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podfic: the past in plural, read by rhicauldrie
children of dune - leto 1
I seriously love podfic, and yes, I do get this huge kick out of people podficcing my fic.

The Past, in Plural, read by rhicauldrie who has a lovely voice and I had such a good time listening to it.

A while back, there was a post--somewhere--about why people do and don't like listening to podfic. For me, it was an acquired taste, not because it's not awesome, but because I can't even get into talk radio very often (above and beyond the conservative bend of a lot of it); in general, I can't concentrate on a purely audio medium for the length of time it takes to get into a storyline. I broke that little problem with issaro recording Somewhere I Have Never Traveled because dear God, if she was going to spend that long recording something, I was damn well going to learn how to listen.

I was surprised to realize something about that, when I'd spent a lot of time worried I'd get hit with embarrassment (because it's productive to worry about the theory of listening to your own porn instead of, you know, just listening which is a hell of a lot quicker and there's a lot of time in my life I can't get back that I could have spent writing more of it). I mean, it's not just the porn; I know my weakness on citing dialogue to the speaker and try to compensate for that in edits but I don't always, and I'm pretty sure anyone who reads me has seen the paragraph long sentences, you see where this is going. I pick myself to pieces as a hobby verging on lifestyle choice; the idea of listening to someone else perform an audio verification I seriously need to work on my dependent clauses is a little disconcerting.

The thing is, they really aren't the same. I mean, they basically have the same words in the same order, but that's where the similarity ends, because the readers of podfic seem to basically recreate it from the ground up.

With other people's fics, it's a purely listening pleasure; with mine, it's being able to interact with my own fic as audience, which in general takes a couple of years to pull off. I can do that with my early Voyager fic, most of my X-Men, and some of my SV, but we're talking 2003 on it's hit or miss that I can read and not see the dissonance between the story I meant to write and what ended up on the page.

I think most writers have a universe in their heads that the story that is told ends up being only the bones of; it's not possible to get it all, and more importantly, all of it isn't relevant or necessary or even like, good. It's just, you know, background stuff. Jim's relationship with housekeeping robots in War Games did not need expansion. But man, I could tell you stories of him and Rand going through the Federation catalogue marveling at robots that could also do water sculpture.

And I think most writers when they start a story have an idea that as it turns out, the story ends up not being even close to, and that's another kind of dissonance. I have a major problem reading War Games parts five and six due to a change I made in three lines when I was nearly finished. I didn't have to change anything else in the fic for that--in fact, I changed them because the rest of the story didn't work with what I wanted to do, and more importantly, I didn't like it as it was. It was the right decision. I liked changing it! And doing that changed the entire meaning of the last two parts and closed one of my most irritating loose ends. It's still not how I originally imagined it, and dissonance when I get there, every damn time, and every time I read it, I have to stop, blink, and remind myself yes, I did change that, and then settle back in feeling like I entered a very specialized alternative universe for the remainder of the fic.

Someone else reading it is someone else interpreting it in a different act of creation; they do not carry the writer's baggage. It's not mine anymore (so much as fanfic ever is, or any fiction, for that matter); they made it theirs, using their voices and their interpretation to make something new and different from it.

Podfic readers are kind of magic like that. I don't say this often enough, to people who podfic, but it's incredible what you can do with the stories you tell. I can have read them a hundred times, but they're new every damn time I listen to them.

Speaking of, if I just say here and in my profile to podfic at will, would that work in general?

vocalizing literary works of any kind ~does change their impact. i've heard some very well-done audiobooks (Interview with the Vampire being one) and was amazed at how ~alive hearing the words made the story seem. i'm not saying i'd give up reading for it; but audiobooks or fandom podfic...they're definitely an art form in and of themselves. :D

and another way to help writers preserve their work!

Yes, this. I had to get used to it first, because seriously, my attention span has always been problematic and reading is possibly the only thing I can do without problems and not get distracted, but then it was kind of amazing to realize the difference between the textual medium and the audio.

also, re: "podfic at will"-those should work, but you could also put up a sticky post that would be one of the first things readers checking out your journal would see, as another way of making sure they're aware. just a thought! :)

I added to my profile and I think I'll add to my Fanlore page. There has to be a standard somewhere for this and I know I've seen it.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! *glee*

Oh man, you mean Zach Quinto doing it? Yes. I have heard that.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, cool! Thanks for telling me!

I need to think of adding that to my headers. Hmm.

Oh, I love this post!

And issaro really got me totally hooked as well...with your fic no less :)

So I was doubly thankful!!! (And where are my Lex icons when I need them!!!)

Her voice kind of transformed it. It was fun to listen to, and I still flinch a little when I hit certain parts of it reading.

