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this is where i win forever and ever and ever

Stupid ways to entertain yourself at work.

1.) Open firefox.
2.) Open Gmail in one tab.
3.) Open a website about something in the next tab. (try 'kilts')
4.) Go to the Gmail page, click on Refresh in the browser, not on the page itself.
5.) See advertisement for 'kilts'.

Where 'kilts' == your weird item of choice.

Note: sometimes this does not work literally, but rather in one degree of separation; sometimes, I find puppy and it says liposuction.* I've been sitting here trying to find a more useless way to waste time, but I think this may qualify as the epitome. Right here. I just don't think there's anything that can quite beat Gmail Ad Roulette.

Yes, I judge myself. I am right now proving gmail has advertisements for bricks.

I think this is where I say bring it. What is your most useless time-wasting activity that can match websurfing for items to see if Gmail will generate an advertisement about them?

* I am trying not to spreadsheet my results. I have to draw some lines somewhere, and this will be one of them.

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