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irritating moment in time
children of dune - leto 1
I've felt icky the last few days. While going through my bag, I found my thyroid medication and checked the number left (one) and the date for refill (nine days ago).

...so possibly, the reason I am falling asleep for twelve hour naps and feeling really not-great when I get up could possibly be I missed about a week and two days of medication cumulatively in this last 30 day period. I honestly can't remember the last time I took it before today (I think I took it Sunday?)

However, I remembered to drink a lot of water. IDK, I need a keeper or possibly some sort of like, you know those ankle things prisoners (or say, Neil from White Collar?) wear? I need one of those. To remind me. To take my medicine. So I can function. Like a person.

If I didn't take my thyroid medication...

for a week I'd be shivering with cold, watching my hair start to fall out and falling asleep over my work desk. I always put it out the night before somewhere where I'll see it. I feel like I'm dying slowly if I miss more than one dose. I did miss a week once and I never want to go through that again. *g*

Re: If I didn't take my thyroid medication...

The ritalin counteracts (somewhat) the sleepiness or I would have made the connection so much faster. I mean, I should have when I went to sleep after taking a ritalin one night, but it just literally did not occur to me.

I think--and not sure, but I'm trying to remember to track--that it's been in the last two weeks, which would explain why since Friday I've been pulling twelve hour nights plus nap. I'm not sure I'd have remembered if a.) I hadn't seen my bottle and b.) work today was horrific; I kept losing not just my train of thought but forgetting things minutes after doing them, and when I'm on ritalin, I'm three hour blocks of near perfect memory. It was freaking surreal.

If I didn't have twice daily alarms set on my phone to remind me to take my meds, it'd take the pain making itself known for me to remember.

Letting them wear off like that is brutal and usually means extra meds to get everything back under control.

I do the same thing -- I set the alarm on my phone. I even have an alarm set an hour before I have to be at work because I tend to get distracted and the next thing I know I'm running late.

I absolutely depend on a little plastic case with seven compartments. Get one! They do the remembering for you!

Yes, this. I was coming to pimp this.

One of those Mon-Fri, Morning, Noon, Evening, Night boxes. One can load them up once a week and they keep track for you.

*points* What they said. The only way I remember a) to take my medication, and b) that I've already TAKEN my medication is to have one of those days of the week morning/evening pill boxes to keep it all in. Otherwise I'd lose track completely.

This too. I have like 5 different ways to keep track of my meds like that, depending on my week and where I am and if I am traveling, etc.

Psst. Your phone has alarms and a calendar. Also google calendars can email and text you when it's time to do something.

I can nag if you'd like. I have nagging-skills!

there's been days when I've actually considered finding out if I can get medication bubble packed like we make the residents do at work, so I can just look at the card and know if I've taken my damn pills or not.

I keep my once a day medicines with my toothbrush and toothpaste. Then I always remember, because there is no way that I'm leaving the house without brushing my teeth.

I have a routine at night. All my pill bottles are in special places in my cabinet and I have to go in a very specific order to take the pills (we're up to seven different pills of four different medications not counting the stuff I take as needed) and I have to go in that exact order. If I do that, I'm good. If I don't do that, I forget what I've taken and it's horrible and a nightmare and aiee!

I stopped forgetting to take my pills when I found out that missing ONE DOSE sent me into withdrawal symptoms so bad I couldn't function.

Since the very first thing I do every morning is head for coffee, I keep my synthroid next to the coffee pot. That way its built into my automatic routine. Take synthroid while waiting for the first cup to be ready. I find I am more consistent if its part of my routine during the part of the morning where I'm on autopilot. the minute its no longer on the counter there, I always forget. Sucks to not notice until you're already having symptoms.

I used to keep my amino acid supplements by my laptop for just that reason.

Set an alarm on your iPod with this to play?

HOW does the ipod alarm work? Do you hear it even if you're not listening to it? It's possible this has mystified me for a while.

I keep it on my desk, next to my computer, in a 7 day box.

this is what happens to me when i forgot an antidepressant or anticonvulsant, ugh (which has been the last - three weeks? fucking psychologist refuses to let the pharmacy refill it until i break the agoraphobia to come in to see him, and i only JUST GOT OVER THE WITHDRAWAL EFFECTS OH MY GOD /rant)

i hope you get back on & better soon, bb, have you tried alarms on your phone? also i'd volunteer to join the nagging club :D

I've managed to train myself into taking the one pill I take on a regular basis (merely a vitamin) first thing in the morning, since I keep the bottle right next to the water bottle on my nightstand that I inevitably make a grab for as soon as I get up. (Or even before I'm "up," since I have to get out of bed and across the room to hit the snooze button on my alarm and may have a drink on the way back.)

ETA: And having actually read the other comments, I see I'm such a fucking lightweight on the pill front. But, yeah, this is me adding a vote to inserting it into the morning zombie moves.

Edited at 2010-03-09 09:48 pm (UTC)

Have to agree with those who have already commented. Bubble/blister packs have saved me. I don't think people who don't deal with daily medication really can understand how hard it can be to get them all down the hatch at the correct times and on the correct days. *pets her own blister pack* Don't be too hard on yourself for missing doses, just do what you can to not do it again, that's what I always get told. *nods* Good advice, I think.