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meta link: the ghost in the room by syne

meta: the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word by [personal profile] synecdochic - regarding women, modesty, the imposter system, and being, you know, awesome and knowing it.

Okay, normally, I wouldn't caveat for like, "do you want your day to possibly start to suck", but I'm warning for reading two of the posts syne links to for context may kind of make your day suck, because let me tell you, I don't do well with unsettlingly pointed thoughts about how if you are really awesome, you a.) would be acknowledged for it by like, magic and stuff and b.) you shouldn't like, want to be acknowledged or something? The posts are marked so as not to stumble unknowingly. I totally own I realized what I was going to read so yes, that was my fault, but I seriously, seriously didn't get my first instinct was to wonder, and this is not the first time, is there anything on this planet about ourselves that women aren't supposed to erase. My second was to like, act crazy. My third was to read syne's post and see if that made me feel better. I think it will. Just not right now.

There's only so many ways you can use a short skirt analogy without it becoming tired and better used for the humor value, but seriously, my accomplishments now have too short a skirt and need to be a bit more modest? I mean, think about this one; we are like, three thousand something years from the apocrypha that the best reputation a woman can have is that no one knows she exists (paraphrased).

Tell me someone else is having a better day? Seriously, lie to me while I run get a Pepsi and ponder the ways of the universe. I blame the lack of coffee; I was never this unsettled when my caffeine came in brewed form.

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