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I withheld not my heart from any joy

I know we've said we've seen it all--bread wank. Icing/frosting wank. History wank. Air wank. But.

Math Wank via sf_drama, because how can life be more awesome? Math wank. No, seriously. It. Is. Semantic. Wank. About. Math.

In other news, because this made my evening: along with exploration of the hobby miner, there's also the particle physics hobbyist (with particle accelerator!) and nuclear physics hobbyist (with death ray--YES DEATH RAY. YOU CAN BUILD A DEATH RAY AT HOME).

What I am saying is, the universe is beyond words awesome. I can build a particle-accelerating death-ray from easy to manufacture parts from the internet. I am pretty sure this is why my great-great-grandmother came to this country, right here. Particle accelerating death ray.

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