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adagio - the tea review

My tea arrived on Wednesday, so it has been Tea Central of Tea-ness around here. I got ten samples and two full size of the ones I knew I'd love--Irish Breakfast and Apricot--so below, my completely pointless thoughts on Tea, Tea, I Need More Tea Now.

Did Not Like (Not Tea's Fault)

Earl Grey - I am not a fan of Earl Grey except very occasionally; it's a very occasional/social tea for me. Basically, it could not be done in a way I'd love. Gave to friend who loves Earl Grey.

Did Not Like (Tea's Fault)

Golden Monkey - I can't explain why it was ick, but it really was. There was some kind of back bitter/sour thing going on with an underbelly of something vaguely earthly in a bad way. I checked to see if steeped too long, but no. This is the only one I didn't finish. Gave to boss because I'm like that.

Not Sure Yet

Grapefruit Oolong - I need to try this one again with a shorter steep. It was really zest-like notes in it that were bitter and not delicious. But I like grapefruit, so reserving until I can try again.


Darjeeling #12 - It was good but not magical. I'd drink it again.

Ceylon Sonata - very good. It's Ceylon. It's hard to do it wrong.

Orange - very liked, orange a tiny bit strong but I think steeping it thirty seconds less would take the edge off. Very nice sweet edge without citrus sharpness, clear white flavor.

Nepal First Flush - I like this one, but I am getting the steep time wrong. Five minutes is too long, but three is too short. Dammit. Very nice, a tiny bit earthy.

My God Yes

Yunnan Jig - this is a black tea of the freaking gods, okay? I'm almost done with my sample. It's clear medium dark brown, steep time at four minutes thirty seems to bring the best results, water just at boil before adding to tea. I am drinking a very large pitcher of this right now. It has a round heaviness at the first taste and is very mellow with a low warm golden flavor.

Currant - perfect currant tea. Almost done with my sample already. Clear medium-medium brown, steep between four and four and a half minutes (I am not grooving the full five minute seepage; that seems to bring out something bitter that doesn't get picked up if I do it a little earlier). I am in love.

Apricot - it's hard to get apricot wrong (though I have had contenders) but this is very nice. Very good scent, good balanced flavor, full five minute steep to get all the deliciousness.


Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast - unless something in the Force changes mightily, I'm not seeing how these could go wrong. Irish Breakfast is my go-to tea of go-to-ness. This is my coffee of the tea world (though yunnan jig is really giving it a run for its money; I need to try the yunnan golden now).

Anyone want to throw out their favorite flavors? Adagio or otherwise. On the first will be the second tea buying fit and its nice to be prepared.

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