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i miss coffee; this post is not about that, however
children of dune - leto 1
Via [journalfen.net profile] fandom_lounge here from [journalfen.net profile] aruru:
You guys, seriously, if you haven't gone to Google's home page already, DO SO NOW and go see the front page's image, and wait a few seconds for it to fully load. And try messing with the mouse and stuff when it does.

I totally missed that when I was doing searches today.

Via [journalfen.net profile] unfunnybusiness here from [journalfen.net profile] kernelm:
One of the most amazing things I've ever seen online: Metafilter helps save two women from (probably) sex traffickers.

You know, in case you need a dose of humanity not being horrible today. Which basically, I need one of those every day.

Work hates me, for the record. I really need to stop playing with the google thing now.

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That is the coolest thing ever. Google, ftw.

You and Google just MADE my day. Rescued it, in fact. *stares* *clicks* ::repeats::

RE: metafilter. Oh, I have serious chills and tears in my eyes. Incredible story.

Hey, if you have a free second, I just posted asking for advice about getting a new laptop, and I know you are a technology goddess, so if you have any input, I'd love it. http://boggit.livejournal.com/211262.html

Oh my god I was refreshing that post ALL DAY AND NIGHT yesterday. I didn't comment, because there was absolutely nothing I could do by way of helping, and I just felt so completely useless. We also had a lot going on in the MetaTalk thread about that AskMe. There were several times that I just burst into tears in front of my computer. (I did finally post in joy in the MeTa thread once we knew it was going to be okay.)

MetaFilter rules EVERYTHING. And omg the eponysterical was just the cherry on top of the AWESOME sundae.




I just read this and even knowing they were fine when I saw the news they were it made me cry. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, dose of humanity is always needed.

Oh my good god. That... *breathes into paper bags* I am so glad it seems to have worked out. So glad. My god.

Also, jesus, I just killed my own evening work schedule and stressed myself out reading that. Arg, self, arg.

The Google homepage is teh awesome. I bet there is a drop in productivity as a result of that.
(A sidenote for anyone outside the US who gets redirected to their local Google, you can force google.com's homepage by using the address - http://www.google.com/webhp )

I really cannot deal with reading any more articles about sex crimes and trafficking, but I'm so glad that the global force that is the Internet saved two women from that kind of ordeal... Just fucking proud of people right now.

Edited at 2010-05-21 11:11 pm (UTC)

I admire that you are able to make posts that are not always about coffee.

If I was in your shoes, my LJ would like like it had Caffeinated Tourette Syndrom all the damn time.

You're my idol.

I made eight cups of cold-brewed coffee concentrate (low acid sumatran) that's still in the fridge. I am going to try it as soon as I can avoid flinching. Because seriously. Coffee.

omg I just got ~lost in that metafilter story holy CRAP. Wow. Thank you for posting about it, I hadn't heard about it yet. Amazing. I have chills, yikes.

You know, in case you need a dose of humanity not being horrible today.

Thanks for that. What an incredible story - those people deserve some kind of Example of Humanity award.

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