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music on the mind - eminem - love the way you lie, featuring rihanna
children of dune - leto 1
A. The B on my keyboard is broken. Ordered new keyboard. This will be interesting. Also, you'd be surprised how often you use the letter b.

Trigger Warning: song deals with domestic violence/violence against women

B. Eminem- Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna (youtube, song only)

Holy fuck. And this is why he will never stop surprising me as an artist.

ETA: Link in comments in Lj version of this post to the song if you can't get youtube to work, but this is one of those times I highly recommend buying the song. The album is available at at Amazon in CD and digital form for $9.99.

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Mrao. I can't stop listening to this song.

Thirty-eight repeats so far for me. I bought the entire album based on this song.

Did you watch this recording of a live performance? (in LA, at e3 gaming convention) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46eac7tmXVg&

How do you like the rest of the album?

..wow. Thanks for the link! That was--wow.

Okay so far? I'm still stuck coming back this song, so I can't judge the others quite yet. Though the one with Pink I may move to my work mix.

There's one with Pink? Always a good sign! *hums Whataya Want from Me*

My budget for the month is totally shot, but I'm putting this on my running wishlist. Thank you for the initial link--I knew Eminem was working on a comeback but hadn't heard anything else.

And I'm hooked. I broke down and bought it (well, just the single) at work because I NEEDED to hear it and youtube was not satisfying my need for looping it. And I don't use my work iTunes for anything besides streaming radio.

My play count is currently at 22. *is unashamed*

Thanks so much for the link! I am so disgustingly indie that I never know about "popular" songs, but this was totally worth a purchase on iTunes, if only to support the message that, "Hi, rap/hip-hop, it is time to take domestic abuse seriously."

Rihanna in it really drives it home, too.

Absolutely. I mean... in light of recent events.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46eac7tmXVg& <--boggit linked me to this and the live performance of them both is eerie and powerful.

You're right, that's even better than the recorded version. Not going to lie, I double checked the lyrics online before I recced this on my own journal (because I suspect some of my livejournal friends will seriously disagree with me on the assessment that this is "a step in the right direction"), but this is definitely a very powerful piece of music. Not that it makes up for the fact that Eminem was most likely an abusive husband to his ex-wife, but, you know, thank you both so much for talking about this. Because, unfortunately, these two are kind of exactly the people we need to be taking this issue seriously.

Hi, total lurker here /o\ but I just want to pop in and say thank you so much for linking this. I rarely pay attention to music at all so this was a delightful surprise.

This song hit home so much for me. It's brutal and honest and everything I could ask for dealing with an issue like this. And god, just when I think I was over Eminem he smacked my heart with this (uh, no pun intended). I--just, I read the warning and knew what I would be heading into but it still shook me to the core and this is the reason why I hate it so much when people try to make light of domestic violence, try to justify every kick and punch, and blame it on anger/alcohol/or got caught in the moment BS. I just got to raise my hands up to Eminem and Rihanna for doing this \o/.

Um, sorry if I sound incoherent and ramble-y; it's really late where I am and I'm typing with blurry eyes (goddamn emotional me /o\).

Honestly, I wouldn't have known about this song (that's how non-music-y I am) if I hadn't seen this post so again, thank you so much for link. And I really want my friends to listen to this.

Edited at 2010-06-25 07:00 am (UTC)

NP! I seriously shiver every time I listen to this song, and a coworker just fell in love with it hard when she heard it too. It's good to know a lot of people are having that reaction to it, not just me!

Wow, that guy always surprise me with his artistic skills. When he first came out, I thought he was just another pop artist. But his lyrics has an honesty that hits on so many levels.

*nods* He doesn't hold back.

I love Eminem's music because much of his stuff is just so honest. Even in the tracks laden with misogyny, homophobia, et al, he comes out with some lines where you can feel real experience that drives his writing. I mean, I don't believe many rappers actually feel that way about gay people and women and I wish they'd quit with that shit, but a lot of rap and hip-hop has lost its way and Em is a refreshing voice in a cacophony of mainstream rappers talking about blunts, big-ass TVs and bitches...

Hands up to Eminem and Rhianna for tackling this issue. And in such a brutal and forceful way that is honest and give genuine viewpoints to think about.

*nod* His music still surprises me, and I remember my reaction to Stan. He does know how to sing meta with his issues.

Stan was epic. Mosh was awesome too and is a great example of meta as music - in this case, a protest against Bush.

I've admired him since he did that duet with Dido. Like him or not, he knows how to build a song and tell a story, not just throw a bunch of sex references together to a backbeat. He's very ~present in his music, not just fronting it with clothes, a posse, and a 'tude.

Another lurker stopping by just to thank you for bringing this song to my attention. I've been listening to it over and over since yesterday and it gets me every single time.

*nods* Me too. I played it for a coworker and she had the same reaction.

Thanks for the rec. I'm not sure if I would have listened to it without your guidance. Eminem is always surprising to me- there's a lot to the guy and this is just more proof of that.

Thanks again.

*nodnodnod* His work is hit or miss for me, but when it hits, it hits hard.

Thank you very much for this - I felt I was over Eminem a long time ago and I rarely hear radio, so I wouldn't have heard it without your rec.

I bought the album for this one song alone and have looped it for the last 24 hours.

Thanks again!

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