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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so this is not like, a plan yet
children of dune - leto 1
Randomly, and there is no context for this other than an email exchange I just had, some day I am going to fulfill my dream of hosting a party for people who have never managed to hook up with anyone at a con so we can all sit together and ponder this.

It's not that I think we lack social skills other people seem to have. See, I think someone at each con hates us and spreads rumors about us and together, we can find out who that is and make spreadsheets together eliminating all the suspects on our laptops. I will provide the alcohol and no less than three (3) separate templates for our spreadsheet, and I am thinking in multiple colors and with rotating three-dimensional pie chart and like, okay, call me crazy but we could write macros and conditional statements and I just got multiple workbook formulas working really well.

Please bring your laptop, alcoholic beverage of choice, one type of chips, and maybe, DK, a dip of some kind? And a spreadsheet application. I think leverage and castle vids playing in teh background would give the right atmosphere.

One day. *shakes fist* One day.

[Note: cherry chocolate tea should be a schedule three substance. I don't think I've stopped drinking it for the last three days. Also, I see colors. Lots of colors. Everywhere.]

eta: To respond to concerns I feel need to be seriously addressed, you may bring your web-enabled smartphone in lieu of your laptop, which let's face it, might as well be a laptop because God knows my phone is very possibly sentient, for your spreadsheeting needs.

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Under what precise definition are you talking about hooking up? ~_^

Technicalities. The real question here is, do you like spreadsheets?

Any plan of yours seems to involve spreadsheets. I'm thinking an intervention of some sort may be in order.

I can schedule that into the party! *makes note on spreadsheet*

Oddly, I would love to crash this party.

When and where? I'll bring cheese dip!

I don't own a laptop. Suggestions?

The nuclear bomb of dip--cheese dip.

A smartphone with web access can be substituted.

I don't have a smartphone either. I'm just a poor lonely mommy with 4 kids and no money. *sighs* know any rich desperate men?

If I were anywhere near your con I would crash this with my patented cream cheese, roasted red pepper and garlic dip, just for the spreadsheets. Well, and the alcohol.

Cherry Chocolate Tea? I need this in my life so much you don't even know! Can I ask you where you found it?

I wish to know which con you're referring to...

I had an email exchange with a friend and she is like "I HAVE HOOKED UP AT ALL THE CONS".

I am not saying I did not tyr to give her hives with my mind.

I have only been to one con so far, and was just wondering, as a n00b, if there were cons that were, I guess, easier(?) to hook up at than others? This is information I need to know. For, you know, information purposes. So I can be informed.

See, ok, I haven't*, but I also haven't tried. But you know how I feel about color-coded spreadsheets! *gathers butcher paper, colored pencils, and highlighters*

*unless we count the Nerd Houseparty over the 4th weekend every year, and then I might discuss precise definitions of "hook up" in a couple of different dimensions, but really is irrelevant because it isn't a fangirl-specific space.

Relatedly, yesterday I asked someone if she would like to have a torrid one-afternoon romance some time when she has a free day, just so we could add a line between our names on the (YES) labeled chart of awesome that maps the relationships of people in or affiliated with the group in question.

Fuck I love nerds sometimes.

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