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meta rec: It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny

Up at Unfunny Business:

It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny

I'm doing this as a meta link and non-flocked, not only because it's at UFB, but because I don't think by any definition this is simply a fanwank. I've been reading this since--er, pretty much since I got home this afternoon from the zoo and I'll be honest; this isn't just a single fandom-specific issue, it's one that I think affects pretty much all of fandom.

Originally posted to Wank Report here.

Then when you're done, read This is bri, from silly to pissed off in 30 seconds flat by brihana25, who possibly has written one of the most eloquent posts on the subject I've read. I'm going to say this is a must-read as well; this is brilliant, and she's brilliant for writing it.

FWIW, at least to me, the con-comm's actions here are incredibly reassuring to me as someone who goes to cons, as a fangirl, and as a woman. So personally, thank you.

I'm going to quote [personal profile] morgandawn's post on this, originally posted here:
As brihana25 put it...."I refuse to let internet fandom change the values that I hold in the real world.."

If you or someone you bring to one of my events (public or private) causes a woman to feel uncomfortable or threatened, you will not be invited again. Nor will I stand quietly by and allow people, however well meaning, blame those who complained or imply that they are whores, sluts or liars. If it is my party, it is my judgment call, right or wrong. Blaming the people who filed the complaint only creates a culture that silences and shames victims. So when it comes to the safety of women, I would rather act than do nothing. And that's my line in the sand.

Go read now.

ETA: All of journalfen is being very robust. Like, really robust.


It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny at DW. Go!

ETA the Last, Please

This thread is frozen and anyone wanting to practice Rape Culture 101 fail needs to do it somewhere else; not like RL and the rest of the internet aren't there for you, so I feel comfortable practicing sanity here. I apologize to anyone who had to read that and were forced to respond; it's not an excuse, but I didn't watch these threads nearly as carefully as I should have and I'm sorry anyone had to deal with that in my LJ. Thank you for responding. You didn't have to be polite; in the future, feel free to flame if I am not there fast enough and make it a party.

Next person to fail rape culture goes to insta-ban. Just so we're all clear.

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