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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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things that still make me cry ridiculously
children of dune - leto 1
(a)...end of Titanic. Right, I know, I'm just a prostitute for the entire industrial-entertainment conglomeration that runs the world and Leonardo di Caprio is the antiChrist, but I. Don't. Care. Watching large ships go down while musicians keep playing and all those people dying? I get a flat thirty minutes of pretty much relentless crying.

Moments that are the whimperiest.

Old people in bed, waiting for the water.

Two kids in bed, waiting for the water.

Captain with his steering wheel, waiting for the water.

Musicians playing, waiting for the water.

You see a theme here?

Though there's this one unintentionally, I'm sure, break-moment where this lady slides on her stomach ALL the way down the Titanic's deck and instead of weeping for her death, I stop and wonder how many splinters she got in her stomach and how uncomfortable that must be right before going on to a watery grave. It's bad enough to drown in freezing water, but imagine all that salt water in those open cuts, stinging! *shivers*

(b) Armageddon. I'll say it before, I'll say it again. The eternal love of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck's characters is liken unto Romeo and Juliet, but without everyone dying and a lot less in the way of sex. If that entire death thing wasn't hanging over my head, I'd be all over them. Stupid reservations regarding undead sex. Bah. That entire damn movie is a river of woe for me. From the second they start boarding the ship until Bruce dies in a flare of white.

(c) Tarzan, Disney version. I don't even want to hear it. The song and the parents building their little house--gets me EVERY time. I'd blame Elton John and hormones, but I've watched it too many times to keep that kind of excuse on hand. And the mommy ape! Come ON.

(d) Pearl Harbor -- see, prostitute for the entertainment industry, I am totally their market. But all those people banging to get out of the ships? Roosevelt standing up to make the speech at the table? Gah. Hurts.

(e) Anytime I re-read Winston Churchill's speech regarding how England wouldn't ever give up during WW II, and the really embarassing part is, that one happened the first time in class, which got me no points with anyone.

(f) Buffy fifth season finale. Spike's expression. Buffy's speech while falling. This perfect second when you give up and let go. Last ten minutes, I and the kleenex are one. Still does it to me, even now. I was still crying on AIM while chatting with Lena.

(g) Smallville, Ryan dying by inches in that bed.

(h) End of Darkstar's "Save the Last Dance for Me". Every. Fucking. Time. You'd think by now I'd be desensitized, but oh no. Dammit.

There, I've embarssed myself enough for one day.

Rec Correction

Maps and Legends, the wonderfulness that I was assured is finished and being polished AS WE SPEAK, is by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen. My apologies. My only excuse is that I was so desperately grateful for readability I dind't pay attention to, you know, the authors.

To The Siamese Twins, I'm fixing that thing with the link, I swear. See below for explanation on why I haven't yet. *hugs* I'm so sorry.

Bored Out of My Mind

I considered redesigning my webpage again, but then I forgot the new password for the main directory, and I hate editing in WS_FTP. It hates me and also adds little blocks everywhere and everything is in a big paragraph instead of being spaced out correctly. Hate that. And I have actual editing to do! I do!

*sighs* However, I can still uplaod and download without trauma, so....

By the Siamese Twins, who seriously, just LOOK at it. I'm mulling putting it up as my new background or something. Because--whoa. Just whoa all around here.



I'm still working out the good/bad manners of vid reccing. Feel free to tell me to take it down if you're just terribly uncomfortable.

66 by sisabet. If I could literally boil down everythign I love about QaF into less than five minutes of images, this is what I'd use. It's fantastic.

Battleflag by sisabet. Again. See above.

Fast As You Can by silviakundera. Yep. Took me two days to make it download and my computer cooperate, and I won't waste energy explaining my hatred of my monitor for making everything os damn dark, because completely worth it.

Keep Me by silviakundera I want this song, dammit. Must look. Pretty. The cuddliness is unending.

Eleventh Hour by Mesa. I could swear I read it before it was recced by someone here, but I cant' be sure, and it was good, good, good. Love Justin. Just love him.

isilya gets creative as hell. Justin is thinking along with Michael. Short, sweet, and *true*. Hurts. I'm okay with that.


Slowly but surely, I'm trying to work my way through Across the Pond. I have a system to keep the trauma to a minimum. If the summary tells me the plotline and ending, I skip. If there is any kind of virtual giggling, I skip. If the title makes me roll my eyes, I skip. Basically, my MO in the SSA and Level_Three.

Now, that's level one sorting. Level two is usually where I get trapped and frantic, because once I start reading? Can't stop. Train wreck in progress? Can't stop. Turns suddenly Brian/Michael with rugrats and a picket fence and pet dog unexpectedly? Can't stop. Have to read to the bitter, bitter, bitter end, and this could be (i) on 'things that make me cry ridiculously'.

