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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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what the...
children of dune - leto 1
I had a completely differnet thing going on here, but then I just saw the update journal page and okay, what the *hell*?

Does NOTHING remain the same? Is nothing sacred? At ALL?

I keep running my mouse over the top bar. Okay, so I kind of like the way the links do that and am currently saving the code to look it over--but...

*blinks* I don't like change.

You know, unless I control it, control-freak that I am.

Work was a lot like it was yesterday. Except less funny. Okay, possibly more, but I'm bored with sharing boring stories of work. I want to meta, but unfortunately, nothing's coming to mind. At least, nothing worth the effort of expending energy writing it. My fingers are currently trying to pry out Brian-ness, which is nothing like pulling teeth, since been there, done that. I can't think of a valid comparison. Just very, very hard.

My playlist--or waht stays on my MP3 player for long periods of time--is getting odd. Again.

1.) 66 - Afghan Whigs
2.) Battleflag - Low Fidelity Allstars

(I think we can all see who is to blame for these.)

3.) Yellow - Coldplay
4.) Complicated - Avril Lavigne

(I will not apologize for my plebian music taste. Go away)

5.) Proud - Heather Small

(I blame gem225 for this one)'

6.) How's It Gonna Be? -- Third Eye Blind
7.) One Headlight -- Wallflowers

(this one has been on every major playlist I've had since I first heard it. I dont' even remember when that was, but man, I can identify this song on the radion by the damn beat by now)

8.) Overcome -- Live
9.) Forgive -- Rebecca Lynn Howard

(Country music. Yep.)

10.) Somewhere Out There -- Our Lady Peace
11.) Boys of Summer -- The Ataris

(It just works for some bizarre reason.)

12.) Time After Time - Eva Cassidy

(You see commercialism working its way into my soul, don't you?)

i dont have any excuse for this one. It's schmevil's fault, seriously here.

Here's how we started.

blackfall: I have this post I want to make. About how fangirls of asshole characters? Rarely would like such people if they met them
Jenn: I am a fangirl of many an asshole character.
Jenn: Brian, Lex, Logan....
blackfall: Like, people who like Snape? Often don't like me because of my Snapeishness
blackfall: And that is retarded
blackfall: I just want to make that clear
blackfall: I could be a great friend for Lex
Jenn: Huh. But your'e not a guy and they must not be lesbians.
blackfall: Not for Brian though, I already have the female version of that and don't need another
blackfall: Please
blackfall: It's still retarded
blackfall: OMG! That asshole is so hot!!!11
blackfall: That bitch is such a cunt. I want to kick her in the face!!111
blackfall: Are we not seeing a problem?

and later....

blackfall: See, now that's different
blackfall: And you know, I think it comes back to redemptionistas
blackfall: They're attracted to the guy at first, but then they realize that they don't actually like them
blackfall: Well, they don't admit that, but some part of them knows
blackfall: So they find 'goodness in them'
Jenn: I like them, though. Literally. I like myself at least half the time, so I have to like them.
Jenn: There is goodness. That's the attraction.
Jenn: Women really don't want him to stop being an asshole.
blackfall: And sudden't Logan is cuddling and bringing people flowers
Jenn: they just wnat him to stop being an asshole to THEM. They want to be the exception.
blackfall: FUCK THAT
Jenn: I didn't say it was sane.
blackfall: An asshole? Is generally an asshole
Jenn: It's--jumping.
Jenn: *thinks* I see the attraction.
Jenn: It's like having the best secret ever.
Jenn: It's ownership fo something that no one else can ever get.
Jenn: It's trophy and fantasy and winning all at once. It's hot, frankly.
Jenn: Guys don't understand this. They don't get simple facts about women.
Jenn: We like dancing, so they should learn.
Jenn: We like foreplay, so keep your fucking tongue right where it is, smartass.
Jenn: And we like to think we have a magical connection with our One True Love.

Ended up here. Because naturally, asshole roads lead to Brian. In so many ways.

Jenn: Imagine what would have happened that first night if Justin had met Michael first.
Jenn: And did his cute little best to kind of pick him up.
blackfall: O.o
blackfall: OMG.
blackfall: My brain hurts
blackfall: I need to find fic of this
blackfall: I need it
Jenn: LOL
Jenn: It would be hysterical.
Jenn: Michael would be like, go home little boy.
Jenn: Justin would be, okay, no, i came out here to get fucked, dammit, so lay the hell down already and let me do this.
Jenn: And Brian and the hosptial and it's just hysterical.
blackfall: Someone MUST have done this
JenntheMerry: Actually, I could see this mutual pining society going on.
blackfall: God
blackfall: If the they haven't? I'm tempted to do it myself
Jenn: "...yo're not thinking of Brian again, are you, Michael?"
Jenn: "....no. Are you?"
Jenn: "....no."
blackfall: *giggle!*
Jenn: They'd be kind of scary.
Jenn: "Kind of young, isn't he, Mikey?"
Jenn: "He's not my boyfriend, Brian. He's--"
Jenn: "the person who fucks you three times a week and makes you scream a lot?"
Jenn: "Shut up, Justin."
blackfall: I love it
Jenn: "You know, this is sad. One of us has to fuck him."
Jenn: "What do you have in mind? Hold him down and explain our sex life revolves on which of us is feeling more like an asshole?"
Jenn: "Think that would work?"
Jenn: "This is Brian. It just might."