"I can't concentrate on a purely audio medium for the length of time it takes to get into a storyline"

I haven't been able to get past that, though I've tried! My problem is that I can read much faster than I can talk, and if I'm only listening to a story a good part of my brain starts to wander off in other directions. The other problem is that I would need a pod-fic friendly activity, and I can't think of anything where I wouldn't rather listen to music and daydream.

I am a CHAMPION daydreamer. I frequently read fics just to jump start the imagination, and then go to town :).

Ooh yeah, I read a lot faster than I listen. I actually talk and type faster than I listen, for that matter. I started with five minutes at a time, around the length of a song. I can't do a new story all in one gulp, but break it down into ten or fifteen minute nuggets, which weirdly works well in anticipation of hearing more.

MMMMmmmm... I loved War Games and it's prequel which I can't remember the name of right off the top of my head, but I could totally podfic it and not the first in that duo for reasons unknown.

But yeah, I've noticed going through stories that I want to read that I've had to develop my own interpretation of what is happening just because I want to sound all together and fluid, which can't happen if I'm always wondering if I've interpreted it "right".

That, to me, is what makes podfic it's own form of artistic expression. Two podficcers doing the same story can make radical differences in interpretation just in how they choose emphasis, speed, pauses, and it's not something I would have thought about hard until I sat down to listen to it and think about it.

I guess a comparison could be made to actors interpreting a play, though I'm not sure if the combination audio/visual medium of a play is entirely comparable with a single-sense immersion, either.

Hahahah- I have had to talk myself out of podficcing War Games *so* *many* *times* - hahahah - oh, God. That's...going to be fun. Crazy fun.

God, 110K words....my throat hurts thinking about it.

Crazily enough, Somewhere was one of the very first podfics I did and now *I* cringe at some of the mistakes I made in recording it. But, really, it stands kinda as the (my) ultimate testament to the joy your fic has brought me. And one day, when I'm no longer living in the black hole called writing a masters thesis, I seriously intend to tackle more of your fic if there's any left to read =)

Someone just offered to podfic one of my stories; it's not the first time I've been asked, but if it happens it will be the first time it's been done. I agreed, of course, because it's wildly flattering that someone not only wants to read your story, but also wants to read your story before an audience of the entire internet. This does not mean that I am not terrified -- my embarrassment squick is infinite and I, too, can muster up 145-word sentences without trying.

I'm not sure how I will react to being an audience to my own stories. Perhaps because it hasn't happened yet, I've never really considered what kind of a transformative experience podficcing might be. I suppose there have been tiny hints along the way ("wait, how do you pronounce your name?"), but I'd never really considered the... remix aspect of it. And how I will handle that.

it's an interesting performance aspect when I sit down to think about my reaction to it. For me, at least, having someone else reading it gives it a distance that makes it easier to, IDK, smooth over the aspects that make it hard for me to look at my own work and not pick it apart for flaws.

I have to say, podfics are hard forme to focus on when that's all I'm doing, but when I'm driving or on public transport somewhere, they're *awesome*.

(Sometimes, listening last thing at night is awesome too but it's a 50/50 chance I'l fall asleep and then have trouble working out where I was up to the next day.)

This is one arena that makes me kind of wish I wrote stories that were closer to the fannish id. Because I love the idea of someone recording my stuff, and only one story has been done (and that by a friend, as a present). But that one experience convinced me of the utter awesome coolness of podficcing my work: it's like an entirely new story to me. I loved it.

If only I wrote more porn!

Ah, well.

And I have no trouble concentrating, generally, although for me it depends a lot on the writing, and the quality of the reader. Martha Wilson's work makes for particularly great podfic, I would note.

Yes, once it's someone else telling it, something changes in translation and it's so cool.

And I have no trouble concentrating, generally, although for me it depends a lot on the writing, and the quality of the reader. Martha Wilson's work makes for particularly great podfic, I would note.

Martha's clean style and prose would make great podfic. I need to get hers.

Speaking of, if I just say here and in my profile to podfic at will, would that work in general?

That's delightful! I love your fic and I love making podfic, so you can pretty much expect me to work on something in the future.

Some authors have made posts over at amplificathon under the info:authors tag to give blanket permissions. I think if it's mentioned in your profile though, that would be plenty sufficient.

About a year ago I started recording a podfic of "And All the World Beneath". I got halfway done with the thing, in all its epic length, and then suddenly thought, "Gee, I should probably okay this with Jenn", before I put it on the back burner and forgot about it. I'm staring at the .avi right now and dammit, I've already done 3 hours of this thing, why not keep going?

...this is my roundabout way of saying why thank you Jenn, saying to podfic at will totally works for me.

....you're doing "And All the World Beneath"? Oh my God, I haven't been able to read straight through since like, before I posted it. *blank*

Speaking of, if I just say here and in my profile to podfic at will, would that work in general?

*bounces gleefully*

*runs off to try to find someone to record You Say (That's Not An Answer) for me*