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very odd request
children of dune - leto 1
Hmm. How do I put this.

Okay, my sister has this crushish thing on Prince William. No, I have no idea when this happened, but there we go. Anyway, apparently, there are stamps coming out commemorating his twenty-first birthday, or so I've been regaled with several times today.

Can anyone tell me when they do and where to get them and a ballpark on cost?

Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated muchly.

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All the info should be on the Royal Mail stamp page

William is getting Windsor-ish. He started off Spenser-y, which was okay, but the Windsor in him is becoming more and more apparent. Watch the ears, baby - the ears are the big giveaway,

I checked - they were released in June.

*snickers* Those ears...

Thanks SO much. *hugs* Man, that was fast.

Hey, that's what us librarians are for! We know nearly everything and we can find out the rest.

Didja hear about the dik-dik incident recently? I'm like, oh yay, the future of my monarchy likes to stalk antelope the size of Jack Russell terriers and kill them with six foot spears. That's charming.

The dik-dik thingy was so nasty. Tell you what, having an elected President like we have in Ireland might be boring, but at least it's cheap and you can get rid of 'em every seven years. Also, they tend not to be stupid, bloodthirsty and inbred with wierd, sticky-outy ears. Monarchs belong in history books. I don't know one British person who doesn't think the Royal Family is a monumental waste of space, so who exactly is in favour of them?

Well, my Granny's a British person, and she approves of the monarchy in principle. But she's also ninety years old next Tuesday. The reason she disapproves of Prince WIlliam? Not because of his morals, or his interest in blood sports, or even his ears. Because she thinks he looks German.

And granted, I haven't got a lot of sympathy for the monarchy, which I think is a bit of an anachronism, but it does occur to me that he can't actually *help* looking German.

LOL! My Welsh brother-in-law is like that when he gets on his anti-Prince of Wales rant.
"It's not like he's Welsh, or even British - he's bloody German!"

I'm going to Germany next week, actually, where even Germans are mystified as to the appeal of the Royal family.

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