hi, I'm just popping out of lurkerdom because I have horrible,horrible problems with car accidents and you need to know -never do that again. Standing behind a stalled vehicle in traffic is incredibly dangerous. If you can't warn that your car is broken down, get out of the car taking everything you hold dear and move to the side of the road to wait for help. Do not try to wave people around your car. Some drivers are idiots and they won't stop in time and you don't want to be between two cars when she finally looks up from her cell phone. Please? Thanks and I will now return you to your previously scheduled programing.

I mean, I'm mad, but I'm also filled with this sort of weirdly protective feeling

I totally agree! Being able to talk to my friends, regardless of faction and sever, that's awesome! Telling all my hundred and some guildies my real name? OMG, NO. WTF WERE THEY THINKING?

*wince* I had that happen to me once in the middle of making a left turn on a motorcycle. Burned out the clutch. Not fun at all, as you're basically invisible to far too many drivers as it is.

(The last time I ever got on one, incidentally. I already knew that clutches and I would never be good friends, but it had never actually imperiled my life before. I stick to scooters - and automatic transmissions - today.)

So this Blizzard thing's actually been getting a lot of coverage in my guild's chatboards-- I'm actually really, really upset about it. The background on the conversion is that Blizzard's been slowly integrating the old Battle.net from multiplayer Diablo/Starcraft/Warcraft and World of Warcraft accounts. First having an integrated account was an option, then it was required and you signed into WoW with your Battle.net account info. Then they introduced WoW on Facebook where you could automatically update your friends on your activities ("**** has achieved Level 80!")--I can't recall if that required tying your account info to FB or just linking the FB app your character page (publicly available information not revealing anything other than in-game profiles).
Their latest thing short of the forum overhaul was the introduction of Real ID. Real ID makes it so that you give close WoW friends your e-mail address for your Battle.net account, and you can see statuses and talk to people cross-server, cross-faction and even across games. Real ID friends are identified not by a handle, but by their actual name. That requires both an invitation and an acceptance before you can see each other's names.

Real ID was when I started getting nervous, because that was the point where someone else could see your actual name and connect it to your online activities, even when you were the one granting access to that information. There are hackers out there who can hack WoW accounts tied to authenticators--the supposedly "unhackable" account. There are also addons which accidentally showed your name to people you hadn't given access to until Blizzard fixed the bug. Either of these flaws make it much easier for someone else to gain access to your identity and use it against you in different ways, whether for identity fraud or for internet stalking.

The conversion of forums to Real ID is the final straw for me. Do I use the forums? No. I use 3rd party content to help me figure things out and don't go anywhere near the forums, because I've heard too much about flame wars and trolling. However, I completely agree with people worried over privacy issues. Those forums are going to become ghost towns, because no one wants to give other people their real names in a troll-centric area. Every single forum I've used gives you the option, at least, of creating your own handle even if you choose to use your real name. Taking out that basic privacy firewall is a horrible, horrible idea.

One player in an article (can't remember if it was BBC or WSJ) pointed out that this is an especially bad idea concerning female players, who already have to deal with plenty of gender issues when playing WoW without giving people who may hate/resent them access to their real life name and information.

I've been a player for several years, and I've dealt with people who have hit on me, not stopped people continually hitting on me, disregarded what I had to say, used extremely derogatory and misogynistic language in chats or over vents, or assumed I was ugly, unmarried and housebound because obviously if I was pretty and had a boyfriend I wouldn't be playing WoW. I want no part of a game which gives immature assholes my personal information, and if they take this issue beyond chat forums I'm quitting that very same day.

How does this whole 'real names online' thing work? I mean, yes, I have facebook in my real name, because most of my former college class does and it's handy. But the facebook friend of mine called Ernestine Featherstonehaugh? That's not her real name. I think she doesn't want her former college class finding her, or something.

I sometimes play a different thing - it's (partly) free, I'm cheap - which regularly includes handy hints in the 'welcome' screen along the lines of 'never tell anyone in-game your RL name or contact details'. Asking someone their RL name may be considered a bannable offence. Think they might have a few more members soon if Blizzard keeps up with the stupidity?

In Blizzard's case, it uses the name you gave it when you signed up for an account. Most people, I would assume, use their own name because it's not as if anyone else will see it, right? I haven't tried changing my name in there to Ann Onymous yet, but I'm going to. The main issue I could foresee with that is having a different name than the credit card info, since I don't know whether kids playing do so under their parent's names or not. Which is yet another privacy issue, now that I think on it-- Mid-level-tech-exec-Dad's name popping up used by a 15-yr old forum troll.

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