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I had a completely differnet thing going on here, but then I just saw the update journal page and okay, what the *hell*?

Does NOTHING remain the same? Is nothing sacred? At ALL?

I keep running my mouse over the top bar. Okay, so I kind of like the way the links do that and am currently saving the code to look it over--but...

*blinks* I don't like change.

You know, unless I control it, control-freak that I am.

Work was a lot like it was yesterday. Except less funny. Okay, possibly more, but I'm bored with sharing boring stories of work. I want to meta, but unfortunately, nothing's coming to mind. At least, nothing worth the effort of expending energy writing it. My fingers are currently trying to pry out Brian-ness, which is nothing like pulling teeth, since been there, done that. I can't think of a valid comparison. Just very, very hard.

My playlist--or waht stays on my MP3 player for long periods of time--is getting odd. Again.

1.) 66 - Afghan Whigs
2.) Battleflag - Low Fidelity Allstars

(I think we can all see who is to blame for these.)

3.) Yellow - Coldplay
4.) Complicated - Avril Lavigne

(I will not apologize for my plebian music taste. Go away)

5.) Proud - Heather Small

(I blame gem225 for this one)'

6.) How's It Gonna Be? -- Third Eye Blind
7.) One Headlight -- Wallflowers

(this one has been on every major playlist I've had since I first heard it. I dont' even remember when that was, but man, I can identify this song on the radion by the damn beat by now)

8.) Overcome -- Live
9.) Forgive -- Rebecca Lynn Howard

(Country music. Yep.)

10.) Somewhere Out There -- Our Lady Peace
11.) Boys of Summer -- The Ataris

(It just works for some bizarre reason.)

12.) Time After Time - Eva Cassidy

(You see commercialism working its way into my soul, don't you?)

i dont have any excuse for this one. It's schmevil's fault, seriously here.

Here's how we started.

blackfall: I have this post I want to make. About how fangirls of asshole characters? Rarely would like such people if they met them
Jenn: I am a fangirl of many an asshole character.
Jenn: Brian, Lex, Logan....
blackfall: Like, people who like Snape? Often don't like me because of my Snapeishness
blackfall: And that is retarded
blackfall: I just want to make that clear
blackfall: I could be a great friend for Lex
Jenn: Huh. But your'e not a guy and they must not be lesbians.
blackfall: Not for Brian though, I already have the female version of that and don't need another
blackfall: Please
blackfall: It's still retarded
blackfall: OMG! That asshole is so hot!!!11
blackfall: That bitch is such a cunt. I want to kick her in the face!!111
blackfall: Are we not seeing a problem?

and later....

blackfall: See, now that's different
blackfall: And you know, I think it comes back to redemptionistas
blackfall: They're attracted to the guy at first, but then they realize that they don't actually like them
blackfall: Well, they don't admit that, but some part of them knows
blackfall: So they find 'goodness in them'
Jenn: I like them, though. Literally. I like myself at least half the time, so I have to like them.
Jenn: There is goodness. That's the attraction.
Jenn: Women really don't want him to stop being an asshole.
blackfall: And sudden't Logan is cuddling and bringing people flowers
Jenn: they just wnat him to stop being an asshole to THEM. They want to be the exception.
blackfall: FUCK THAT
Jenn: I didn't say it was sane.
blackfall: An asshole? Is generally an asshole
Jenn: It's--jumping.
Jenn: *thinks* I see the attraction.
Jenn: It's like having the best secret ever.
Jenn: It's ownership fo something that no one else can ever get.
Jenn: It's trophy and fantasy and winning all at once. It's hot, frankly.
Jenn: Guys don't understand this. They don't get simple facts about women.
Jenn: We like dancing, so they should learn.
Jenn: We like foreplay, so keep your fucking tongue right where it is, smartass.
Jenn: And we like to think we have a magical connection with our One True Love.

Ended up here. Because naturally, asshole roads lead to Brian. In so many ways.

Jenn: Imagine what would have happened that first night if Justin had met Michael first.
Jenn: And did his cute little best to kind of pick him up.
blackfall: O.o
blackfall: OMG.
blackfall: My brain hurts
blackfall: I need to find fic of this
blackfall: I need it
Jenn: LOL
Jenn: It would be hysterical.
Jenn: Michael would be like, go home little boy.
Jenn: Justin would be, okay, no, i came out here to get fucked, dammit, so lay the hell down already and let me do this.
Jenn: And Brian and the hosptial and it's just hysterical.
blackfall: Someone MUST have done this
JenntheMerry: Actually, I could see this mutual pining society going on.
blackfall: God
blackfall: If the they haven't? I'm tempted to do it myself
Jenn: "...yo're not thinking of Brian again, are you, Michael?"
Jenn: " Are you?"
Jenn: ""
blackfall: *giggle!*
Jenn: They'd be kind of scary.
Jenn: "Kind of young, isn't he, Mikey?"
Jenn: "He's not my boyfriend, Brian. He's--"
Jenn: "the person who fucks you three times a week and makes you scream a lot?"
Jenn: "Shut up, Justin."
blackfall: I love it
Jenn: "You know, this is sad. One of us has to fuck him."
Jenn: "What do you have in mind? Hold him down and explain our sex life revolves on which of us is feeling more like an asshole?"
Jenn: "Think that would work?"
Jenn: "This is Brian. It just might."


Jenn: I can't figure ou thow to get Brian to Justin.
blackfall: Boo!
Jenn: Becuase I can see Brian fucking anyone BUT Mikey's almost-boyfriend.
Jenn: Though it would be all kinds of disturbing to see, after a few months, Mikey actively plotting, just becaue dammit, one fo them deserves him, dammit.
Jenn: "Okay, hold it, you want me to seduce Brian now? Um, why?"
Jenn: "Just shut up and wash those jeans in hot water again."
Jenn: "They won't button closed now!"
Jenn: "Trust me, that's not a turn-off."

