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shitty sheep, roman tyrants, and goldman sachs is totes not spartacus here

Link from tzikeh: Goldman Sachs Senate hearing: live blog by Richard Adams.

This may be the greatest liveblogging of anything ever.
"You knew it was a shitty deal and you didn't tell your clients," Levin tells Sparks. "Does that bother you at all?" Sparks goes down the Reagan route in his defence: "I don't recall," he says.

Oh wow, this is delicious. I wish I could keep up with Levin here, who is greatly enjoying repeating the phrase "shitty deal".

Daniel Sparks is currently wishing he'd done medicine like his parents wanted him to. But oh no, he had to be clever and go work on Wall Street.

Watching people in a room leafing through bits of paper not exactly the most riveting TV in history since Frost-Nixon interview or Nick Clegg's last debate.

"Were you approached by Graywolf?" asks McCaskill, sounding like she's reading lines from an upcoming X-Men movie staring Hugh Jackman's father.

Otherwise, this is getting repetitive. Who's next? Mark Pryor, Democratic senator from Arkansas, who pokes Sparks again over the bank's responsibility to inform its clients about the bank's trading activities. But compared with Levin's bite, this is like being savaged by a dead sheep. In this case, a not very bright dead sheep.

Kinda in love with Levin, for the record.

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