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cages seriously?

You will probably want context for this--I would too! But this is my life, and it's not like the three help_haiti fic aren't officially each a novella unless I can manage to cut them down, dear God.

I apologize to my recipients, but if it's any consolation, it's like, an extra 10K a month I'm late at this point, and it could end up with built-in sequels. You gave me really good prompts, and let me say, I didn't expect to love them this much.

seperis: Why do you want cages?
seperis: Just, give me a reason.
svmadelyn: *sits up*
svmadelyn: see, right there, you're wrong.
svmadelyn: you're wrong on the internets.
svmadelyn: presuming that there's a *reason.*
svmadelyn: it should be self-explanatory.
svmadelyn: it should stand on its own.
svmadelyn: it shouldn't need explanation.
svmadelyn: it should be like that thing in Russia with the unexplainable thing.
svmadelyn: or those lights in the Midwest.
svmadelyn: it just *is*.
seperis: It needs a reason.
seperis: Adam locking Kris in a cage needs a reason, okay?
svmadelyn: it does not.

For the rest, go here, and vote whether or not I should be writing a--IDEK what to call this? I really do not want to be known as the person who writes a sociopathic AU in every fandom I glance at casually, but I'm beginning to be unsettled by the fact I am in fact the person that does this. would I even structure this? AIRPS as a deathmatch? Literally?

For those who read this, you deserve something nice, ficness below cut, Adam/Kris, Adam/Kris/OC. Rated NC-17. This is part of something that may or may not end up on the cutting floor of the fic that will not end. Loosely affiliated with earlier ficlet in which Kris discusses his reflexes with Adam on a car at the beach.

It's nearly eleven when Kris gets a mostly-sober call from Adam to come over and play; a Friday night with Adam at home isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, especially when he's working, but that's because he's dead asleep in prep for a weekend of debauchery or something.

When he shows up, Adam's obviously been out, all slick leather and silver chain and makeup still flawless, lounging bonelessly in a lounger by the pool, and he's also not alone. Pushing the French doors open, Kris hesitates. "Hey."

The other guy, sitting at the edge of the pool, jeans rolled up to his knees and feet dangling in the cool water, looks up, smiling in unmistakable appreciation at the sight of Kris. Adam tilts his head back, smiling at Kris as he hesitantly crosses the patterned tile. "Hey, baby," Adam says, swinging his legs off the lounger and taking in Kris' flannel sleep pants and t-shirt. "Nice of you to dress up."

"If you call at eleven, you live with what you get," Kris says, sitting down on the end of the lounger and looking between Adam and the new guy. "What's up?"

Adam shrugs, eyes half-closed. "David's bored and won't go away," Adam answers. "Distract him for me?"

"Seriously?" Kris looks at David for sanity.

"Sort of," David says easily, pulling his legs out of the water. Grabbing a nearby chair, he pulls it over and sits down, water puddling around his feet. "I'm interning with 19E--"

"He's been following me around for a week," Adam says, dramatically cranky.

"--and was assigned to temp while Adam's PA is on vacation."

"You didn't have him doing laundry, did you?" Kris says suspiciously. "You know what Nina will say when she gets back."

Adam opens his eyes briefly. "So do not care."

"Dry cleaning," David answer gamely, grinning. Kris sighs, reaching back to smack Adam in the thigh. Adam whines half-heartedly. "I offered, promise. We have an early call--"

"Fucking eight am," Adam says bitterly. "I got the call an hour ago--"

"And you're being responsible, so came home to sulk before going to bed," Kris says, trying not to smile and failing. "Wow. I'm impressed."

Adam snorts, while David, snickering, gets up long enough to get Kris a beer. Smiling at him, Kris turns sideways on the lounger. "So how long have you been interning?" Kris asks, taking a drink as David begins to talk.

David is a grad student at USC, a musician (of course), but genuinely interested in all aspects of the industry. "Not really good enough myself," David says self-deprecatingly around the third beer. "But I'd like to represent them, you know?"

"And they gave you to Adam so you'd know what you'd be dealing with," Kris answers, feeling relaxed as he leans back against Adam's raised knee. "If you can handle him--"

"I'm right here," Adam says, tugging Kris' hair playfully. "You're drinking my beer."

David snorts; at some point when Kris wasn't looking, he'd moved to straddle the end of the lounger, and Kris realized he had one leg stretched over one jean-covered thigh that David had been stroking for a while now, hand now settled comfortably below his knee.

