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The Toybox

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rec - john sheppard, age 12
children of dune - leto 1
So years ago, me and svmadelyn and later miss_porcupine worked on a series called Teacher's Pet. For Wip Amnesty, svmadelyn posted this:

John Sheppard, Age 12 in which John discovers girls, dancing, and adorableness. And Rodney attempts educational porn. You can see where this could go.

*clutches fic* This is so cute I squeal.

Speaking of, svmadelyn declared today WIP Amnesty Day. Bring out the WIPs you know you will never finish and feel the catharsis of finally posting them!

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Man I *loved* that series. I think it is the only unfinished WIP that makes my heart a little sad. I'd have loved to see how it played out. That section is very cute!

Teacher's Pet = Love

I adore this series. Of course, I'd love to see the final "John re-aged" chapter but then again, who wouldn't? *g*

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