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they're still going on about this? this is so early this week


Continuing adventures in authors with--um, "issues"--with fanfic (from Clarivoyant Wank).

"Fans who write non-porn stories about TV shows are a different kind of writer. If they love the shows, which are a group production to begin with, that much, what the hell, they probably don't have the taste and imagination to write anything original anyway." - [profile] aberwyn

Not sure how to interpret the 'porn' bit. Completely entranced minds utterly riveted by this bit of wisdom really want to know. Because my sex scenes are kinda derivative off of like, biology. I know! No imagination. Except that one I didn't post, but you try working marsupial-esque and see what you come up with. (Unless you are justabi, because you already did.)

In case those of us who write fanfic off of textual works and not tv were feeling left out, we are processed cheese and hamburger helper.

There was also something about how it's like embroidery with patterns or something, but I lost point of the analogy, but I was getting the feeling the gist was "Look at me! I have imagination! By my definition at least." Or something.

No, seriously. She has her own definition.

Has anyone said anything new or interesting about this? Derivative arguments lack imagination. By my definition at least.

ETA: Corrected link.

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