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So this weekend, while at Central Market, I bravely walked up to the nice people in bulk foods and told them to point me at the lowest possible acid coffee, because okay, I am not saying I might snap and destroy worlds here if I don't get coffee--I am saying I will destroy solar systems a la Rodney McKay. After extensive reading and buying two kinds of medication, I am going to cold brew and live in hope, because I love tea and orange juice and chocolate milk, but it is but a candle to the Alexandrian lighthouse of coffee.

They pointed me at Jamaican Blue Mountain. In the rows and rows and rows of coffee, the only one they could recommend was the a.) most expensive and b.) the only coffee on earth that I kind of hate. I mean, as much as one can hate one's soulmate and Alexandrian lighthouse.

But! You'll be shocked to know that suddenly it's not hated; it may be my only hope and by definition that makes it my favorite ever, provided this works. Also, they found me a Blue Mountain blend that was easier on my bank account. I also found an organic sumatran that came highly recommended on some websites for being very mild and I've tried that one before and it's really good.

Please please please let this work. I feel really uncomfortable how many times I sneak into the kitchen to clutch the beans to my chest, open the bag, and smell them.

Other Stuff

In other food news, after some reading, I'm going to try to rearrange the foods that are giving me problems and see if cutting down the number of times I have them would let me keep them, because bacon, seriously. Bacon.

Will have new Wii game reviews this week. By that, I mean, squee.

Today in Lowered Expectations

Today in Lowered Expectations (Screw the stars! Aim for that slight rise of land nearby!): I will not throw my orange juice at anyone just because it is not coffee. I reserve the right to throw it, however, if I'm doing it because they annoy me.

It's good to keep one's expectations realistic.

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