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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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podfic: multiple five things meme fics and other things
children of dune - leto 1
Part A

Is complaisancy a word? I have seen it written but it keeps being picked up by the dictionary as misspelled and this is working against my zen.

It's bothering me, okay?

ETA: Complacency. I love cofax7 so much. I was kind of going crazy.

Part B

More podfics of my Five Things fics! by fleurrochard, including Five Times Merlin Couldn't Take His Eyes Off Arthur, Three things (or four, or five, depending on your inspiration!) that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually, and Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill. She makes them sound like, amazingly deep and awesome.

I love podfic.

Part C

The Broccoli Test on DW, which makes me kind of nostalgic for a time I wasn't in fandom.

So it's like, not uncommon for me to rec new comms I'm reading, but usually I do it under flock in case it turns into a dark place of wank or for plausible deniability I was ever there or posted anything ever, but this one I'm still curious about because I'm not sure where they're going with this. Fanspastic advertises itself thus:
Fanspastic is a space by slashers, for slashers, by women, for women, and unashamed of it. It is not your mama's fandom knitting circle. There are no communities, we have no membership or cliques. Fanspastic has an editorial staff and an editorial point of view. It's not personal: it's fandom.

[Disclaimer: I have been reading it from a link from a friend for several weeks and posted the Broccoli Test link to metafandom since I thought it was funny and I was in the nostalgia mood for fandom gone by. And I admit it, I want to see how other people react to it, since I'm in the positive but confused mix of the spectrum.]

Anyway, on the strength of this entry on the new Dr. Who, I kind of fell in love. Well, that and the fic header breakdowns.

It's not that I'm against in any way the way meta in fandom has grown and expanded, but a leavening of fannish meta-ishness (meta-lite? meta-fandom-specific) is really nice as well. Yes, I do indeed miss ship wars sometimes. Shoot me now that I can still say that without irony.

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You're confused because it's complacency. *g*

I want to cry I love you so much right now.


There is also an English word "complaisance" according to M-W:

Is this a complaisant vs complacent issue? Because they are both words, but I think only complacent elongates to complacency.

...how did you know? I had it in regular complaisant form and then changed the sentence around and needed to adjectivize it. That makes sense. I was kind of freaking out about my vocabulary making a nosedive.

Because I am a librarian.

Your vocabulary is not in any danger; don't fret.

*grins* I should have known.

I don't think I could join that comm when they put "spastic" in their name. Perhaps I'm humorless, but I'm trying to be better about casually using offensive terms for disabilities for insults or even self-depreciation.

No, that makes sense to me, especially with the reminder of AP's lack of undersatnding of ableism.

What did the Associate Press do?

Argh, my apologies, I was thinking of Amanda Palmer and her recent Evelyn/Evelyn thing.

Ah. Acronyms can be tricky.

I am vaguely weirded out that you said "Associated Press" and it took me several seconds to realize AP is the actual acronym for them.


At first I just typed AP in my question too, but then it occurred to me that my confusion could also be due to acronym incomprehension. And I thought it better to be clear how I had parsed it, or the mutual confusion might just go on longer with us talking at cross purposes.

I'm sorry to say that for the next four days, I can only partake in unleavened meta.

....God, it's too Saturday for Passover jokes. *weakly paws at screen*

I'm glad you like them! And I might be eyeing other stories of you... ;)

I seriously love you. *bounces*

Shoot me now that I can still say that without irony.

I *respect* the fact that you can say that without irony. It means you haven't turned into a jaded fandom-hipster.

I look terrible in skinny jeans. My legs are overlong and there's a faint giraffe thing going on. Very disturbing.

Not into the "spastic" in the title either, but I still feel compelled to point out that K/S would pwn the broccoli test!

K/S is like, the ultimate broccoli test.

Dude, you're right, that shit is hilarious.

I adored the broccoli post at the time, but was put off not just by the "spastic" thing, but also by the "It is not your mama's fandom knitting circle" thing in the userinfo. I just hate that "not your mama's/grandma's xyz" tag, because I know quite a few older (as in 60's, 70's and 80's) women who could really hand the rest of us our asses in a competition to find out who is most edgy and radical.

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