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this thursday is taking a long time
children of dune - leto 1
Things That Happened

So Monday I went to the doctor for the entire lack of coffee and some other random foods in my life and the worry that escalation can only lead to madness or potentially, crying. After consideration of the fact that I said coffee about twenty times, he gave me a script to see if that would help, then also scheduled an ultrasound for my gall bladder, which is new and not exciting at all.

I also mentioned the return of fatigue, lack of concentration, constant hunger, weight fluctuations etc, so we did another blood test, and I am up to 75MCGs for the thyroid thing, which is an increase of 50%. I assume that means that the test came back elevated. According to websites I googled, the average dose is between 100MCGs and 125MCGs, so I'm still below the curve on that, but I assume it will increase with age. Oh joy.

Interesting Things

Absinthe, my netbook, apparently heard I wanted to mod her and decided to stop working. Or rather, the internal wireless card stopped working. After disassembling her again, I hunted up my other wireless card that I replaced in Adam the laptop and found out, yeah, definitely a card issue. The problem is, netbooks are really efficient, and by that I mean, squished inside. Sadistically so. My original card in there was a half-mini wireless card, which is predictably half the size of a regular mini card (half-mini = size of a Triscuit--I checked). To accommodate the half-mini, two extra rivets were attached to the mother board to screw it in. The full mini (size of two Triscuits--yes, I did check) is too long.

You already can see why I put "interesting" here. It looks as if I may get to solder--or rather, desolder or whatever the term may be to remove the rivets so the card fits. I know, this can't end well. And yet, I am excited.

...if I'm going to be soldering anyway, maybe I should go ahead and try that touchscreen thing, y/y?

Happy Things

nadis17 translated Job Orientation, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, into Russian! The translation is posted here.

I seriously went looking for my first and second semester Russian books. I can still recognize Cyrillic, but not so much with actually reading it. *glee* I am easy to please. Russian! Right there!

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That sucks - I wish I could just brew you a giant pot of coffee to make it all better. It wouldn't actually fix anything, especially the computers though. So I'll just send good thoughts! Like - boots! Expensive, beautiful boots!

med levels

They actually tend to do sort of a bar graph type of deal. Increase and then level off and then increased and then level off and then start to decrease. But some times need is based on activity level, if you're more active now than you were when you first started that can affect it to either increased or decrease depending on body response.

It's always exciting when something you've written gets translated into another language! Congrats.

Congrats on the translation!

I'm sure you've talked about this in earlier posts, but how are the doctors determining your allergies and the food/substances/life giving coffee you have to avoid? The prospect of the off-limits list steadily increasing, along with the other stuff, is more than daunting.

Sorry it's not going well health-wise, but, um, woo-hoo on soldering projects? I myself enjoy a good day with the staple gun and jigsaw. Tools are fun!

That is interesting to see what the average dose (presumably of thyroxine) is, I hadn't thought to look it up. I started on 150mcgs per day but then decreased to 125mcgs after a couple of years.

Taking thyroxine changed my life, I was in a pretty bad way before that.

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