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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is how you start a war
children of dune - leto 1
Just posting to say, Child, after irritating me about my warnings on going to certain sites, was finally given a deeply vicious, verbal, explicit description of goatse while I hovered the mouse over the image file and waited for him to break.

He's still in the closet. Quite literally, even.

Me: 1, Child: 0

Game on.


*goes to hide in the closet too*

*Grins* I am immune after being ambushed with it so many times. Not that there isn't more out there to traumatize me. *shivers* He'll find it, of course.

(Deleted comment)
It's better to get it over with before the build of horrified anticipation, to be honest, like pulling off a bandaid. Then you can breathe again. And there's so much worse.

HAHAHAHA! You can't see me but I'm currently laughing my head off AND giving you a thumbs up. I wish my parents had done that for me. That way I wouldn't have gotten to college with no idea what pornography, . . . then paid dearly for that ignorance with exposure to sites and memes like that. Because college guys can be absolute jockstraps and douches.

This. I had to find out the really old fashioned way; stealing romance novels and searching the house for hidden stores of Hustler and Penthouse. College and the internet was like revelation.

YOU ARE A CRUEL MOTHER. (Given that I had to have a friend explain the birds and bees to me at age 14, I'm not sure my mom's methods are better, but, uh, goatse as a starter?)

*takes refuge*

I've been doing his sex ed since he was old enough to understand complete sentences. He's about the right age to get through most internet-security programs I can get, so it's easier to give visual evidence of why he shouldn't go some places yet. It's less tempting when you know your mom has not only already seen it, she will laugh at you forever and ever.


A++ parenting, my dear!

He's thirteen; I've been prepping for this pretty much all his life. Luckily, fandom has given me so many useful weapons.

gaaaaa. (I had to google it, btw). My innocence (what there was left) is gone.

Mind you, my parents didn't bother explaining sex (or indeed what a Menstrual Period was, or that one might start Bleeding From Places Blood Had Not Ever Previously Come) until I started my first period and had to tell my mom I was bleeding in my underwear.
They didn't explain it well, either. I knew more than they did and I was only 11 at the time. 11 with no internet access even.

(K. hitting the "post" button before I give you (any) more details than you wanted to know...)

GOD. That! They explained at school about everything around periods without ever like, explaining what they were. I walked out of there so confused before mine started and I had context.

My mom was like "You could have asked me?" But seriously, I couldn't even figure out enough of what was going on to ask.

Child was prepped on that one, too. You know, just in case.

(Deleted comment)

Re: beware the internets

He'll hit the pron and SASS and the other places soon enough, and it's not like I have any hope of doing more than slowing it by making sure he knows why he shouldn't go there quite yet. The mystique factor would have seriously worked against me in that, and he plays enough online games that someone is going to link him eventually. Now he knows why he shouldn't go there yet.

You know. There have actually been STUDIES showing that it's worse having long download times for disturbing/anxiety provoking images. They measured heart rate and everything.

This is true. Though there is also this. The sheer anticipatory dread after hearing about it for so long does take the worst of the edge off by the time you do see. Goatse startled me, but it really didn't do much worse; I'd heard so much about it that it was like, oh. Well. That's--strange.

Your parenting makes me all ... *chin-hands*

♥ ♥ ♥

Hee! We did something similar but not quite as shocking to Eldest (now 12, then about 10). He kept trying to read over both E and I's shoulders while we'd be reading fic and looking up stuff online. We started pulling up extremely graphic fic and images and he ran away and left us alone. I'm not sure if it was that, or E pulling up all the spam mail with images of penis enlargement and explaining to him in detail what it meant that has kept him away for the past two years. *g*

i'm not sure how old he is, but i'm pretty sure if someone had sat me down and explained to me the horror that was goatse, i would have been a lot less exploratory and a lot more terrified when i found it at the age of 13. it's like pulling off a band-aid! *heart-eyes your parenting*

I can't even imagine parenting in this day and age. But, of course my grandparents said the same thing to MY parents when I was young.

Stay strong, Mom, stay strong.

wow, I had to google it and I've been online since '92..I feel lucky. very lucky.

And man... poor child. but well deserved. Is he still hiding?

Thank you for educating me about goatse.

I applaud your method! Goatse was what taught me not to click links if I didn't know what they were, and that no, I didn't really need to go see other shock sites to satisfy my curiosity.