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help me find tea
children of dune - leto 1
So finally we are getting an electric tea pot for work, since slowly but surely our Indian contractors have managed to institute an informal tea time around three (I love them) and it gets a little crowded in the breakroom with half the men in my unit and two microwaves (they have lured pretty much all xy chromosomes into this; trust me, if you have never seen a breakroom the size of a closet filled to the brim with various males looking casual while clutching their mugs and loose tea and chatting while eyeing the microwave, you have not lived), so I need to upgrade my tea supply in response to endless hot water and no microwave wait.

Tell me of reliable online shops that carry tea I can buy from, preferably that carry both bag and loose. And what are your favorite brands? I am kind of religiously Twinnings and Bencheley and sometimes Republic of Tea, but that's more easy-access than like, some deep meaningful relationship (Except Bencheley apricot and Twinnings black currant--my OTTs).

I haven't been this excited about work since--um, ever. I wonder if there's any chance we could slip snacks into tea time?

ETA: Also, weirdly, I found one a while back called The London Cuppa. It was good. *eyeing it thoughtfully*

ETA 2: Have ordered Adagio, since seriously, that seems to be very popular among you all? And also, wow, their site. Am eyeing other recommendations as my God, so much tea.

Thanks very, very much for all the recommendations!

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I'm a heathen. I like Lipton, more than the fancy brands, more than the standard British brands. I did try them once. :P

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I have had many, many kinds of tea from them, and I love that you can order a sample tin. Right now in my cupboard I have peppermint (which is so unbelievably fresh OMG), hazelnut black tea, Earl Grey bravo (which can be a bit overwhelming with the bergamot), ceylon sonata, Irish breakfast, and apricot black tea (which is so fantastic). And peach oolong, which is great in the afternoon. The English breakfast is deliciously smoky. The hazelnut is especially good blended with chocolate black tea.

A note, though, about the canisters: They have been moving to sending the loose tea in bags, so you may not get the canisters, but I really hope they start selling them soon, because they're really quite awesome.

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That's the one I couldn't remember--Harrogate!

I've received good stuff from here. Both loose-leaf and bags, and their prices are more than moderate, too.

I haven't tried it, but now that I've seen the site I kind of want to:

I'm really fond of Tao of Tea


but uh, I like Stash Teas too. Their ginger lemon herbal tea is God's own cure for miserable winter colds.

I have to admit I primarily drink terrifying amounts of super black Irish Breakfast with sugar and milk. My excuse is that it's the drink of my people -- well that and whiskey -- but I hear normal people don't enjoy having their spoons actually dissolve in their tea? =w=

..I am drinking twinnings irish breakfast right now. For reasons I don't understand, if tea has hte word 'breakfast' in it, I will buy it. Like, instantly.

But, please, for the love of all that's good in this world: Tell me you do not microwave the water for your tea.

*sad* Only at work where there'es nothing else. At home, I have a kettle and for emergencies, a tiny pot for the stove.

http://www.teavana.com is awesome. I swear by the blend of the white ayurvedic chai and samurai chai mate. Yum! *goes to make some*

I second that. Their Golden Monkey and their Assam are fantastic.

Adagio Teas is my go-to online place. I'm very fond of their vanilla tea, and their Masala chai. Let me know an email address (I always buy stuff with my hotmail account, not anything fannish-related), and I can send you a five dollar coupon.

Ooh. seperis at yahoo dot com.

on the occasions when I don't buy local, I order from Peet's (peets.com). their Assam Golden Tip is my favorite tea in the world. I also like this, and this.


Um, I mean: Congrats on your forthcoming your electric kettle! When my office introduced tea pods, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then I had to wean myself off of a 10 pod a day habit /o\

For online places to get good tea: my aunt and uncle like to spoil me w/ packages from Upton Tea Imports but I'm not sure if they do any bagged teas (they do provide an ongoing, serialized history of the tea trade, though!). I've never ordered from Murchies online, but I know they do bagged teas; their Number 10 blend is excellent; and I am intrigued by the name of their Library Tea.

Also, Fortnum and Mason is apparently now willing to ship their stuff directly across the pond to we heathen colonials, but the shipping charges are a little steep. If you do decide to indulge, their Royal Blend is excellent. And I think it would be mandatory to have some biscuits with it for a snack.

I second Upton -- they have a crazy crazy selection to sort through (and their German Breakfast blend is delicious) and pretty good prices for the most part. I also really love Rishi, and MightyLeaf has some very nice teas, especially if you like oolongs. MightyLea does teabags as well as loose tea, so it's convenient, too.

I'm not a fan of Stash, Lipton, or Bigelow, I'll confess, but Numi has a few decent teas, and so does GoodEarth. Adagio's not half bad, but I'd take Rishi first for sure.

I'll second the rec for Teavana for loose-leaf teas. Everything I've ever gotten there was delicious, and the Earl Grey Creme is like having tea for dessert.

I like Twinings a lot, and some of the Tazo line (Awake is my favorite). Can't stand Stash or Bigelow. If you like jasmine at all, Good Earth's Jasmine Green tea is to die for. My current favorite plain black tea is PG Tips from the UK. I can often find it in the grocery here, or if not, you can get it on Amazon (which often has very good deals on tea if you have a favorite you want to buy in bulk).

i love Numi tea! .....that's all. :D Get a Numi sampler, it's not too expensive, it's enviro-friendly, and yummy.

I love Stash tea: http://www.stashtea.com/ It's the only tea my husband will drink now. They have both loose and bags and a very wide variety.

Yes, this. Lovely holiday varieties but I'm a big fan of their chais and other black tea blends. (A very few of which have started to appear on the shelf at my local Wal-Mart, oddly enough.)

Someone already mentioned Clipper teas, who are awesome and pretty fair trade across the board, too. If I could only drink one brand of tea ever again, though, I'd pick Teapigs. Chocolate flake tea. It is HEAVEN IN A MUG, I SAY, HEAVEN.