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This is some of the contents of my folder "Places" in Firefox, where I throw anything that isn't specifically fannish and is guaranteed to waste time.

(Fannish has--eight folders. Non-fannish has four--one specifically for google-related sites like googledocs, one for travel information, one for various types of ways to search the web like wayback, and one that is devoted to specific posts on any platform I'd liked. I have another set in the bookmarks drop down but they are legacy and online billpay; I never go there).

I love these places. I am giving them to you so you, too, will know the joy of realizing it's four in the morning and you read back through twenty pages on a site about notes.

Passive Aggressive Notes - this is the Farmville of the internet. It's entertaining in single-doses and murderous in long-term reading, and if you keep reading through page one, you're fucked--you'll keep going until you can no longer see straight, bored out of your mind, nad still reading. It's great.

Rotten Tomatoes - aggregator of movie reviews and rates the movies by the pro/con review numbers. In general, it is not a bad indicator of overall quality, but not as good with sci-fi. It's a drug. I only go there twice a month because hey, links to movie reviews!. And I'm screwed.

Snopes: Urban Legend References Pages - debunks every urban legend out there and some things you didn't know were urban legends.

Not Always Right: Funny and Stupid Customer Quotes - like passive aggressive notes, it's hard to kick the habit and stop checking every goddamn page.

Second Hand Songs: A Covers Song Database - you ever wonder if Kenny Rogers covered Nirvana songs? No? He didn't, but this is where you'd go to find out. I barely got out alive.

FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right - politics, statistical analysis, and coverage of current political trends.

Angry Alien Productions: 30 Second Bunny Theatre - movies done in thirty seconds starring animated bunnies. This is basically why they created the internet, right here. This.

Acts of Gord - trials and tribulations of a gamestore clerk in Canada. There is nothing not awesome about this. If it involved animated bunnies, it would be perfect.

Boomshine - the most addictive game on the net. See you in a few weeks!

Etiquette Hell - because you really need to know that your manners suck. Seriously!

Special Case: The Internet Textual Porn Machine Trilogy - the largest single collection of textual porn on the net. No, seriously. They have a javascript search engine and only 64% of the archive is indexed. It's a lot. Some of it is terrible. Some of it is almost disturbingly good, like Hemingway decided to be interesting and then interested in catheters. Mostly txt, some pdf and msword. Yeah, no idea why. I will be honest; if your kink isn't here, it may not actually exist.

Nifty Archive - possibly the largest collection of non-straight porn on the net, arranged in open-ended categories that are broken down into subcategories. There's a search engine on one of the mirrors, but just use google with a site limit and you'll find pretty much whatever you are looking for. Under the umbrella of

Mind Control Story Archive - an archive devoted to stories about mind control. It's very well organized, by category and with color indicators and a soothing mint-green background. That is the part that will trick you. Under the umbrella of

I like to think I have contributed to getting less done in the world with all of this. Go forth and waste time!

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