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rec - the identical series by lanning

Randomly, because I'm having trouble sleeping:

So I was chatting with the awesome that is girlnamedpixley and was thinking of fics that are the equivalent of hydrogen-bomb-grade chocolate--everything in the universe can go wrong and this fic makes it right. Except it's totes not a fic, it's a series. SO I gave her this one and tried to get a blood oath that she'd read it.

Identical Series by [personal profile] lanning, Smallville, Clark/Lex, plus everyone.

It's currently eleven stories, with the eleventh in progress, over 240K total wordcount so far, and without caveat, the most ambitious, epic, romantic, action-adventurey set of short stories, novellas, and novels I have ever read. It defines great OCs, complicated and fascinating plots, a massive host of characters both canon and not, a strong use of an ensemble cast, and takes the potential of first and second season Smallville and runs with it.

It's a story about kind of everything, and basically, if you never read or watched Smallville, you're fine, trust me when I say, Lanning will make it redundant to know it, but this is what you need going in.

Once upon a time, two boys met on a riverbank and changed each others' lives.

That's how it started. Lanning will take it from there.

I totally own I rec like I'm having a religious experience, but I've always found God in reading, so this is not exactly a surprise. I love this fic for every reason I love fanfic and every reason I love profic; it's rich and sweeping and beautiful and epic, about family and faith and love and sacrifices made for those things that are worth the price paid for them, about stumbling hard and falling down and still getting back up--because someone is there to help you get up. It's beautiful and breaks my heart and is my happy ending, always. And it's still in progress.

Each part is complete in itself, and if you've never read Smallville in your life, this one is the one you should break that habit for.

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