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This actually happened yesterday, but I had the allergy headache from hell last night and decided making Beth and Raijahn miserable would be more productive than anything else I could think of.


The Number System:

To recap to all those not following the home game, we've moved to the number system at work. Give people a number, make them sit. They gripe. Oh shock.

Well, anyway, Client was stalking my window, as her appointment time was delayed, due to, of course, deliberate evil by the agency in a long, involved, convoluted conspiracy to make her life miserable, not that the person that was supposed to interview her was puking her guts out at out home.

I, angelic in demonic form, was the focus of her rage.

Time: 8:15

"When do I get my appointment?"

(note: Her appointment time was eight, but all appts start at 8:10. She knew this. She has been here before.)

"As soon as we have someone to interview you, ma'am."

Time: 8:20

"Where the hell is my worker?"

"Very sick, ma'am. Please take a seat."

Time: 8:25

"Get me a supervisor!"

*jenn looks up. jenn has checked in and dealt with twenty two interesting to annoying people in the last, check the clock, ten minutes.*


*person is incensed*

"I want my interview!"

"He already knows, ma'am."

"He can interview me!"

"Supervisors don't interview, ma'am."

"I want to talk to a supervisor *now*!"

"That's nice, could you move please? Next in line."

"Don't get uppity with me."

(note: I'm not joking. She used the word uppity. Insert a pause here while jenn marvels)

"Call your Supervisor."

(now, could have been mean and called *my* supervisor, who would have probably frozen the woman in her tracks, as Super I is--well, you'd have to meet her. But I didn't. As I am Compassionate.)

*turns around, sees Volunteer One helping with some files. We grin and I hit the intercom and call Super E.)

"I *saw* you curling your lip." *to volunteer, then mumbles vaguely but not seriously threatening things*

(I swear, I don't make this stuff up.)

*Volunteer blinks, takes two steps toward window. jenn considers fact Volunteer coulud easily kick Client's ass. Considers amusement. Police action. News media. Endless supplies of peanut butter cups from Volunteer. Considers Volunteer and jenn smoke together sometimes and jenn LIKES Volunteer*


Time: 8:30

"Did you call the supervisor?"


"I didn't hear you out here."

"Were you aware there are two different intercoms?"

(note--interior, office, and exterior, lobby)

*client considers*

"I still would have heard you."

*jenn does not remark on deafness and continues doing her thing*

"You can't hear the interior one from where you are, ma'am. Next?"

"You know I'm going to be an asshole right here until someone comes to talk to me."

"Feel oh so free. Can you move please? Next."

And to think, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get bored.

Other Things

I'm amusing myself with re-reading some people's LJs on why they friend or why they unfriend or the randomness of both. Mostly because every time I open LJ, I keep getting assaulted by The New Black, OC, which I am avoiding assiduously, because frankly, the main character is too hot and I like the idea of having a few hours a day to sleep and not be obsessed with fannish things.

Will resist until the entire minicrush has passed. Dammit.

Jenn things

I'm--seriously considering moving.

Okay, very personal, so of interest possibly only to Beth, who listened to me freak out about it, and me. And probably not to Beth, who heard the freak out already.

As of October first, I'll be able to apply for any job in the agency that I want to. While there is a hiring freeze, it only applies to certain jobs and hiring outside the agency--inside, maneuverability is pretty good, especially for those jobs with a high burnout rate.

My chances for the next one I want are best if I throw my hat in with no particular allegiance to place--or rather, I put in my application and say, send me anywhere in the state. And that's an awfully big area.

Except for when I went abroad and for a period of time I was living in Houston, I have lived relatively close to my family. Not a bad thing, at least from my perspective, and for the fact I grew up with a very large extended family right up to third cousins and great grandparents I saw very regularly. Nick having that is what I wanted.

But. I--need to get away.

Not forever, but for a while. There's this itch that wants to just pack up and *leave*, and I'm old enough to resist it and young enough to still feel it, and I *want* this, even if it scares me. The change of income would be enough to easily justify the expense, and I think of things like, new cities, or maybe Galveston or Corpus for a year, since if I plan this correctly, I'll also be the only one in their area trained in the new computer system--definitely a huge plus. And I'll be trained in two different jobs as well, which will look really good on my resumee. And having experience in outlying areas, in field offices with differnet clients and different lifestyles and people with different needs would look even better.

I keep thinking how calming it felt on the beach this year, how much I liked how I felt there, and I keep glancing at google and fighting the desire to go check out apartment prices around the area. Both places would kick my ass if I lived in teh city limits or near downtown for price, but God knows, Austin is nightmarish in price right now, so I could afford it if I was careful, so no biggie there.

But again, I would be living completely alone and unconnected, which would be new. No, Child doesn't count, he goes where I go. Away from all blood relatives, friends, coworkers, anyone I know, no one outside a three to eight hour drive.

I know, it sounds silly, but it's--huge. Single parenting is pretty easy when you have thirty-five people and counting to call on in a jam, so this would definitely test my ability to be what Child needs. I think of the price of daycare after school, or how I could arrange my schedule so he wouldn't need to be in it, or afterschool programs and how to arrange it, parent/teacher conferences that would need to be carefully scheduled, bus routes versus dropping Child off, babysitters and the fact I had been considering moving Child to private school and the tuition costs, which might not be possible if I move. Or might be, but might stretch us too far to be comfortable.

You know, normal things. I've been working out a budget on the idea of it for the last couple of days, taking into account everything right now I don't have to pay for or stuff that's less expensive here but more expensive there, and if I move to the coast, child will be enrolled in swimming and coastal safety lessons probably before I even get the suitcases unpacked.

And I think of being homesick and missing Austin and missing rural life and missing my family and missing Vannezsa and her family.

But just a year--a year where I can get experience and also, close enough to school to finish my degree, which is barely TWENTY FIVE FUCKING HOURS from being done (I think), and really, I just roll my eyes at myself and wonder if I'm really that afraid of physics labs.

And then I think--I'm an introvert by inclination. There's a terrifyingly real chance I will not do what this sort of thing SHOULD do, and force myself to meet people. I have no idea how normal people go about doing that. And then there's grocery shopping and the fact I really don't see why pudding is a bad idea for breakfast. That a ton of things most people *know* naturally I have to be told, several times.

All these issues, so little time to seriously obsess on all of them.

Yes, these are the sorts of things I think up on my own. And I think I want to move HOURS AND HOURS AWAY from the people who generally make sure I'm relatively sane?

That would be a yes.

Hmm. There's an actual chance I might do this.

Have no recs, been re-reading old favorites in vague need for comfort and trying to steel myself for four Saturdays of mandatory workdays in a row. God. I am going to have SO many hours of overtime this month it's going to be scary. On the other hand, this may mean I can extend my vacation this spring to two weeks straight, or take extra time in January. I really have no idea, but the concept is exciting.

Am also generally staring at ficness in Word, because, really, what AM I thinking with this thing?

Gah. Need chocolate soon.
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