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airpsfic: indiscretion
children of dune - leto 1
And now for something completely different.

Title: Indiscretion
Author: Seperis
Codes: Adam/Kris
Rating: NC-17
Summary: They really aren't being careful.
Author Notes: The internet is for porn. And you know, other stuff. Mostly this was to break through a block on my other fic, which totally worked, so well done porn. Who knew it could heal writer's block? It's magic like that.
Warnings: none

airpsfic: indiscretionCollapse )



this has legit got to be the most incoherent any fic has ever rendered me. I was already super hot from the descriptions of that cell phone picture and Kristopher Walking Porn Allen himself and then you went and delivered that at the end?!

aksdlfjpiwe;slfnghwtj;eirj you are BRILLIANT.

*grins* Thanks very, very much!

The best thing about this is when Kris walks in. He makes a pornographic picture, but you can just feel the time slow down to that hazy sated pre-coffee sleepiness and warm soft skin.

This is so powerfully understated and beautiful. And so much love for Brad! Excellent story, will read again and again.

(Deleted comment)
*grins* Thanks very much!

HOLY FUCK. Thanks for pushing all my buttons with this!

HOT ! And Kris is so adorable ! Thank you <3333

[recs] seven kradam favorites

User maerhys47 referenced to your post from [recs] seven kradam favorites saying: [...] Then there is schmoop.
read this. I am the last person to read this fic but I was waiting for the right time to savor it. -nods sagely- It's a situational fic, and a situation that I quite like when it's done well, and this Audra so it's done insanely well. She says it gets schmoopy but I read it more as tender. Love this one quite a lot.

title. Blind Date I & Blind Date II
rating. NC-17
words. 14,500 combined
summary. Kris was not a fan of blind dates. The morning after.
read this. I'd read Spike's grocery list so even though I was not interested in AU when I initially read this, it quickly became a favorite and when she posted the sequel, I stopped working to read it. I hesitate to call it a PWP even though the porn is burning hot, but the emotional connectional forged over less than 24 hours is what really pulled me in.

title. i got places you can lay your head
author. @
rating. NC-17
words. 16,446
summary. In which Kris runs away, and Adam chases after him. Eventually.
read this. This is the fic I wanted but didn't know that I wanted. I cannot say GO READ this enough without screaming and linking in all caps. It's angst but it's angst with payoff, and it's not the typical post-divorce fic wherein Adam has been pining for Kris and they're off to a quick HEA. This fic is solid gold and it will be in my top 10 Kradam favorites no matter what else I read. Note: includes minor Kris/OMC.

title. Indiscretion [...]

This is one of the things I was looking for. :D

Still one of my favorites-you do d/s well and make me want to shake my monitor for MORE, DAMMIT! lol

I was thinking...with just a teeny bit of tweaking in the beginning, this could fit right in with the "not a statement" verse. Adam's a tad toppy and possessive in that one, too. Kris in a collar? ~Always the right answer!

I'm pretty sure my brain chemistry was permanently altered by this.

Kris walking into the kitchen really would have been more than enough. But you just kept giving, and giving, and giving. Unspeakably, delectably, impossibly hot.


This fic makes me boneless.