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Part A

Is Grumpy Old Fic Queen by zvi on DW, in which Zvi speaks on original fic in slash archives and kind of encapsulates the awesome that is fanfiction:
I like fanfiction because it is fanfiction. Because, even if someone fails to get across in their 374 word meditation on how the light falls in character X's hair, I can go to Wikipedia and discover (a) why anyone in the world gives a damn about character X and (b) by hair the author meant swirling id vortex about to swallow all of existence, unless character C does something about it.

The rest of the entry is about original fic in fanfiction archives and makes some good points about why that's odd. I've never had any strong feelings either way, but I agree with why she doesn't care for it. I mean, I read a lot of fanfiction, but I also read a lot of fiction that is not fanfiction (or pretends it's not fanfiction, which always amuses me in a variety of ways). They are different in what expectations I bring to them (my standards for loving professional work have changed dramatically), and not just because of the word derivative being involved either; this is the only place that it's perfectly acceptable to write second person pov future perfect and people that don't have PhD's in literature think it's freaking awesome.

I actually have this entire thing on why fanfiction satisfies the part of me that loves literary risk-taking even when it fails; I might think they did it badly, but I seriously love anyone who sits down, pops out their word processing program of choice, and says, "Let us shuck the bonds of literary convention like whoa. With porn." Baby, go for it. Double second person pov sex with no gerunds in non-chronological order? Bring it.

Part B:

It's that time again; I need new writing music.

After nearly a month of searching, I have seven songs that I keep listening to because I don't actually like them--wait for it!--but I know that I will. I don't know why I will--something will click, basically--but it's the uneasy knowledge that right now they are the equivalent of nails on chalkboard and suddenly one day I will turn them on and they will work. It can take years--I'm serious, I've bought songs on the future expectation I will love them, which is why I have stories written to songs made in like, 1998 or before--but they will and I'll be grateful later.

Recent Examples of Song Bought on Expectation That Became Awesome For No Reason:

Say When, The Fray - second fastest turnover, three weeks. I hated it when I bought the album. Then it came up on rotation and boom. There.
Enough for Now, The Fray - fastest turnover, three hours. I hated it so much I almost removed it from my playlists altogether. Then I got distracted, it came up on rotation, boom. We're done.
Don't Cry Out, Shiny Toy Guns - sixteen days. See above.
In My Head, Jason Derulo - months of listening to it on the radio, hated it, loved his first single. See above.
Hum Hallelujah, Fall Out Boy -, years? I heard it I don't know when and could not get into it. Then I was reading bandslash and turned it on for background music and boom.
I cannot talk about my musical relationship with My Chemical Romance, but let's just say I never had a moment where I doubted myself as much as the horrified realization I couldn't edit fic without it. It works best when in conjunction with Lady Gaga's Paparazzi and any cover of any Cyndi Lauper song. I think the beat and mood change like, does something, IDK.

Recent Acquisitions That Are Not There Yet:

I Don't Want to Be, Gavin DeGraw - I have no idea, but I was listening to the iTunes sample and going, whatever, then the chorus--did something. I don't know what. But there you go.
Closer to You, The Wallflowers - my long-lost ex-roommate lived and died on them and Counting Crows. I was very much not impressed. Then it came up in iTunes Genius and. Yeah. God, I hate this song. And yet. I won't, eventually.
Closer, Ne-Yo - actually, this one has an explanation. It's on Dance Dance Revolution 3 and for some reason, I know it will work for something. I just don't know what yet.
Breakeven, the Script - I heard it on the radio and tried to change the channel, so you know, I went to listen to it again. Basically, if I loathe it the first time I hear it, that's also a good indicator there's something there.
You and Me, Dave Matthews Band - I don't hate this. I like having it on background. I just don't feel anything specific except every once in a while, I hear something and go, oh, that. Then it's gone. Whatever.
I'll Run, The Cab - God. No idea. I just know okay?
Nutshell, Alice in Chains - ....I kind of think the intro is what keeps making me listen grimly.
Also on this list: Tantric, Course of Nature, and Parachute, who I ended up buying the album in a fit of insomnia because there is something there.

*pokes playlist* The Cab thing really is getting to me.
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