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adagio - the tea review
children of dune - leto 1
My tea arrived on Wednesday, so it has been Tea Central of Tea-ness around here. I got ten samples and two full size of the ones I knew I'd love--Irish Breakfast and Apricot--so below, my completely pointless thoughts on Tea, Tea, I Need More Tea Now.

Did Not Like (Not Tea's Fault)

Earl Grey - I am not a fan of Earl Grey except very occasionally; it's a very occasional/social tea for me. Basically, it could not be done in a way I'd love. Gave to friend who loves Earl Grey.

Did Not Like (Tea's Fault)

Golden Monkey - I can't explain why it was ick, but it really was. There was some kind of back bitter/sour thing going on with an underbelly of something vaguely earthly in a bad way. I checked to see if steeped too long, but no. This is the only one I didn't finish. Gave to boss because I'm like that.

Not Sure Yet

Grapefruit Oolong - I need to try this one again with a shorter steep. It was really zest-like notes in it that were bitter and not delicious. But I like grapefruit, so reserving until I can try again.


Darjeeling #12 - It was good but not magical. I'd drink it again.

Ceylon Sonata - very good. It's Ceylon. It's hard to do it wrong.

Orange - very liked, orange a tiny bit strong but I think steeping it thirty seconds less would take the edge off. Very nice sweet edge without citrus sharpness, clear white flavor.

Nepal First Flush - I like this one, but I am getting the steep time wrong. Five minutes is too long, but three is too short. Dammit. Very nice, a tiny bit earthy.

My God Yes

Yunnan Jig - this is a black tea of the freaking gods, okay? I'm almost done with my sample. It's clear medium dark brown, steep time at four minutes thirty seems to bring the best results, water just at boil before adding to tea. I am drinking a very large pitcher of this right now. It has a round heaviness at the first taste and is very mellow with a low warm golden flavor.

Currant - perfect currant tea. Almost done with my sample already. Clear medium-medium brown, steep between four and four and a half minutes (I am not grooving the full five minute seepage; that seems to bring out something bitter that doesn't get picked up if I do it a little earlier). I am in love.

Apricot - it's hard to get apricot wrong (though I have had contenders) but this is very nice. Very good scent, good balanced flavor, full five minute steep to get all the deliciousness.


Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast - unless something in the Force changes mightily, I'm not seeing how these could go wrong. Irish Breakfast is my go-to tea of go-to-ness. This is my coffee of the tea world (though yunnan jig is really giving it a run for its money; I need to try the yunnan golden now).

Anyone want to throw out their favorite flavors? Adagio or otherwise. On the first will be the second tea buying fit and its nice to be prepared.

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Have you tried Lady Grey? It's a much lighter blend than Earl Grey, with a bit of a citrus zing to it (but not overwhelmingly so).

I love Teaopia's Amaretto Cherry (I used to love a blend by Second Cup, Canada's Starbuck, called Cherry Vanilla but the bastards discontinued it). It's a black tea that with a lovely cherry flavour, very subtle. I think I will go brew a pot right now.

Lady Grey I kind of enjoyed, but it's an occasional, i think, though I wonder if it would taste better with milk. Hmm.

Oooh, cherry. That sounds amazing.

Adagio's Almond Ceylon Black and the Vanilla Ceylon Black are my absolute favorites! I'm trying the hazelnut one next.

Writing both down! Thank you!

Had English Breakfast for the first time when a Russian coworker talked our boss into turning a group meeting into a tea party of sorts. Had no idea it had that much caffeine in it (had already had a mocha that morning) and was flying for the rest of the morning. Awesome. Added bonus of not sucking on the taste.

Personal fave is a hibiscus tea we get from Holy Land (Middle Eastern food mart). The one I like best I can't translate the name (I don't read Arabic), but comes in a reddish box with a picture of the flower and a cup on the front (cycles through on the pictures here. I've had others, but that one was the best of the bunch. Local restaurant also serves it, but mixed with spices (think nutmeg and cardamon) to make Raina. A bit fruity, but very good.

Anything with teh name "breakfast" is like that; I love like whoa.

Ooh, I wnat to try that tea. Thanks for the recommendation!

I don't know how you feel about green tea - is it too light for your taste? I personally love Bi luo chun. The only downside is that I get it from relatives in China, so I have no idea how you'd go about purchasing it...

*applies Google*

It's actually in the green tea sampler! Okay, this is good.

I have aroma hypersensitivity so I actually cannot drink stronger teas (or stay in the makeup section of Sears for longer than 3 minutes, but that's a good thing) so my other favs - jasmine oolong and chrysanthemum - are also very wimpy. But let me know how the Bi luo chun goes for you!