"There's more inside," Adam says as they finish the last of the beer. "Be a good intern and go get them."

David rolls his eyes but gets up gamely; Kris watches him go to the glass doors, then turns around, settling his chin against Adam's knee. "Tell me this is not what I think it is."

Adam smiles, slow and dark, but doesn't deny it, taking a final drink from the bottle before setting it down on the tile beside the chair.

"Seriously," Kris murmurs, looking toward the doors quickly, though the kitchen is on the other side of the house. "What the hell?"

"Welcome home?" Adam leans forward, flicking the end of Kris' nose with one blue fingernail. "I thought you'd like him."

"Delivery ass?" Kris shakes his head, smiling despite himself; only Adam. "You're kind of sick. I appreciate the thought?"

"You fucking better," Adam says, eyebrows raised. "This is where you say, thank you and tonight when you're screaming your adorable little head off, you think how amazing I am to let that go in the spirit of friendship."

"Did you--" Kris trails off, mouth dry at the sudden rush of heat as Adam's smile widens in rich satisfaction. "You know I don't--"

Adam cocks his head as Kris looks back at the doors, like he knows very well that rule was about to be broken, oh, and how, and in as many ways as Kris can think of before morning; Kris' libido just came back on with a vengeance. Adam reaches out, thumb skimming down his cheek, lingering on his mouth, and Kris shuts his eyes for a second. This is such a bad idea….

"I wanted your first back in LA to be special, so I did a test drive. He's very good at doing what he's told. Trust me." Adam smirks, leaning closer. "He didn't hang around here for me tonight. One look at you did the trick."

Kris nods dazedly, hurriedly turning around as the doors squeak open. Adam drops his feet back to the pavement, and for a second, Kris thinks he's going to leave, but instead, he reaches for the beer David gives him, one hand cupping Kris' hip as David straddles the bench and puts down the other two bottles. Before Kris realizes what David intends, warm hands cup his face and David's kissing him, slow and heavy and deep, no time to think. Shivering, Kris kisses back, one hand buried in dark hair, Adam's hand running soothingly up his side.

Oh, this is--Kris opens his mouth, David pushing him back, and abruptly, he can feel Adam against his back, thighs bracketing Kris' hips, and Kris head falls back against his shoulder, dark hair soft against his cheek. Kris brace a shaking hand on Adam's thigh, feeling himself start to shake as David cups his cock, moaning into the kiss, already so hard he can barely think.

Adam's hand slides under his shirt, rubbing soothing circles on his stomach, and Kris can feel the press of Adam's cock against his ass, hard and thick. David's mouth drops to his throat, giving him just enough air to breathe but not nearly enough to think, not really.

"You okay, baby?" Adam whispers against his ear, stroking a thumb along his chin. Turning his head, Kris tries to answer and fails with words, but the look on his face must be enough. Grinning, Adam kisses him lightly, working Kris' t-shirt up. David pulls back long enough for Adam to get it over his head and off, coming back to lick open Kris' mouth as Adam strokes his fingernails along the waist of Kris' pants in question.

When David draws back, Kris looks up at him, dazed. "Okay," he breathes to Adam's question, and apparently to David's too, because Adam's works down the soft flannel while David sucks even the memory of words from his mouth, and someone's hand pulls out his cock, stroking it slow and amazing. "God," Kris whispers. David grins, licking his lower lip before ducking his head, and Kris looks down to see Adam's hand wrapped around the base of his cock before David takes the head in his mouth.

"Fuck," Kris says, hips jerking up for more; Adam giggles against his ear, chin resting on Kris shoulder as they watch David sucking him off, eager and slow and kind of mindblowingly perfect. Adam moves his hand just in time for David to abruptly swallow around him, and Kris watches Adam settles his fingers in David's hair, rings glinting as he strokes, murmuring, "That's it, take it all," and Kris can't even breathe watching this, listening to Adam's voice, husky and calm and pleased.

The tight, hot mouth around his cock, Adam's hand drifting up his chest, stopping to twist each nipple aching and hard, then circling his throat loosely. Kris relaxes into the touch, tilting his head back further, breath coming in panting starts until Adam kisses him, giving him his tongue to suck, like he knows how much Kris needs something in his mouth right now.

