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you say hello
children of dune - leto 1
Health Care Reform has passed.

It's not everything. This won't be where it ends, but it's where it starts. I didn't expect I'd get to say this, that I'd mean it.

Dear Democratic Party,

This is why I say I'm a Democrat, not an Independent, not undecided. This is why when I'm asked, I don't say I'm not sure, that I'm thinking about it, this is why I never skid around the word like it's dirty when it's anything and everything but. This is what we are, what we're supposed to be, and what we do. I worked over two thousand cases when I was a caseworker and I denied people Medicaid until I hated myself when I went to bed and got up to figure out how I could reconcile the flagrant immorality of what I did when I followed the law with living with myself.

That's what got me through my day. That and fucking google and 211 and the thousand stopgaps created to help a system so broken that it felt impossible it could ever be fixed.

That, and thinking, one day, it would be better. I just had to wait, and I had to hope, and I had to believe that we could do better, because God knows, we couldn't get much worse.

I'm a Democrat and you didn't disappoint me. You did, however, change our world. Well fucking done. Now keep doing it.


I've been waiting for this for 20 years. "This is what change looks like". And "We did not fear our future. We shaped it".

I'm a little teary watching the POTUS.

This is not perfect in anyway. But once people realize that healthcare is a right. Not a privilige? Than it is always possible to do a tweak.

PS: FUCK BIPARTISANSHIP. I'm a democrat for a reason. I vote. I give money, and fundamentally this is why.

You know, yes. Fuck bipartisanship. I'm tired of the word and I'm tired of it being used as a reason to compromise on things we should never compromise on.

Yes. I was crying when Madelyn told me.

Yes. Yesyesyes. This. Yes.

"But let us begin."


I look at this people protesting and I listen to the opposition saying things like "This will destroy the United States," and I'm wondering, what in the hell are you thinking? This is common sense. Why did you paint yourselves in a corner? Why did you ratchet up the rhetoric to the point where you have people SPITTING on lawmakers who are black or screaming homophobic epithetes at lawmakers who are gay. Think about what in the hell you're doing.


If this were twitter, I'd be RTing that all over the place.

I feel like everyone should be partying right now. MOTHERFUCKING HEALTH CARE REFORM PASSED, PEOPLE. PLZ GET TO THE MERRY-MAKING.

Yes yes yes yes. IN THE STREETS.

I just can't believe they did it. God.

What. You. Said. Never been so happy to be a life long Democrat. And I agree with the commenter who said fuck bipartisianship. A political party doesn't get to redefine bipartisianship when they lose control.

Edited at 2010-03-22 04:35 am (UTC)

I adore your icon.

And yes. This.

....no one ever talks about, what, exactly the health care reform package actually consists of, besides some vague notion of it helping the uninsured. Is that it? So what about everybody else? Did anything change for the rest of us, besides the insurance cap on the maximum amt of health insurance the ins companies have to pay if you have a very prolonged illness?

Because it's five million pages pre-reconciliation. I need to find a summary to see what it looks like now; I did a very, very, very fast overview read a while back, which probably was the equivalent of cliff notes of cliff notes of cliff notes.

Theoretically, it's supposed to make it possible to get coverage that's affordable when not working at a job that has group rates and for those who were self-employed, not employed, or between jobs. Amongst other things, but again, my sketchy is very sketchy understanding indeed.


I'm proud of my party.

I'm proud we got it passed, but dammit. I really want to get a look at the details too. It's kind of integral because you can bet my patients in the pharmacy will want to know what's going to happen.

We had our hands full when Part D was rolled out. I think this will be good for them too, but its still gonna be a bitch to roll out.

Thank you for this comment. I wondered what HCR meant to you, *because* you've been working in the trenches for so long: you've been on the front lines of this fight.

I'm so proud of my party tonight, I can't tell you. I'm just old enough to remember when major progressive initiatives were routine, and it does my heart so much good to see the Democrats are still capable of taking those giant steps. HCR, once left for dead, is now the law of the land: it is SO GOOD to be able to say that!

it's remarkable what a difference it makes to people once they realize they can have something - then we'll see real improvement in the laws and real action if anyone tries to take these rights away. you're so right about all of that.

I've watched this debate from the other side of the Atlantic with rising disbelief about the sheer madness of the arguments against universal health care. I just do not understand how anyone can say that providing health care to the poorest and the most vulnerable will destroy society. And after reading comms like bad_service where every week there are unhappy/furious/incandescently furious people posting stories about how they're screwed over by their insurance companies or the billing people in their local medical practice or hospital, how can anyone argue that the system you have works?

as someone who has had to wrangle with medicaid and medicare on behalf of a parent with an incurable disease (and who has argued about the damn pre-existing condition clause), as someone who has paid out of pocket time and time again on medical bills for that parent, THIS is why i'm a democrat and always will be. THIS, right there, when hrc passed. it's a START, but despite the wrangling it still has to go through in order to smooth out the details, it's better than what we've had.

the people who can't see that are BLIND.

I'm really stoked for people in the United States today - especially the many I know who had no health coverage.

The Democrats did good in starting the USA on the road to being a country where healthcare is a right, as it should be, and not a privilege.