*sighs* Around midnight or so....

Jenn: Because after six months of Justin?
Jenn: Man, he might tie Justin up in Brians' bed and cover him wiht syrup.
Jenn: "Mikey, you look tired."
Jenn: "Shut up."
Jenn: "Up late?"
Jenn: "Shut. Up. Brian."
Jenn: "It can't be that bad."
Jenn: "Right."
Jenn: "Unlimited sex with a seventeen year old? Where is the bad in this?"
Jenn: "When my back gives out."
blackfall: Ha ha!
Jenn: "Okay, hold on, so the thing with the jeans didn't work, so what, you want me to--"
Jenn: "Seduce him. He's easy. Just walk up and say, fuck me. Trust me, he won't say no."
Jenn: "He's weird about us."
Jenn: "There is no us."
Jenn: "What do you call us?"
Jenn: "My worst nightmare. And I swear to God, you mention viagra one more time and I'll tie you to the first lampost I see and leave a sign saying likes it rough."
blackfall: *dies*
Jenn: "YOu know, there's this chiropractor--"
Jenn: "When I'm capable of walking upright? Will totally consider it. Please leave my ass alone."

Jenn: At Babylon, Plan B:

Jenn: "Okay, so, jeans, check, no shirt, check, breathing, check. You've got everything Brian looks for in a trick."
Jenn: "I dont want to be just a trick."
Jenn: "Yes, I know, eternal passion, love of your life that you've exchanged five words with in the last six months. Whatever. Just walk over and say--"
Jenn: "Pleae fuck me, even though I'm fucking Mikey? Yeah, that will go over really well."
Jenn: "Don't call me Mikey."
Jenn: "you got weird when I called you Brian."
Jenn: "...go fuck someone else now. Please."

Jenn: Plan C:

Jenn: "Okay, Michael, when you said, tied up in Brian's bed with syrup--"
Jenn: "That's what I forgot! Hold on, it's in the fridge."
Jenn: "...."
Jenn: "There we go. Let *him* deal with you."
blackfall: *sporfle*
Jenn: "What if he says no?"
Jenn: "That would be when you start repenting, because it's the apocalypse."

blackfall: *g*
Jenn: this is so OOC it's scary.

Jenn: "Okay, let me get this straight. You got in--"
Jenn: "Mikey. Michael."
Jenn: "Yeah. And this is because--"
Jenn: "I'm in love with you. And because he wants to start sleeping again."
Jenn: "Are you drugging him?"
Jenn: "The last time I mentioned viagra, he kind of mentioned having me killed. Or telling Emmett I need a makeover."
Jenn: "Jesus."
Jenn: "Yeah. I figured that time, he was serious."
Jenn: "Did he--is that masking tape?"
blackfall: Go for the cheap laughs
blackfall: Gooooo for them
Jenn: "He mentioned not wanting me to have second thoughts."
Jenn: "Is that why there are chains?"
Jenn: "he was really serious about the second thoughts thing."

I think it was nearing two at this point.

Jenn: Plan D:

Jenn: "Let me get this straight. Brian said no?"
Jenn: "And you note the world isn't ending."
Jenn: "Tha'ts because we are in an alternate dimension. He said *no*?"
Jenn: "Yeah, and--um. Look, I know you're tired--"
Jenn: "We've fucked four times!"
Jenn: "Yeah, but you mentioned Brian again."
Jenn: "That's it. That's IT. get your pants on."
Jenn: "...what--"
blackfall: Ha ha ha!
Jenn: "One way or another, Brian's fucking your brains out tonight."
blackfall: *dies again*
Jenn: "Do you hav any clue how freaky this conversation is?"
Jenn: "Not if the person listening knew you."

Jenn: At the Loft:

Jenn: "Brian! Get the *fuck* up already."
Jenn: "What the hell..."
Jenn: "Okay, you know, sensitive to my feelings? Fine. But Jesus, where IS the asshole I know and love? He's blond, he's underage, he's pretty, and trust me on this one, he's energetic."
Jenn: "It's--Michael, you have any idea how strange this conversation is?"
Jenn: "Ask me that after a night with him."
Jenn: "...."

Jenn: *sighs*
Jenn: I'm going to hell.

Jenn: "I'm telling Mom that you watch straight porn."
Jenn: "I do NOT."
Jenn: "I'll tell Emmett you want to have him pick out your clothes."
blackfall: *gasp!*
Jenn: "You little fucker."
Jenn: "I'll tell about the time you got drunk and fucked that transvestite."
Jenn: "Which one?"
Jenn: "The one without a penis."
Jenn: "you wouldn't dare..."
Jenn: "I'll tell Melanie and Lindsay that you cry when you watch Casablanca. Don't push me, Brian. I'm at the end fo my rope."
Jenn: "You should sleep."
Jenn: "Tha's what I've been saying!"
Jenn: "Can't you give him to someone else?"
Jenn: "He's not syphilis, Brian. Think herpes. Never really goes away."
Jenn: "Mikey--"
Jenn: "It's this or lesbionic love fests. Your choice. I'm a desperate man."

Jenn: That Night:

Jenn: "Okay, Mikey, I get that you're desperate. But you're watching why?"
Jenn: "To make sure you go through with it. Don't mind me."

Jenn: Later:

Jenn: "Mikey, really, you didn't have to run out for more lube."
Jenn: "Oh yes I did. He's still consicious. Go ahead, go at it. I'll be napping on the couch."
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