Jenn: I can't figure ou thow to get Brian to Justin.
blackfall: Boo!
Jenn: Becuase I can see Brian fucking anyone BUT Mikey's almost-boyfriend.
Jenn: Though it would be all kinds of disturbing to see, after a few months, Mikey actively plotting, just becaue dammit, one fo them deserves him, dammit.
Jenn: "Okay, hold it, you want me to seduce Brian now? Um, why?"
Jenn: "Just shut up and wash those jeans in hot water again."
Jenn: "They won't button closed now!"
Jenn: "Trust me, that's not a turn-off."

*sighs* Around midnight or so....

Jenn: Because after six months of Justin?
Jenn: Man, he might tie Justin up in Brians' bed and cover him wiht syrup.
Jenn: "Mikey, you look tired."
Jenn: "Shut up."
Jenn: "Up late?"
Jenn: "Shut. Up. Brian."
Jenn: "It can't be that bad."
Jenn: "Right."
Jenn: "Unlimited sex with a seventeen year old? Where is the bad in this?"
Jenn: "When my back gives out."
blackfall: Ha ha!
Jenn: "Okay, hold on, so the thing with the jeans didn't work, so what, you want me to--"
Jenn: "Seduce him. He's easy. Just walk up and say, fuck me. Trust me, he won't say no."
Jenn: "He's weird about us."
Jenn: "There is no us."
Jenn: "What do you call us?"
Jenn: "My worst nightmare. And I swear to God, you mention viagra one more time and I'll tie you to the first lampost I see and leave a sign saying likes it rough."
blackfall: *dies*
Jenn: "YOu know, there's this chiropractor--"
Jenn: "When I'm capable of walking upright? Will totally consider it. Please leave my ass alone."

Jenn: At Babylon, Plan B:

Jenn: "Okay, so, jeans, check, no shirt, check, breathing, check. You've got everything Brian looks for in a trick."
Jenn: "I dont want to be just a trick."
Jenn: "Yes, I know, eternal passion, love of your life that you've exchanged five words with in the last six months. Whatever. Just walk over and say--"
Jenn: "Pleae fuck me, even though I'm fucking Mikey? Yeah, that will go over really well."
Jenn: "Don't call me Mikey."
Jenn: "you got weird when I called you Brian."
Jenn: "...go fuck someone else now. Please."

Jenn: Plan C:

Jenn: "Okay, Michael, when you said, tied up in Brian's bed with syrup--"
Jenn: "That's what I forgot! Hold on, it's in the fridge."
Jenn: "...."
Jenn: "There we go. Let *him* deal with you."
blackfall: *sporfle*
Jenn: "What if he says no?"
Jenn: "That would be when you start repenting, because it's the apocalypse."

blackfall: *g*
Jenn: this is so OOC it's scary.

Jenn: "Okay, let me get this straight. You got in--"
Jenn: "Mikey. Michael."
Jenn: "Yeah. And this is because--"
Jenn: "I'm in love with you. And because he wants to start sleeping again."
Jenn: "Are you drugging him?"
Jenn: "The last time I mentioned viagra, he kind of mentioned having me killed. Or telling Emmett I need a makeover."
Jenn: "Jesus."
Jenn: "Yeah. I figured that time, he was serious."
Jenn: "Did he--is that masking tape?"
blackfall: Go for the cheap laughs
blackfall: Gooooo for them
Jenn: "He mentioned not wanting me to have second thoughts."
Jenn: "Is that why there are chains?"
Jenn: "he was really serious about the second thoughts thing."

I think it was nearing two at this point.

Jenn: Plan D:

Jenn: "Let me get this straight. Brian said no?"
Jenn: "And you note the world isn't ending."
Jenn: "Tha'ts because we are in an alternate dimension. He said *no*?"
Jenn: "Yeah, and--um. Look, I know you're tired--"
Jenn: "We've fucked four times!"
Jenn: "Yeah, but you mentioned Brian again."
Jenn: "That's it. That's IT. get your pants on."
Jenn: "...what--"
blackfall: Ha ha ha!
Jenn: "One way or another, Brian's fucking your brains out tonight."
blackfall: *dies again*
Jenn: "Do you hav any clue how freaky this conversation is?"
Jenn: "Not if the person listening knew you."

Jenn: At the Loft:

Jenn: "Brian! Get the *fuck* up already."
Jenn: "What the hell..."
Jenn: "Okay, you know, sensitive to my feelings? Fine. But Jesus, where IS the asshole I know and love? He's blond, he's underage, he's pretty, and trust me on this one, he's energetic."
Jenn: "It's--Michael, you have any idea how strange this conversation is?"
Jenn: "Ask me that after a night with him."
Jenn: "...."

Jenn: *sighs*
Jenn: I'm going to hell.

