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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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who thought of this and why do they hate happiness?
children of dune - leto 1
Jeggings, like leggings but made with denim. Because skinny jeans didn't have quite enough of that "impossible to peel off once finally on without scissors" chic and God knows, who doesn't want their clothing to mimic our skin so closely you can identify their religion and ho-ho consumption on a glance.

....I'm going to just put this on the table. Jeggings is not as insane as iPad as a name. They could tie.


Lowered Expectation of the Day

Do not pour your coffee onto your keyboard and announce it's a technological sacrifice to Cthulhu (or SCP-682, whichever).

(I will say I am resisting it only because I don't have a lot of coffee left and I can't be sure it will actually summon him and forever destroy Euclidean geometry and mortal men's minds. Or something.)

Jeggings. Seriously.

I have seen "jorts" used for "jean shorts". Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Did you see iPad 1.x will have limited multitasking? Not until fall, though. iPhone gets it this summer, as does iTouch, which suddenly nourishes the flame of my yen to get an iTouch and be able to listen to music and read on the same device while commuting. Lunacy.

Really? Is this an update or will I have to purchase it? Being able to listen to music while reading would be awesome.

God, I've been seeing people wearing those on the subway. It's really not attractive.

Easy expectation for me to meet. I need this cup of coffee.

So happy I live in a cow town where no one has heard of Jeggings.

Really, once those pictures of Adam having ghost sex in Rolling Stone Japan came out I don't even need lowered expectations to have a fantastic day. Not dumping coffee on my keyboard will only be a bonus.

(Nevermind, found it. ;))

Why do I always see women who really shouldn't be wearing them...

Oh ... no. The world does not need this. America, in particular, does not need this. People of Walmart is horrifying enough already, thanks.

Have they heard of spraypaint? 'Cause it might be easier.

Hee! I'm a guilty jeggings user, almost two years now. Mine are just so comfy with the elastic band and all. Of course, a looong blouse/tunic/shirt is essential because otherwise it's all a bit unseemly. :D

I almost wish one could capslock numbers

...$178!? One-hundred and seventy-eight dollars?







For the cheap ones. My god.

Not that I want them or anything. I've never had a ho-ho before, but I've had plenty of other sweets. But, seriously, it's like they don't even want these things to catch on.

Also, wouldn't it be easier and less painful to use regular knit fabric that has been made to look like denim?

Re: I almost wish one could capslock numbers

Oh, ho-ho is a sweet? I thought seperis was using some sort of euphemism for genital area...

I'm with Missu. I love these, as I love stretch waistband jeans. Why? Because real jeans are made of sturdy thick fabric that feels too thick around the waist and like it weighs a ton generally. I've been a zipless/no-button jeans wearer for years, and it's heaven.

Also, contrary to popular belief, these are easier to take off than real jeans Just, y'know, pull down :)

Do not pour your coffee onto your keyboard and announce it's a technological sacrifice to Cthulhu

Also, do not pour your coffee onto your keyboard in attempt to sober it up after spilling a glass of scotch on it. You will only get a wide-awake drunk keyboard.

Don't these people know that portmanteaux make the baby Jebuslug cry?

Not a problem -- I don't drink coffee. (My own Lowered Expectation for the Day has been not telling A) my supervisor to stop hanging out gossiping with my cubicle neighbor or B) my cubicle neighbor to get off the fucking personal phone and work quietly for a while. Thus far, success, and I'm about to escape for the weekend!)

As a chaote, I heartily disapprove. You should be careful of spilling things on keyboards because of Hermes would never let you near a keyboard again without it breaking. ;)

I hate when people wear leggings as pants. THEY ARE FOR UNDER DRESSES AND SKIRTS. AND SHORTS IF YOU CAN PULL IT OFF.

I have some "jeggings". They are uber-comfortable, and they look good (so long as you dress appropriately).

I refuse to call them "jeggings", though.