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my ode to shoes (it's a short ode)
children of dune - leto 1
Nezsa and I went to have a girls' day today and of course, shopping. My main thing was to get a new pair of shoes and a blue eyeliner refill, so I dressed carefully for a day that would be spent around lots of clothing and got out my skinny jeans.

I love my skinny jeans, and no, they are not a chastity device no matter what Australian courts seem to think, but I will say this; they are goddamn brilliant at discouraging you from trying things on. The amount of time I have to spend carefully arranging--arranging--the slouch at my ankles and fit them correctly over my calf is to be done once a day, okay? But I love the fit; they're the first jeans that I have ever owned that once they are on and comfortable, they do not slide down over my hips or try to slouch--they stay comfortably where they are supposed to be. Seriously, I feel bad for mocking them.

This is a good thing, but there was a whole rack of jeans and dresses I couldn't try on, and this was only compensated for by finding my perfect shoes--yes, I did send pictures to [personal profile] svmadelyn and [personal profile] scy like immediately because they are that awesome.

Picture below cut. I love my shoes.

Shoes! Taken by cameraphone. You cannot see it with these jeans, but there's also an ankle strap, so they are more stable than they look. They even have a dust bag for them. It's a very cute bag.

I feel very much like a girl today. This is a good thing.

Hmm. You know, I kind of want a tea review community or something, so as to have an excuse to demand people continue to post tea recs. Hmm.

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Those are, indeed, amazing shoes! They remind me verily of a pair I had and loved once (they were stolen while I was in auto mechanics class) . So, you're, like, what, nearly 8' tall in those? (is only slightly jealous)

*G* I think they are four inch heels with one inch platforms, so about 6'2". That totally had bearing on why i wanted them. I was wondering around the store and checking every mirror like Narcissus returns, squeeing over them. I couldn't leave them alone!

very pretty shoes! i couldn't wear them but pretty :) I have to show off these though http://www.novoshoes.com.au/collections/boots/jacinda/206.aspx they have a hidden heel !! um yes I am just waiting for payday :D

Oh wow those are adorable. I can just barely see the heel!

Dude, those shoes are hot! Where can I obtain a pair? *covets* madly*

Nordstroms Rack or Nordstroms. I love clearance sales like you would not believe.

*does not pet them again*

Oooh, nice shoes!

/former shoe-salesperson

*pets my shoes* Looking at them makes me happy.


And they look like they're actually comfortable as well as extremely good-looking, which is just crazy times. Crazy AWESOME times.

Re: the tea review community

Have you seen Steepster?

Re: the tea review community

I just got this link on DW too! Two recs has to be a good sign. Thank you!

Those are my exactly perfect style of shoe that I can walk in and be tall! WANNNNNNTZ

I need to stop staring at them longingly now. It is hard!

Totally not what your post is about, but! Your jeans! What brand is it? I am really bad at finding nice jeans. They are NEVER comfy. Either the fabric is too stiff or the waist is way too low. So, tell me about your awesome skinnies!

7 For All Mankind and Paige both get up off the hips and closer to the waist for skinnies like perfectly and 7 has more give than pretty much any brand I've tried yet, which is nice because seriously, jeans resting that too low means no sitting ever. They also have a high waist now they're advertising that I was looking that I wish now I'd tried out (their idea of high waist is still below the waist, but not impossibly).

I want to say Calvin Klein's did too when i tried them on a few weeks ago; they were just too short for me.

(Deleted comment)
SHOES! ::drools::

Very hot! Wish I could wear high heels, but my knee says, "You will need to have surgery if you wear those, missy."

I go through phases of All High Heels, All the Time and Flats Only Please. I just love wearing heels, though.

Those are cute! But can you run in them? ;)

I tested that in the store. *g*

You can actually walk around in those and not have your feet attempt to stab you with excruciating pain? I ENVY YOU SO MUCH. These are beautiful, but if I attempted to wear them, I would end up in a home for people driven mad by their feet exploding.

Weirdly, yes. The platform brings up the ball of my foot higher than it looks. They're really stable; I walked and ran around the store testing them to make sure. I wouldn't recommend a sprint, but I spent the rest of the day wearing them just in case and they worked perfectly.

OMG I am so in love with those shoes!

I admit I still go look at them happily.

Those look like a pair of micheal kors I used to have till I broke the heel D:

I LOVE THEM. So pretty, oh god. Shoes are my kryptonite. I see them and I cannot stop myself.

*hands* I was clinging to them while Nezsa tried on clothes. CLINGING TO THEM.