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this is how you know what beauty is--no, not euler's number, not this time

In the tech world, porn quietly leads the way
One of the world's biggest porn companies claimed it had created a way to stream its videos onto the device, skipping the Apple store and its restrictions on salacious content.

The announcement illustrates a widely acknowledged but seldom-spoken truth of the technology world: Whenever there's a new content platform, the adult-entertainment industry is one of the first to adopt it -- if they didn't help create it in the first place.

Raise your hand--who didn't know this as an absolute statement of fact? Leaving aside sexism and the questionable culture of some or most porn companies--there's not much that gives me hope for humanity as the fact that if you build it, they will make porn that can run on it. It's an expression of our humanity, like the joy that is seeing people blow up shit and being uncomfortably turned on by linear algebra--wait, maybe that's just me?--porn always finds a way.
In effect, he's saying it's like an iTunes for porn -- an online service that lets users buy and access a personal collection of adult videos via their iPads. Of course, the slate computer's browser can already be used to surf the internet for adult content.

That is a beautiful statement right there.

Weirdly appropriate with a touchscreen, doncha think?

[Yes, I wrote porn last night. *stretches* I feel better. How about you?]

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