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new comm rec: disabled_rage
children of dune - leto 1
Comm rec, found on my dwlist posted by [profile] hillarytamar, which some people on my flist and dwlist might be interested in and might not have seen yet:

[community profile] disabled_rage, moderated by [profile] hillarytamar. I'm going to paste part of the bio directly:
This is a community for all of us with disabilities to rage about the overwhelming ableist bullshit in the world around us. It's a place to vent our anger and frustration with the inaccessibility, the condescension, the ignorance, the mistreatment – in short, the rage-making things we're forced to fight every day.

This is a rage community. We like anger. We think it's healthy and happy to be angry. Rage is most effective when it stays more or less on target, though, and to that end, the comm has a few guidelines:....

Introductory post is here.

Membership is open to people with disabilities and non-disabled allies both. Comm profile has guidelines posted. Also on the profile is a list of five related communities that may also be of interest.

...yes, I am catching up on my flist, my dwlist, and I cleaned my room. Um. Some. And bagged an entire bag of clothes for donation. And have new underwear! Okay, TMI. This may be a frequent posting week.

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I'm not disabled myself but what a great idea for a comm!! Am loving it already. Also, am curious to see if, unbeknownst to myself, I have perpetrated any 'ableist' bullshit (and alas, I don't even know what the word ableist means, exactly...*headdesk*).

Seconded on the ableist thing. What is it?

Able+ist (as in sexist, racist, etc.). Discrimination against people with disabilities, basically. :)

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