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rec - imaginary castles by azverzierlia and also, music

Because averzierlia is awesome and totally had a vision ....

Imaginary Castle - hypothetical purchases and puppies, related to House Hunting II.

See, these things make days so much better than they were before. So. Much.


Going to hang with transtempts in Seattle and go to Adam's concert in July! God, so looking forward to this. I miss traveling; I haven't been out of state since November for svmadelyn's birthday.

Adventures With iTunes

Due to recent purchases, my new six degrees of separation when looking for music is now John Mayer. That is an improvement over Burning Season but not like, much. He's like beyond hit or miss; he's like, one out of twenty songs, and never live. But I hate Burning Season because it's been pushed at me by Genius for like, a year now.

I explained in my last entry about buying songs on the anticipation I'll eventually like them, because I have no idea, it just works for me, along with songs I listen to and love the first time.

Songs I Loved on Acquisition

Before the Worst by script - this is because Breakeven ended up not being quite a writing song but really close and this one tipped over into it. Also does well with humming.

So Long, Stereoside - this one embarrasses me. I had them blacklisted because of a somewhat racist, misogynistic, homophobic (trifecta) song but while staring at Genius hatefully, I played this one and loved it. After downloading, I went to look at their album. Cue wtf. I do like the song. I just wish I hadn't given them like, my money.

(I'm not actually usually that ethical in my music or like, that much being able to pay attention. For some reason, that one song bothered me hugely. Stupid song.)

Desperately Wanting, Better than Ezra - they, like Gin Blossoms and Counting Crows and Wallflowers fall into what I call my Continuum of Good Enough. The problem is, the Continuum of Good Enough (music I can listen to within my general musical taste; I never really cared about music in an active way until the advent of the mp3 because I hated buying CDs for one damn song) stopped actually working like, three years ago with a Toad the Wet Sprocket acquisition that burned out my ability to get in touch with my inner post-grunge, and anyone with even a vague resemblance gets a suspicious look. However, Ezra had one song I liked. And I so do.

Come on Get Higher, Matt Nathanson - I just love the rhythm on this one. In this category, add The Middle, Jimmy Eat World and Give a Little Bit, The Goo Goo Dolls. I run these three on repeat with She's So High, Kurt Nielsen, for the energy. And the easy to sing lyrics. Sometimes I throw in Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA for reasons that don't bear exploration except it's a really hilarious way to pass the time at work between builds.

Bound for the Floor, Local H - svmadelyn linked me to this one last night. The sound isn't the same as Your Decision, Alice in Chains, except maybe in genre technically, but this one is the one that hit me perfectly. Alice in Chains I like to listen to, but this one I put on repeat for like, hours. They also do an intriguing cover of Britney's Toxic. I don't know if I like it, but when it comes up on rotation, it does get my attention.

Forever, Vertical Horizon - I have such a soft spot for them--I wrote a lot of QaF fic to them, and they were the first song on the first MP3 player I ever had (not an iPod).

Recent Acquisitions That Are Not There Yet:

Hey Now, Augustana - I do like this one, but it's not quite in my head yet. Also, Sweet and Low and Stars and Boulevards. I can feel I will really like these soon.

The Script Album, Script - I was already two for two on them, so why not? Potentially The End Where I Begin as well. I'm still working on my appreciation of the others.

My current Continuum of Good Enough (songs I will at least like if not love, unless they are The Fray, which I love like ice cream and long lost coffee) is The Fray, The Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon (no idea why) and Coldplay. I'm irritated that OneRepublic seems to be in this family and yet I'm just not feeling their music, and Snow Patrol is so hit or miss it gets on my nerves.

OTOH, I am doing well not buying more Hinder, One Less Reason, Three Days Grace, or Placebo, because I was getting some seriously disturbing Genius recs from that little group.

So, anyone else acquire new music?
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