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meta link: review of the movie splice by makesomelove
children of dune - leto 1
In case you somehow missed this:

Review of the movie Splice by makesomelove. In all caps. Because it kind of has to be.

Warnings for triggery content and sheer wtfery. If you are thinking of seeing it, I--maybe you don't want to be spoiled? Except seriously, maybe you might really need to be. Oh my God.

*re-reading in horror*

Just. No. No.

ETA: Rotten Tomatoes has it at 74%. I am seriously losing my faith in humanity.

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Yeah, that's just...a world of no.

It's completely appalling. :(


Poor David Hewlett is in it, too. I feel I should send him flowers.

Yeaaahhh. I was linked to that earlier in the day, and I just- I mean, it's not like I was going to see it anyway. Not my type of movie, based on the trailers. But OMG. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

See, I probably would have gotten it, since Child loves horror and sci-fi horror in general I can watch too. Now, not so much. Ever.

Okay, I am planning on seeing this movie later this week. Is it possible to give me some sort of warning without being terribly plot-spoilery?

Yea. Yea. Saw that last night. The more I think about it, the more I want to punch the movie in the face. Damnit.

David Hewelett did it because Vincenzo Natali's his friend, and of course he got paid. Sarah Polley did it because she thought it was worth her time; same for Adrien Brody. It's supposed to upset you. This is one of the things horror does. It's a beautifully made film, one of the best, most commercial and most interesting things I've seen come out of the Canadian movie industry in dog's years. Hopefully, it'll break Natali wide open internationally. No one is making anyone go see it, though it might be nice if they made up their own minds, but whatever.

Man, does that lady you linked to like to scream.

I don't think someone who is triggered by rape--not to mention incest and issues of consent, not to mention the continuing demonization of Scientists and How They Will Destroy the World, not to mention the othering of a sentient being, which are only teh beginning of my problems with combining the horror and sci-fi genres--would really get the entire artistic angle, to be honest.

Not that other people can't enjoy it, but full disclosure of what you're going to deal with isn't exactly a negative, and you can make up your own mind not to see it based on the fact you have issues with the use and abuse of those things.

Art does not mean people have to like it, agree with it, agree with the presentation, or in fact think it is a perpetuation of widely-accepted stereotypes.

(Deleted comment)
Sleeping with the father and then raping the mother? My god, Freud would have a field day.

This movie needs more than just a trigger warning! That's ridiculous. Fucking hell. Thank goodness you linked to this and I read it. I was just sitting her before that and contemplating what movie to go to.

*shudder* Shit like this makes me wish I drank. I may have nightmares just from the review. I can not believe that "pro" film critics are giving this full star reviews. I don't need movies to emotionally scar me.

Thanks for the head's up! I'm gonna go drink heavily now.

How fast can you say: "But it's ART!!!!!!" ? Because rape and incest and consent issues and all that other stuff that seems to be wrong with that movie is so ARTSY! It's EDGY! Gnashes teeth... I mean, at least when we has the warnings debate in fandom there were many people explaining about how this is not an ok thing to do. I do with (trigger)warnings (beyond ratings) could exist outside of fandom too, or you know, even just be a plausible idea.

From the rotten tomatoes site:
"It doesn't take its terrific premise quite as far as it should,"
Which premise are they talking about here? Because I think they went so far overboard already that there are no ships in that universe anymore. (Do they want Dren to come back from the grave to rape its(whatever gender comes back) own incest baby?)


Ugh, I had to go look at pictures of adorable babies after that to make me stop hating everyone, ever.