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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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plagiarism - okay, this is just sad
From [personal profile] musesfool here, kittystrife is wholesale reposting and taking credit for episode reviews, meta, and--in a weird turn of events--personal posts. I'm going to go on a limb and assume her loyal commenter is maybe like, not a person herself.

Also posted to Fandom Wank, so toddle there for more details. And boggling. Apparently she like, edited Aja's post for profanity before posting it? *frowns* The ways of the wild plagiarist are unknown to me.

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It's just *weird*. Like, WHAT IS THE POINT? Also LOLarious to me, her LJ is linked to a real-looking facebook account. Like... WTF.

Kids these days with their inability to distinguish fantasy from reality--or like, write their own posts.

I don't know, but the user name is giving me vague X-Men wonderings.

Oh wow, that was an image I didn't need, thank you.

(Deleted comment)
There also was a chick in the house fandom who pretended to need a cane herself.

And somebody in the Prison Break fandom who told stories like a dark-haired lawyer named Veronica (like one of the main characters) worked at her firm and she talked about having had threesomes JUST when OT3 fic was popular. Later, when Perez blogged about Wentworth Miller being gay, she claimed she knew somebody at Fox Australia who had inside scoop on Wentworth's sexuality. I got trolled by her once...man, I need to find that LOLtastic post.

Wow. How very "Lessons in Fail".

I am still loving her long comment-converstion with her sockpuppet. That's adorable.

Looks like it didn't take her long to slink away once she was caught out.

Although, I have to say, stealing a meta on plagiarism and claiming it as your own, pretty much has to be the height of irony.

*shakes head*

God, I didn't even think of that bit. *giggling* Yes, yes it is.

That is so bizarre. It reminds me of the time I found a blogspot entry that looked liked someone had run my merlin recs post through a translator into some other language and then back to English. Like, all the same links, with the same descriptions, only the grammar was terrible and weird. It was like I had stepped through a funhouse mirror into crazyland. Some people. I just... why? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

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