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meta rec: It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny
children of dune - leto 1
Up at Unfunny Business:

It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny

I'm doing this as a meta link and non-flocked, not only because it's at UFB, but because I don't think by any definition this is simply a fanwank. I've been reading this since--er, pretty much since I got home this afternoon from the zoo and I'll be honest; this isn't just a single fandom-specific issue, it's one that I think affects pretty much all of fandom.

Originally posted to Wank Report here.

Then when you're done, read This is bri, from silly to pissed off in 30 seconds flat by brihana25, who possibly has written one of the most eloquent posts on the subject I've read. I'm going to say this is a must-read as well; this is brilliant, and she's brilliant for writing it.

FWIW, at least to me, the con-comm's actions here are incredibly reassuring to me as someone who goes to cons, as a fangirl, and as a woman. So personally, thank you.

I'm going to quote [personal profile] morgandawn's post on this, originally posted here:
As brihana25 put it...."I refuse to let internet fandom change the values that I hold in the real world.."

If you or someone you bring to one of my events (public or private) causes a woman to feel uncomfortable or threatened, you will not be invited again. Nor will I stand quietly by and allow people, however well meaning, blame those who complained or imply that they are whores, sluts or liars. If it is my party, it is my judgment call, right or wrong. Blaming the people who filed the complaint only creates a culture that silences and shames victims. So when it comes to the safety of women, I would rather act than do nothing. And that's my line in the sand.

Go read now.

ETA: All of journalfen is being very robust. Like, really robust.


It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny at DW. Go!

ETA the Last, Please

This thread is frozen and anyone wanting to practice Rape Culture 101 fail needs to do it somewhere else; not like RL and the rest of the internet aren't there for you, so I feel comfortable practicing sanity here. I apologize to anyone who had to read that and were forced to respond; it's not an excuse, but I didn't watch these threads nearly as carefully as I should have and I'm sorry anyone had to deal with that in my LJ. Thank you for responding. You didn't have to be polite; in the future, feel free to flame if I am not there fast enough and make it a party.

Next person to fail rape culture goes to insta-ban. Just so we're all clear.

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Go read now.

I was. But journalfen is now down for maintenance or something? Ugh, this is like reading the newspaper and suddenly the lights go out and there's no flashlight in your home.

*dies* I know! I am staring at refresh resentfully right now.

Incidentally, the journalfen links don't appear to be working right now. The censorship, it are happening.

All of JF crashed. I think everyone watching UFB and Wank report all ran the second it was posted.


The first two links are blank: both journalfen links are either locked or experiencing technical difficulties.

Just added an ETA for journalfen; the whole site is being very robust. I think everyone following this ran to that entry the second it was posted.

Journalfen has picked this moment to crash. Hilarity.

It's like Unfunny Yuletide!

JF is back up.

And in case anyone comes wandering in here:

Aside from everything else, guilt, innocence, what the fuck ever.

A convention is a private event and they have the right to not admit anyone they want to and they don't have to tell you a damn thing why. Anything more than "you're not allowed to come" is a courtesy. As long as it's obvious their judgments are not based on prejudice of some sort, no one owes you a god damned thing. ConComms are responsible for the experience of ALL congoers and the viability of the con itself.

As for the notion of 'proof or it didn't happen', do you really need to be told via police report when something is unacceptable? Is a police report really the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE? If that's your line in the sand, go find another sandbox, you're not welcome in mine.

God, this. So freaking much.

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for boosting this signal.

My understanding is that the fen who felt unsafe at WinCon 2008 made private, quiet accusations to the WinCon organizers, who sent a private, quiet refusal to the woman in question. The whole thing would have stayed private and quiet, but blew up because she posted a bunch of rants on her LJ. There are a lot of people on her FList making a lot of noise in her support -- a bunch of people who are relatively BNFs in SPN fandom. I'm grateful that you're using your voice (and your gigantic panfandom FList, lol) to make noise on the right side of this issue. I guess that sounds pretty mercenary, but still.

I've respected you for a really long time, since your early Smallville-writing days, first for the awesomeness of your writing and then, once I got grew up some and expanded my own horizons, the quality of your meta. Thanks for continuing to be terrific.

I have seriously vaguely been trying to think of a response that isn't "wait, I do what?", but I'm glad posting did get this spread around more to everyone; as it opened up, it turned out to be so much more important than just a fannish wank.

And I'm so glad you decided to post on the topic as well; I didn't get a chance to answer it yet, but it was such an informative post, especially in relation to feeling safe at cons. Thanks very much for adding your voice.

Thank you for bringing this to people's attention.

I've been meaning to say on one of your previous infotastic posts how much I enjoy them, read through them and recommend them to other people, and I just keep forgetting, or putting it off because I don't have anything original to add. This, though, this really required a thank-you.

well, i'm glad to see that everyone that i know is considerate, sane, and intelligent is on the right side of this...debate? i have nothing intelligent to add to this myself, but i am glad that you posted the unfunny_business link because i had NO idea what was going on here. god, why are people so stupid? sparkymonster said it best...don't fuck drunk(s).

I have been boggling at and disgusted by this woman's behaviour all day. Thank you for spreading the word and keeping on top of info and links; this is one of those instances where it's incredibly important to know how awful some people can be, even if that knowledge does shred the soul.

Oh, wow, I've read enough by now to see how terribly fucked up this is. I can't even believe that the person accused of at a minimum making people very uncomfortable, is pulling directly from the punchcard of crappy responses. WTF "the police didn't file a report so nothing bad obviously happened"?!?!?!! Yeah, no. Many, many behaviors are actionable that don't involve a *crime*, not to mention just unsavory even if not actionable in court, but frankly the accounts of people's way being blocked and being coerced into coming into that room sound like they *might* support criminal charges, yikes.

Maybe it all never happened (but I doubt that from what I've read and given the fact the accused admits to being totally drunk :( ), but the idea of someone trying to bully and silence people who say they felt uncomfortable just makes me rage. This -- fandom -- is supposed to be a safer space, a place people at a minimum are *heard*. Obviously, it's important for people accused of things to be heard as well, but since this person managed to shut down opposing voices and broadcast her views all over the fandom, I'd say she's doing okay in that department.

Thank you for broadcasting this.

I'm here to say thank you again.

Not involved in that fandom at all, but I read through all the links and I'm grateful to you for calling attention to this in a sane way. The incredible amount of victim-blaming and derailing going on in the midst of this discussion is disappointing and deserves to be called out for what it is.

I'm so creeped out by this.

Thank you for posting this.

If someone put her into a situation where she felt unsafe, she's be the first person out there howling for blood.

And then she dragged something that was handled very quietly, out into a very public uproar because this is the way she wants to play so it must be all good and anyone who objects must be just wrong. And they're picking on her besides. Um, yeah. The sense of clueless entitlement she's displaying here just leaves me speachless.

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