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this is not a true story
children of dune - leto 1

Let's say one bought a soldering iron this weekend--being totally hypothetical--and it only works with butane, and say one thinks (or one's immediate family and friends in a three city area) that maybe one needs to get one less--volatile.

...and one's sister refuses to help because of potential for death. Which is not only hypothetical but hypocritical and hey, a little insulting, don't you think?

You know. Should one need another one that isn't powered by small canisters of butane, what would one get?

Hypothetically. With links, if possible.

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(Deleted comment)
Hypothetically, YES THIS IT IS NOT URANIUM. Plus, it's more fun!

*sulking quietly*

(Deleted comment)
...so Frye's, good choice! Hypothetically.


I cosign this comment, or at least I would were it an actual and not a hypothetical.

Oh, my God. You are hypothetically insane.

*flees in terror of hypothetical combustion*

You should be able to get a plug-in, electrical one, no problem.

Er, the one I (hypothetically) bought not too long ago would definitely have been a plug-in one had it existed. Do you have a link to one like the hypothetically aforementioned? (...oh, nevermind, found some via the link to Frye's.)

*solemnly* I would help you play with fire.

just please remember to protect your eyes. hypothetically.

My hypothetical experience has always been with electric ones. Butane brings to mind melting a sugar crust on top of creme brulee and I don't think that would be a desirable outcome for electronics. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

My husband says, hypothetically, that one should look at "cold soldering". Complete with hypothetical link:

Cold Heat

Hypothetical link has too many not-so hypotheticall https in the beginning and leads me, hypothetically, astray. To a site, not so hypothetical but apt nonetheless, called Http.com

*do not try to link when completely distracted!*

Here is a URL for the cold solder tool. It goes to an "as seen on TV" page, but that's better than a dead link any day.


Wow. Butane and you. I actually can't think of a way in which that isn't amazing, in an awesome-fiery-doom sort of way. [grins] In a purely hypothetical sense, of course.

Having never been in a environment that used butane (because such a scenario would have resulted in this one picking chunks of others out of her hair, given what some of those idiots did), electric soldering irons are perfectly safe, inasmuch as a metal-melting device can be. This one recommends one with a secure stand or rest, given how easy it is to put the thing down, have one's partner jostle the cord, and end up setting fire to an instruction manual. Not that such a thing ever happened, of course.

Fry's or Hobbytown will be able to fulfill your electric soldering needs. Or you can borrow mine. :-)

Hypothetically, I agree with the above poster who recommends an electrically powered soldering tool.

I mostly lurk here, but shiny things that go boom, even hypothetically, have enticed me to momentarily poke in in order to steal fire from the gods. I love your technical and asplodey-friendly adventures ♥ Then again, I also don't live nearby :D

I can weld and I can solder and I say light up the damned butane!

Hypothetically I'd say one should use a fucking electrical soldering iron in one's house unless one is incredibly insane and wants to pay all the money and possible medical bills that would cost.

Honestly? It's not the thought of you with a butane soldering iron that's frightening me; it's the thought of you with a soldering iron, period. Hypothetical or not, the carnage will be awesome.

Like those two weeks after my sister got her Dremel! :D

Also, one should go with cold heat, yes. Not because grabbing a soldering iron by the wrong end causes interesting scars, but that it cuts down on the urge to start drawing on the nearest (and not so near) wooden surface with one's soldering iron.

There are quite a few electric ones, as far as I remember. That said, I have been in conversations about hypothetical situations with arc welders before, which hypothetically make for an interesting, if flammable evening.

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