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stop me if you've heard this one already

So right, it's been a couple of weeks since homophobic school administrators in Mississippi were dicks to a lesbian student, and I think they were feeling like, you know, worried people might not remember that there are people that live in that state that are assholes? But how, they asked themselves, mystified, can we top those bastions of homophobic light that fucked up the senior prom for Constance McMillen? That's a level of pettiness that can't easily be reached, but by God and every badly misinterpreted Bible quote, they will find a way, and it will be mindbogglingly stupid.

There's the senior yearbook! It's like, genius. Or something.

School Cuts Gay Student From Yearbook. Contact information can be found here.

Okay,, I'm not even going to try on this one.

Dear assholes,

You'll never regret this. You will never see what you did was petty, stupid, and wrong on levels usually reserved for third grade girls and being excluded from a slumberparty. So, stick to those principles! Be loud about it and proudly refuse to back down an inch. You know, in court.

Have fun with that.


Change is generational, or so I have read; it sounds logical and very sociological and academic and you know, who am I to argue a principle that was probably expounded on by someone with a PhD about how it's inevitable people are like this and this is how it will always be? Everything's eventual, the mills of the gods grind slowly, be patient because society as a whole is moving forward, slowly, and the individual has to face the potential of being a casualty.

Change is generational is academic for "wait for people to die" because the assumption is there is no other way, and I'm pretty sure there are statistics to back this up and therefore it must be true.

To codify, to embrace, the idea that it's easier to die than change says a lot, and none of it comforting, about how little potential we see in ourselves, how rigid we think we are, trapped in some kind of evolutionary psychology/sociological hell where progress is dependent on those who know perfectly well that all they have to do is be loud enough, rigid enough, difficult enough that they can hold up movement simply by standing still, because the casualties will never be their own.

I'm just saying, instead of waiting for them to drop in their tracks? Let's just move them out of the way. We'll get where we should be going a fuckload faster. Slavery ended because a civil war was preferable to waiting another century for society to catch up; ninety years ago, women got the right to vote after an epic and desperate effort by suffrage advocates to force through a goddamn Constitutional amendment because the slow way had sacrificed most of the women of Seneca Falls who died before they could claim to be owned by no one but themselves; less than sixty years ago, social revolution ripped through our country to bring about civil rights because in the hundred years since the end of slavery, we lost generations of men and women to poverty, inequality, and murder and not one more, not one should have to deal with that; do not tell me change is generational. Change is what happens when we stop waiting. We've had too many generations of casualties already; no one, no one should have it demanded of them to be a sacrifice to the idea the only way is to move slowly and they may be left behind.

The thing is, none of those are done; we're still fighting those battles, too, sacrifices to the altar of patience because things will change, just not yet.

It's just a yearbook, it's just a prom, it's just a word, it's just a job, it's just a school, it's just a difference in salary, it's not important, why are you making such a big deal about this, it's just amazon restricting GLBT books, it's just a con thing where you wear a button if you don't want your tits groped, it's just a novel that erases an entire people, it's just some guys exploiting women's sexuality in a survey, it's just a pronoun he/she/it why is that offensive, why are you upset, it's just a tv show, it's just a movie that's just fantasy, it's ironic, you're a credit to your..., stop whining and wait, things will change be patient, be patient, be patient, it's not a big deal. It's just, you know. Your life. Get used to it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this generational thing? Is this supposed to be like, working? I'm just curious, is all.

So yeah. I'd like the luxury of preaching patience; it's so easy when you don't have anything to lose.

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