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rec - Like the Music That You Play by lizziebethc
children of dune - leto 1
In my defense, I got up late today and totally forgot until just now.

Like the Music That You Play by lizziebethc, AIRPS, Adam/Kris. Futurefic, Kris comes to visit Adam post divorce, and eventually, they even talk. It's simple, but it's not easy.

Full disclosure: I beta'ed it. I also begged to on the strength of the first snippet she sent me, so you know, I love this story like beyond words. While beta'ing, it was kind of my happy place when I was in a bad mood. And by kind of, I mean really was.


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Like I said last night as you were translating the fic into fancy internet language...you're magic.

Also - your summary is so much better than mine. :)

Thanks so much, really. It's been a blast getting to know you better.


MSWord is EVIL with formatting. EVIL.

*glee* You too!

Thanks for the rec, that was awesome! =D I told her so, too.

*glee* Right now it's on my short list for warm-and-fuzzy-reading when I need the mood lift. I mostly get to the end with the apartment and do this huge *SIGH OF SATISFACTION*. It's almost embarrassing, and yet, I so am not.

It was very warming and mood-lifting! I've been in a grouchy brain place for a few days now, brought on by having to talk to my ex-boss after not doing so for over a year, and having to be all net-worky with him (and realizing that it has not faded; there will never be a time when the sound of his voice does NOT make me want to punch something.) He's doing incredibly nice things for me reference-wise and all the while I just grit my teeth so I don't say something horrible like, "Wow, I really still hate you more than anyone I've ever met! Including several ex-boyfriends!"

Anyway - this was just what I needed. There needs to be more comfort fic in the world, and I don't actually much care what flavor it is (beyond "not bandom", merely because at this point I think that's the only fandom I don't know much about *headdesk*)

Actually, maybe I should get into Bandom. Then I would have collected the whole set!

*sad* I read in bandom. I have just the critical number of friends required to get hit with recs every so often. Nothing quite like having a wikipedia page open while reading fic to really drive home you are in fact a fangirl in all ways; not knowing the fandom, the characters, or like, the entire concept does not mean you will not read it. It just means to your own horror you backread on twitter one day for context for one fic you really like.

....I do not recognize myself.

BUT IF YOU NEED A PICK UP! An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels. THIS MADE ME STUPID HAPPY FOR DAYS OKAY. I emailed it to everyone who had spoken to me on AIM for the last year. I have it in a single file html for easier reading if you want, just email me at seperis at gmail and I'll attach.

SERIOUSLY. I DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THESE PEOPLE LOOKED LIKE AND I STILL SNIFFLED MY WAY THROUGH IT. I EVEN RECCED IT. Then I bought two of their albums in thanks for existing and making people write things that made me happy.

ETA: Wow, that is a lot of capslock there. *marvels*

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Here I go again... :)

Did I mention the stupid-happy aspect? AS IT IS THERE.

Especially the part with the learning English from TV. *glee* AND THEN EVERYTHING IN THE LAST PART.

This new writer is a real find. A great great read.

i just read LIKE THE MUSIC THAT YOU PLAY and am in awe. i cant' believe that this is a first time writer. i have such limited reading time any more that i usually only read the first couple of lines if any, of writers i don't recognize. i'll definitely be looking out for more from lizziebethlj.

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels is one of the fics that got me hooked on bandom! oh eff me! so much to read, so little time!

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