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signal boost: vividcon shopping runs

Quick note for anyone attending VividCon:

[personal profile] amireal posted grocery store run offers for those attending.
Personally, I've always found the notion that the grocery store is within easy walking distance to be faintly amusing *G*. Especially if it's a warm VVC year. So instead of leaving my ability to pick up a few items to the whims of fate, being in the right place at the right time, I figured it'd be worth it to organize one or two runs, pairing up people with cars to people who would like rides.

I think one Thursday and one Friday should cover it. What I need is to gauge interest. Who would be interested in a ride and who would be willing to drive.

If you would like a ride, comment with your preferred day and if your mobility requires extra space in the car.

If you would like to offer the services of your car, please comment with your preferred day and the number of people you can reasonably fit into a car (remember to account for groceries).

My goal is to have a small caravan meet at a designated time and a spot and head out (FOR BOOZE).

So. Who's interested?

There's a thread somewhere that goes into detail about the location of the grocery store, the layout of the area around the hotel, and the sidewalks or lack thereof--I went to find it but I can't find the right thread, so if someone sees it, link me and I'll add it here for context.

Via [personal profile] morgandawn - here and here give a description of the area around the hotel.

Tentatively, I'm going to add if time conflicts combine with any accessibility problems, post there as well to see what can be arranged or to indicate a thread/post should be created for it.

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