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how is this my life again?

I just realized my moral compass is actually kind of fucked up when applied to shoes.

I'd have sex with unpleasant people for these boots.

If I was wearing them during sex, I might not actually notice anyone else's existence, so you see how this works out.

This can't end well. I need my obsession with computers to return now, please. I just don't think that discovering my one true shoe should involve Christian Louboutin you know?

This has been a message from my lack of willpower. And luckily, from all the credit cards I cut recently. No, I didn't go looking for them desperately, so please don't ask. Or stare resentfully at the garbage cans or anything.

BTW work hates me, so if I am quiet, it's mostly because I'm trying to drown myself in the sink at work. What I am saying here is, would mental health be a reason to buy these? If you know, it saved me from a terrible sink accident?

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