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rec - the identical series by lanning
children of dune - leto 1
Randomly, because I'm having trouble sleeping:

So I was chatting with the awesome that is girlnamedpixley and was thinking of fics that are the equivalent of hydrogen-bomb-grade chocolate--everything in the universe can go wrong and this fic makes it right. Except it's totes not a fic, it's a series. SO I gave her this one and tried to get a blood oath that she'd read it.

Identical Series by [personal profile] lanning, Smallville, Clark/Lex, plus everyone.

It's currently eleven stories, with the eleventh in progress, over 240K total wordcount so far, and without caveat, the most ambitious, epic, romantic, action-adventurey set of short stories, novellas, and novels I have ever read. It defines great OCs, complicated and fascinating plots, a massive host of characters both canon and not, a strong use of an ensemble cast, and takes the potential of first and second season Smallville and runs with it.

It's a story about kind of everything, and basically, if you never read or watched Smallville, you're fine, trust me when I say, Lanning will make it redundant to know it, but this is what you need going in.

Once upon a time, two boys met on a riverbank and changed each others' lives.

That's how it started. Lanning will take it from there.

I totally own I rec like I'm having a religious experience, but I've always found God in reading, so this is not exactly a surprise. I love this fic for every reason I love fanfic and every reason I love profic; it's rich and sweeping and beautiful and epic, about family and faith and love and sacrifices made for those things that are worth the price paid for them, about stumbling hard and falling down and still getting back up--because someone is there to help you get up. It's beautiful and breaks my heart and is my happy ending, always. And it's still in progress.

Each part is complete in itself, and if you've never read Smallville in your life, this one is the one you should break that habit for.

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She's written more of this series?!?! I thought she'd stopped it as an unfinished wip? Thank you for pointing that out. And also, oh, so this means I'm not getting any sleep tonight. That is what sugar is for...

I think I may need to ask her if she has a single file version of this story. :) 240k words...

Her Highlander fic Sacred Trust is one of my all time favorite fics: http://lanning.slashdom.net/
She's an amazing author.

I've been curious about Smallville for a while now, so I might just read that one. Thank you for the rec.

(If you're still having trouble sleeping, you should check this out if you haven't already: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/04/18/kris-allen-shirtless/all-comments/#comments)

OMG OMG THERE IS A WHOLE PART TO THAT FIC THAT I DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT. :D You have made me so happy. Seriously. *dashes off to read* *even though it is late* *who cares about sleep* XD

(icon used only because it has Lex in)

gah. OMG.

Truly it would be a black shame you would take to your grave if you did not read this fic.

Oh how I love this series. It's truly epic <3 Thank you for pointing it out, I didn't realize she was still writing in the universe!

And this is why I investigate your recs even if I've never touched the fandom - you rec like you're having a religious experience, and I run right over because it's gonna be just that good.

I hope you enjoy it! It's one of my favorites to re-read and enjoy.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, hey, look, there's an 11th part! I didn't know that! *runs to read*

HOLY CRAP, this is one of my favorite fics of all time, and I had no clue there was a Part 11, since it's not on her slashdom.net. Thank you! This is awesome.

This is still the only fic I have ever printed out so that I could make sure I always have it with me. ;-)

I totally agree. That's one fic that I only reread when I have the time to put into it - I hate stopping midway!

It's funny; I stopped watching Smallville back in Season 2 but my folder of saved Clex fics are still staple comfort reading. Especially Somewhere I Have Never Traveled. But not the sequels. Because they stomped on my heart, and so now they don't exist :).

I was going to leave a comment saying, "OMG thank you for the rec, I'm halfway through part one and it's already amazing," but I got too caught up in reading so now I have to say, "OMG thank for the rec, I'm halfway through part eight and it's still amazing."


Does anyone have a link to a Smallville primer? I've never seen the show (and I'm too deep in the middle of SGA and Fascape to add another show atm) but I am interested in reading the fic.

Thanks for the rec!

My gosh, it's still going? I remembering burning through that in something like 2002.

I adore this story, all parts. I read it early, and I read it often. Everything you say about it is true! I need to go back and re-read, because I often think of it. IIRC, there was a Smallville ep that actually copied the fic!

I have to put in a recommendation for Lanning's Being an Anchor, a Sports Night story, and her Sentinal stuff, and pretty much everything she's ever written!

oh holy shit i thought she's abandoned that. THANK YOU OMG.

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