I love green tea. Adding that to my to-buy list. Thank you!

Catnip! Plain organic catnip makes an excellent, very green/clean/soothing tea. I like mine with a bit of honey and milk in.

...seriously? *intensely curious* I have to try that.

I really like a hot cinnamon spice tea. If you don't like cinnamon, obviously not your (tea)bag, but I like that it's got a little pop.

I love cinnamon. *G* Mmm. And now I want some, and it's too late to drink any.

Lapsang souchong is one of my favorites, but it is very smoky-tasting, so YMMV.

I've had it before, I think? Adding that; I forgot to even look for it. Thank you!

Oh my god, tea reviews. You are so awesome. Where'd ya get all the tea from?

*grins* Tea is awesome.

http://www.adagio.com. They have super excellent tea pot thing that comes with a four tea sampler for 19, which I totally recommend. If you want to try them, email me at seperis at gmail and I'll send you one of their 5 off certificates. If you decide to order, to use it, you have to use the email the gift certificate was sent to. That's how pouncer got me.

They have some amazing teas and a lot of them in both inexpensive sample sizes and larger ones for what you know you like. And did I mention a lot? They have a lot of tea.



This is possibly not at all helpful, because well, hard to get... but we're talking tea here, so I thought I'd toss out my favorite anyway. My very favorite tea in the whole world comes from L'epicerie on the Ile st Louis in Paris. I discovered it quite by accident while traveling there during college... now whenever friends go to Paris I beg them to bring me back more. It's called Blue Lagoon. I'm never quite sure if one could get it elsewhere and have it taste the same. It's a loose tea, and I think a black tea (but I could be wrong), and it's amazing. Of course, now it's been a few years since I've had it, so I couldn't actually describe it to you anymore, but I know I'll be getting more at my first chance because it's just that good. Yey tea! (I also had a roommate in college who would make tea every day in the winter, and when she finished steeping it would announce to the world at large "Yey, tea!" before drinking it. She was the coolest roommate evar.)

L'epicier is actually a Japanese company, I think, and they've been operating under the name Lupicia for a few years. Apparently there are 4 US locations for this company now, mostly west coast.
I highly recommend one of their signature flavored teas. It's called Neptune and is a black tea infused with honeyed fruits and marigold. The aroma when it seeps is seriously to die for, and makes a very good iced tea.

Speaking of iced tea, I was wondering if you've ever tried seeping tea cold? While it means a much much longer process and bigger portion of leaves, the results can be surprisingly good, especially for tea with strong infused flavors. For example, I usually find the aroma of Earl Gray a little aggressive, but when I cold-seep it overnight, the aroma is a lot more contained, there is absolutely no bitterness, and the total impression is just super smooth.

You gave nasty tea to your boss, lol. Perhaps the name hints at the ~ingredients, which would explain the taste. ;D

I don't care for hot tea much. It's so weak, compared to the body that coffee has. I keep trying different types, but so far, a pale "meh, ok" is all I've been able to muster. It's a shame, because it's supposed to be healthy.

I just don't come from a tea culture, so that may be part of the problem. o.0

I am with you on the Earl Grey. So disappointed the first time I had it because I thought I could be forever cool like Picard, but, no, I knew then I could never order it. Sadness. (I am with you on the Darjeeling and the Ceylon Sonata. I do confess I love the Golden Monkey though, so my taste might be suspect.)

I am currently drinking the last of my Black Dragon Pearls (which are not only tasty but also fun because they come pearl shaped.)

On weekdays, I switch off between Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling Summer and Fujian Baroque.

And in the summer, I use the raspberry tea and or Ceylon Sonata to make iced tea.

(All teas from Adagio)

I got straight-sided glass teacups so I could feel like Picard when drinking tea. :D I didn't care for Ealr Grey, either, though.

Have you tried Lady Grey? I like it more than Earl Grey - it has hints of orange in a much more pleasant manner.

Also, I find blueberry tea to my favorite of all.

Edited at 2010-05-22 04:30 pm (UTC)

Besides the genmai cha I mentioned above, I really enjoy Keemun on days when I want an easy-going, satisfying tea. It's not a challenging tea - more of a comforting cup.

Mmm, darjeeling.

This reminds me of when I used to work at the coffee roasting co. - we had about 40 kinds of loose-leaf tea and I had so much fun tasting them all!

I like Adagio's Spiced Apple Chai, especially with a bit of honey and milk. It's yummy!