Jenn: "I'm telling Mom that you watch straight porn."
Jenn: "I do NOT."
Jenn: "I'll tell Emmett you want to have him pick out your clothes."
blackfall: *gasp!*
Jenn: "You little fucker."
Jenn: "I'll tell about the time you got drunk and fucked that transvestite."
Jenn: "Which one?"
Jenn: "The one without a penis."
Jenn: "you wouldn't dare..."
Jenn: "I'll tell Melanie and Lindsay that you cry when you watch Casablanca. Don't push me, Brian. I'm at the end fo my rope."
Jenn: "You should sleep."
Jenn: "Tha's what I've been saying!"
Jenn: "Can't you give him to someone else?"
Jenn: "He's not syphilis, Brian. Think herpes. Never really goes away."
Jenn: "Mikey--"
Jenn: "It's this or lesbionic love fests. Your choice. I'm a desperate man."

Jenn: That Night:

Jenn: "Okay, Mikey, I get that you're desperate. But you're watching why?"
Jenn: "To make sure you go through with it. Don't mind me."

Jenn: Later:

Jenn: "Mikey, really, you didn't have to run out for more lube."
Jenn: "Oh yes I did. He's still consicious. Go ahead, go at it. I'll be napping on the couch."

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You can switch back to the old interface here.

I've been trying to adjust. Thanks for the link--I may have to do that. I keep looking for the sidebar and NOT seeing it, which is oh so weird.

It just changed so FAST. A few minutes before, everything looked so normal.

*in absolute hysterics*

ohmyfuckinggod. I'm... ohgodohgod.


(and dude! Do you know how much I'd PAY for a "Michael takes Justin home instead" AU? Theirloveissoneverevercanon. *sighs* Oh, just the thought! The fic of my wildest dreams! <3333333 Oh, if ONLY.)

See? This is why I shouldn't be left unattended with a computer and nothing to do!

*grins* It's just so bizarre to consider--and I've GOT to make time to download your vid soon, dammit. I have this weird, weird fanscination with the idea of it.

Though I keep wondering--where ARE the Brian/Justin/Michael threesomes, I ask you?

*thinks* That might be a rhetorical question. Or you know, not.


I have this weird, weird fanscination with the idea of it.

*nods* I've written one subtexty thing, and then I have these paragraphs sitting around half-cooked on the backburner. When the ficlet is totally stuck, of course.

The thing about loving Brian Kinney, Michael thought, is that it's not something you particularly think about. You just do it, and you do it, and you go to sleep and you wake up and you do it some more.

You do it like breathing, like something that everybody does, and you go up to your cluttered little room, and you go to your shitty little school, and you get your ass kicked sometimes, and sometimes you win -- he wins for you -- and you finally get your dick sucked by someone not him, and you get fucked by someone not him, and you plan to share your life with someone not him. And you never expect, even for an instant, that you'll some day stop loving him.

Until it happens. Until you don't, until it's someone else, and it's his boyfriend, and that's what people do, they love Brian Kinney forever.

Unless, apparently, they're you, and just weren't getting enough angst from one unattainable beautiful person that loves to be looked at, but won't let you touch.

Michael did not mean this to happen. Michael never honestly meant for anything to happen, but things kept on happening anyway, and always to him, and always in the most demeaning manner possible.

Though I keep wondering--where ARE the Brian/Justin/Michael threesomes, I ask you?

It's funny -- I enjoy Brian/Justin and I'm fascinated with the thought of Justin/Michael... but get Brian and Michael in the same naked situation and my mind just Shuts Down. ahahahaha. Brain goes, "no, no, no!" ;)

Hey! I just wanted to say that I would love to see a more of your Michael/Justin ficlet. Especially since it starts with the premise that Michael is fighting the attraction, which I can totally see and I love the parallel between Justin and Brian both making Michael feel the same, which explains the transposition of feelings. Would love to see where this goes.

will have to second the above post. Not reallly a huge fan of Brian/Justin, but an AU with Michael/Justin lusting after Brian? That's twisted...that's really, really kinda hot...OH, I'm THERE. ^_^

And the hours long post? You two are INSANE. ^_^ But greatness is usually mistaken for insanity.

*laughs* It's weird. Blackfall's a terrible, terrible influence, doncha think?

Thank you! I'm glad the bizarrity worked. I just kept giggling myself sick thinking of the OOCness of it all.

*in a good place*

5.) Proud - Heather Small

(I blame gem225 for this one)'

I don't even know the song, so how can it be my fault that you're playing it? Wait - was it on the QaF soundtrack I got you? If so, then yes, it's my fault, all my fault. :-)


ALL your fault. Stupid unending obsession that was soooo supposed to be a fling and totally isn't!



Okay, so I'm not upset by it as much as one might think. *g*



This is hilarious.

So very sad for poor, tired Michael.

I'm really worried about where my mind goes these days. Just strange, strange, strange. *g*

Thank you!

Bwahahaha! Soo OOC, but so funny, Jenn.

*dies laughing*

*beams* Going for the cheap laughs is ART, man.

So is porn, for that matter. *g*

Thanks! *huggles*

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