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The Toybox

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podfics and podbooks galore!
children of dune - leto 1
*glee* Podfic!

twilight_angel recorded two fic here: The Difference, SGA, Ronon/Weir, and Eighteenish, SGA, John/Rodney and one here: That's For Remembrance, Jason Bourne/John Sheppard, SGA/SG1/Bourne Identity, all in mp3.

cybel has the podbook versions here: The Difference, Eighteenish, and That's For Remembrance.

I literally cannot figure out which one to listen to first. Thank you very much twilight_angel for the recordings (GLEE!) and cybel for the podbooks.

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Yay, Podfic!

I've actually wrote you a comment some time ago that I've recorded your Merlin ficlet "Efficient" and I'm not quite sure whether LJ ate that comment? I mean, it does do that occasionally. *glares at LJ*

If yes, you can find that here: http://community.livejournal.com/amplificathon/492736.html

(Deleted comment)
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