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Yes, this was written OVER A MONTH AGO. Yes, I just stumbled across it. Yes, everyone and their puppy has read it but me.

Read it again.

Fandom: X-Men II (movieverse)

Snippet by innerpoise

The screaming outside is getting louder. These communicators were designed by Scott and Logan personally. There's no reason for it to take this long. They spent a week using them as walkie-talkies around the mansion, getting familiar with them. 'Scissorhands, there is cake from the grocery store. Do you copy?' 'Copy that, Anal Retentive. Hide cake from Kit-Kat. Go, go!'

I wait to hear Scott's commanding voice. A noise. Interference. Anything.

The line is dead.

I'd *pay* to read more on this one. Tell me there is more that I missed. Please.

*whistles to self while slutting through fandoms at random*
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