Drawing back, Adam bites his lip once, mouthing up his cheek; before Kris can do more than whine, three fingers slide over his lip and Kris sucks them in, desperate, tasting the metal of Adams' rings against his tongue as he licks down to the knuckles, trying to get more. "Thought you'd like that," Adam breathes against his ear, rubbing slowly against Kris' back. "That's my boy, that mouth, so pretty--"

David's hands stroke along his thighs before pulling them open farther, sucking Kris like he never wants to stop. Dropping a hand in his hair, Kris feels himself tensing, the rush of heat condensing into something intense and heavy, and Adam moves his hand, reaching for Kris' free hand and biting his wrist. Kris' hips jerk up involuntarily, but David just takes it, easy, easy, and God, he's going to, going to--

"Don't come," Adam whispers against his ear, and Kris gasps around Adam's fingers, sucking harder. "Not until I tell you to. You think you can do that?"

Kris whimpers--he's so close--but Adam reaches down, fingers buried in David's hair and pulling sharply. Coming up, David looks at them, mouth wet and red and swollen, eyes glazed over, but waiting. Kris whimpers again when Adam pulls his fingers free, trailing them down Kris' chest, and Kris watches David lean forward, sucking them into his mouth. "Oh God," Kris breathes, cock wet and chilled in the night air, unable to even move enough to rub against something. "Please--"

Adam pull his hand free, petting David's cheek before pulling back. "Go wait in my room," Adam say softly. "We'll be right there."

David nods, pushing himself up awkwardly, cock pushing hard against the front of his jeans. Kris watches him go to the doors obediently, staring at his ass until Adam's hand closes over his cock. "Adam!" Kris gasps, but a hand on his hip keeps him still. "What the fuck--"

Adam's hand tightens. "Do I have your attention?" Adam says, deceptively light. Kris shivers at the sound of his voice; he's never heard Adam sound like that before. "Yes. Or. No."

"Yes," Kris whispers.

"Good boy." Adam curls his fingers in Kris' hair, tugging his head back and kissing him fast and endless, then pulls away. "This is where you tell me this is what you want."

Kris stares at him. "We don't--don't do this."

"Kris," Adam breathes, "after everything else, this? We've had worse ideas and got through them all." Skimming his chin, Adam smiles. "Come on. Tell me you're not curious."

Kris tries to answer with a no, but even he can't make himself try a lie that obvious. "You're curious."

"I think I am." Adam tilts his head, baiting. "What, think you can't keep up with me?"

Kris tries not to smirk; he should have known. "That doesn't work on me, you know. Do better."

"Okay." Abruptly, the hand in his hair tightens, and Adam meets his eyes, electric blue, intense, utterly focused. "These are the rules; you do as I say, you don't come until I tell you to. Can you do that?"

Kris tilts his head into the pressure. "Can you make me want to?"

Adam touches his tongue to his lips, then jerks Kris' head back, hard; Kris catches his breath, tears prickling behind his eyes and heat flashing across his skin. Oh. "I won't ask you twice," Adam says softly. "Answer me."


Adam smiles, knuckles grazing down his cheek; Kris licks his fingers as they pass, closing his eyes when Adam feeds him two fingers, indulgent, biting below his ear and sucking the bruised skin after. "You think you know, but you have no idea, baby. I'll make you beg," Adam says against his skin. "I want to watch him fuck you while you wrap that pretty mouth around my cock and suck me off. You want out, you say stop, I shut everything down. Do you understand?"

Adam pulls his fingers back for Kris to reply. "Yes." Kris makes himself look up, because Adam's right, fuck him; after everything else, they have nothing here to lose, and why the fuck not. "I'll do anything you want."

Adam pulls his chin around sharply, eyes narrowed. "Don't say what you don't mean, baby."

"You can--" Kris swallows, aware of the hand still wrapped around the base of his cock, tight, the feel of Adam's cock against ass, the big body against his back, and feels reckless and a little stupid, but God, yeah, he wants to know. "I'll do whatever you want. Anything you want."

Adam studies him, then kisses him, surprisingly chaste, before the long fingers pull up the flannel and then wrap around his wrist. "Your safeword is idol." Adam smirks at his expression. "Let's go."

Do not let this like, influence you to vote NO CAGES OMG or anything.
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  • spnfic: the game of god, 24 & 25

    I completely forgot to post this here: Title: The Game of God, 24 & 25 Author: Seperis Series: Down to Agincourt, Book 4 Codes: Dean/Castiel Rating:…

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