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i'm just saying, it's odd

So I want to check this one:

A coworker of mine in her mid-forties has been emailing back and forth with a guy who seemed okay, but kind of went weird near the end. After she decided he was--weird--she showed me his emails.

Claim: in his forties/fifties, living with his mother--and uses lolspeech and netspeak natively in his email along with multiple exclamation point use and lack of capital letters BUT no regular textspeech or l33t that isn't in common use. It didn't read normal for two people getting to know each other via email, but it read very normal for chat.

I just don't see this as a likely combination. The funny thing is, I'd glanced at earlier email, but it wasn't until the last one that it hit me why it kept feeling off about his language. Which may mean I have been reading online way too long. I'm also worrying I spent several seconds trying to remember what dialect IDEK represents and kind of like, hate myself. Net dialects == new field of study? Would the chans be considered the purest form?

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