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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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why are these people web-enabled?
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, level with me--the point of Facebook is to:

a.) be annoyed by your mother's obsession with getting gifts for Farmville.
b.) learn to hate fish every time you look at your feed.
c.) so people you met before the age of reason, or fuck, the age of puberty, can track you down like some kind of goddamn dark magic GPS, because I refuse to believe anything as beautiful as computers could be responsible for this shit.
d.) ex-boyfriends from non-English speaking countries who were instrumental in your growth and development can friend you. No reason.
e.) a long-lost friend is into otaku-like beliefs but in relation to the Fae (yes, nymphaea1, I am not joking, I have evidence) and sends you pictures (EVIDENCE). Of her wings (NOT KIDDING).
f.) Fundamentalist relatives. I'll just leave that as-is.
f.) give you a glimpse of what hell will be like in terms of population. Yeah, this.

Guess how many of these are happening to me right now?

Okay, showtime. Beat that list. I totally dare you.

How about people you know who WON'T facebook friend you? Another lovely aspect of FB.

It's mildly amusing. I do use it to follow some of my interests such as the Museum at FIT and Tim Gunn's blog on Project Runway but mostly it shows me aspects of people I know that I didn't want to know about.

Oh man, facebook si the one place I would not mind being ostracized.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
...I really wnated to lose? *g*

This is the reason why I have no facebook account.

I wish beyond words that I hadn't gotten one.

(Deleted comment)
By interesting, you mean she has wings and wants to meet up to chat because she lives really close?

It's just--*hands* I am totally open-minded, but there's wings. I don't know what to do with that.

(Deleted comment)
I keep hoping I'm exaggerating, then I look at my friends requests.

The wings thing intrigues me no end too!

I managed to get around the people finding me thing, by changing my name slightly on FB. This backfired when my previously computer illiterate brother joined FB and asked me to friend him. From there he went on to friend family and childhood friends willy nilly and I am now stuffed as through him I.Have.Been.Found!

Facebook: the dummy's stalking manual! WHICH IT IS.

Ahhhhhhh Farmville no application on facebook has ever annoyed me so much. I DONT CARE IF YOU NEED NAILS.


I cannot compete mostly because I ruthlessly refuse to allow people who are not a) non-crazy family members or b) people I see at least once a week and smile at. My profile is as invisible as it gets.

I continue to use it because it updates with crazy shit more often than lj and research has shown that there are few better ways to stalk Shaun White (and this is the cheapest).

*falls over and dies* Carry on.

Hee! Originally got a FB account because my partner's family in Colombia all had them and she needed me to translate and it was 1000x easier to have my own. It was also 1000x easier to then start mocking wars with them, but I digress.

I rarely if ever remember to even sign in, but have discovered that I have an ex of mine who once emailed me while drunk to ask how he could have possibly been so awful to turn me gay who now has joined a gay rights group over on FB, and a fundie jock from HS who wished me and my partner a happy 10 year anniversary, but a supposedly good friend from HS defriended me for pretty much the same thing because it showed up in one of her feed thingies. IDEK.

I do know that it's oddly helpful to log in, not post, and keep up to date on how often your 11 and 12 year olds are secretly playing Mafia Wars when they claim to be doing homework though, and then use screenshots as evidence for grounding. Or, er, so I have heard. *cough*

Your parenting is inspiring. *nods seriously*

I think Facebook is the new AOL.

This is a workable theory.

1) Two stalkers that I had called the cops on friended me. One from college, one from my IT job who flipped out when I turned him down for a date.

2) People who I have never met, had no mutual friends, and/or lived in another country.

3) Two people who actively tried to make my high school years hell. Including throwing my bookbag full of books into the pond in the front of the middle-school next door.

4) People who I don't remember meeting, but they apparently remember me.

5) People who throw sheep at me--wtf is up with all the FB apps? I don't get them--and have never said a word to me on FB.

6) Someone who criticizes my weight, publicly.

Re: I shit you not:

....what the fuck?

I--wait, which app is sheep?

Also, you win. Though I will say my Fae-friend does come a close second. SHE LIVES NEARBY AND WANTS TO MEET UP.

I have a Facebook account because it proves to me that my brother isn't imaginary. He's just a musician and this is why I never see him ever.

*bites lip hard* Myspace and Facebook really have a lot of those. At least in FB, I dont want to cry from the sheer aesthetic horror. Mostly.

(Deleted comment)
I just defriended like 50 people. It was very refreshing.

*admiring* I cannot even manage that.

Farmville notifications need to DIAF. Right now.

I have -

1) Crazy med school wannabe kids who have events all over the place.
2) Someone who has 3 aliases: Thomas Hardy/Clark Gable (depends on the day), her teddy bear, and herself.
3) Various people: lots of drunk photography.
4) A group of aspiring models. Apparently I went to high school with them.
5) People who write sonnets to biochem.

Eh. Most days it's mildly entertaining, esp #2 and 5. (And you can so tell my age group, right there.)

I am totes in love with sonnets to biochem right now. That is an underrepresented poetic genre.