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get out of my undewear drawer now
children of dune - leto 1
For those with Facebooks that haven't seen the new and improved personalization Facebook has started and opted everyone into, please go here for the explanation and a step by step on how to opt-out if you're not into that sort of thing.

...at some point, I am going to snap and rant about the fact that 'this is the internet' holds water just as much as 'boys will be boys' and 'that's the way things are'. Just not today. This is the internet. I'm going to write porn now. As God intended.

ETA: How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook. That was was lowering. I thought I'd reset all of mine, and here I am proved wrong.

If you're not sure you got everything, read it. I went methodically every damn page and I still missed a page.

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And there's all the reason I needed to finally delete my facebook account.

I'm going to write porn now. As God intended.

I just about snorted tea up my nose. Thanks for that. :P

Thanks for posting this. One day, Facebook will stop being wankers with this stuff...

You know, as much as I whine about LJ, it still amazes me at how much more control I have over my fannish online social networking than I do over my "RL" profile. I joined facebook out of peer pressure, and now that the craze seems to be dying down, I'm almost to the point of just deleting it...

Fuck it. I've deleted my damned Facebook account. Hated it anyways.

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Edited at 2010-05-04 12:27 am (UTC)

“If your web site has to have an option to turn something off, just leave it off.”


Of, FFS Facebook. I already hated you, this is just STUPID now.

I'm about ten seconds away from just deleting altogether. ARGH.

Thanks for the info and the linkage, I shall make good use.

Thanks. I posted both links on my facebook. I wish I could delete my profile but it seems to be the only way to keep in contact with my younger cousins. Le sigh.

Thank you kindly for the links! Went through and found a ton of crap that I did not know was there. Would get rid of FB all together, but E's family in Colombia use it to send us messages and such all the time. Got two of them to Skype instead, but not everyone's there yet.

Have always hated the "boys will be boys" reasoning. Then again, way back when my mother had a home day care, the mother of a particularly obnoxious boy tried that after he decided he was a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle and kicked the radiator cover, making it loose, making it fall over and block a door after he left the room, trapping two babies in cribs inside. My mother replied they did not need to be such in her house and dropped the family from her care.

This makes me so glad I never authorized any applications to begin with. When the "connections" thing first showed up, I went through and deleted all my interests/movies/music/etc, but I still had to uncheck them to prevent the connection monster from metastasizing. Arrrrrgh.

If FB wasn't the only way I kept up with some family members, I'd be totally gone. As it is, the only content on there is my real name Tumblr account and some photos from Flickr.

I hope they show a huge dropoff in users after this nonsense.

Thanks for this. I wouldn't even have known about it if you and a couple of other people on my f-list hadn't written about it.

Oh my god THANK YOU. I logged in yesterday for the first time in weeks and it made me do the pages thing and informed me those links were all public, and I could not figure out how to get past it. THANK YOU.

Icon ::points:: I had considered a Facebook account, mostly because a bunch of people I know are on it, but after this? Mm, no.

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