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this is going to seriously screw with my head

Found on Wank Reports at JF:

If you read at SCP regularly, Fishmonger has been banned; he's requested all his material posted to the site be removed. - link to SCP announcement

That's--a lot of core material. I usually check in a few times a week for updates, and this is seriously going to drive me nuts to find holes where it used to be; there's a lot of indirect dependent narrative that's seriously going to be thrown off. I'm still having cognitive dissonance from whoever the fuck thought it would be a stroke of genius to turn the red room into a red airplane. And the editing of the guy with the doll that was slowly coming to life was such a mixed bag. New stuff! Neat! But deleting the part where the guy thinks people to death to heal here was fun and I miss that.

...yes, I know, my angst is very existential, but what the fuck, the red room was scary and mysterious and creepy as shit and the airplane--is none of those things.

In case anyone is curious: The SCP Foundation. As if you have not read it, you really should.

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