And by the way? Nestle Treasures? The way to enlightenment. Especially the coconut ones. I at least ten pieces further into enlightened *right now*.

Hmm. I need to make more icons. Soon.

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*sisabet*. Thank you for showing her to us. I can oficially say this: I am her new stalker.
Oh, the cover: beautiful. No more words to spoil it.

Isn't she incredible? I've watched those vids so much I actually have them memorized by beat. I can VISUALIZE the damn thing when I play the song at work. I need to leave my connection on one night and just download everything she's got. Those are so damn good it makes me ache. Dammit, I wish I could vid.

And yes, that cover. *nod* I'm in awe.

Dude, but what about the guy who hits the propeller? Every time I see that, I cringe. It's like insult to injury- he's gonna die, he has to fall forever, and then he hits that damned propeller. *shudder*

Jesus, thinking about that one too long....

I mean, propeller. Sharp instruments. And little pieces....


That's just a sucky way to go. I mean, think about his afterlife and explaing this one. I mean, ther'es that endless kind of romatnicism in saying you went down with the Titanic, but man, it has to take off the gloss when you explain you and the propeller made acquaintance first, you know?

I really, really need to stop thinking about these things so much.


I just emailed you The Language of Love, by Wren, in MS Word format. I think you'll like this one. It will be at ATP but Calysta has been updating slowly over there.


You are so my crack dealer and I love you for it.

*huge hugs*

I know what you mean. Titanic makes me cry too. And have to pee really badly. But mostly just cry.

So does Charlotte's Web. Every. Damn. Time.

But don't tell anyone, K? I've got a reputation to uphold of being a stoic, uncaring bitch.

oh *man*. You HAD to remind me?

She's all--and the pig--and the babies...


And they make CHILDREN read this!

*more sniffling*

I have to share:

Old people in bed, waiting for the water.

Two kids in bed, waiting for the water.

These two scenes got to me too, especially the scene with the mother and knowing she's going to have to watch her children die.

But shortly thereafter there's a scene where someone falls off the back of the ship and bounces off the propeller which is sticking out of the water. I swear the sound resonated in the theater when I saw it. And it made me giggle. God help me for being morbid, but it saved me from being a total basketcase at the end.

I was doing pretty good until the very, very end of the film, when they were showing the pictures of things Rose had done. A woman behind me started sobbing about Rose havng kept her promise to Jack, and I lost it, which for some reason made me mad.

In my family, we deal with emotional stuff with our incredible macbe sense of humor, which tends to get me in trouble.

*dies laughing*

I hate to admit it, but watching Jack die was *hard*. And Rose doing that "Rose Dawson" thing. I'm a romantic. I get sniffly just thinking about it.

And yep, that ending in the ship with all the people and Jack waiting....

*sniffles hard*

Dude. I've watched Armageddon more times than it's proper to admit. The week that it played on Uni cable, I caught it tweleve times. And wept every *single* fucking time.

Harry! *weeps*


*sniffles* I still hurt thinking about it. I could barely hear him screaming Harry's name I was crying so hard the first time. And teh second. Helpfully, i had tissue ready the third.

And that goodbye. And that explosion. And that...

Yep. Like that. God, I get sniffly just remembering.

And here I thought *I* was the only one who bawled my head off no matter how many times I watch Titanic and Armageddon. Glad to know I'm not alone!

Oh yeah. Pull up some tissue adn watch me dissolve into puddles. I am so Hollywood's bitch.

*grins* We should have a support group or something.

until Bruce dies in a flare of white

Wha?? Bruce dies?!?

Roosevelt standing up to make the speech at the table?

Wha?? Roosevelt stands!!??

Buffy's speech while falling

Wha?? Buffy falls?!?

Watching large ships go down

Wha?? The Titanic sinks?!!

Now I feel just terminally spoiled forever.

Betcha didn't know that....


*evil insane cackling* *coughs* *insane giggling* *better*

Now I have totally destroyed Pearl Harbor for you forever and ever. My evil plan is totally in motion!

*looks for other shows to spoil*

(Deleted comment)
God, how could I forget Schindler's List. That night they're makign the list and trying to remember names so desperately--I cried during the movie, after the movie, during the damned BOOK, after the book. At the end when he collapses. The way his face hardens when he sees the red coat.

*sighs* That one. Yeah.

*adds Graves of the Fireflies and Gorillas in the Mist to list* Okay, that's masochistic of me. *sniffles in prep*

I'm not going to touch the Titanic, and I have yet to see Pearl Harbor but Land Before Time--the first one, (I never saw the ones after and I never, ever will because I rather suspect it would kill the high level of affection I have for the first movie), but when the mother dinosaur dies? Gets me every time. And in Dumbo? When the mom is swinging him from the trunk? Eeee. Braveheart nearly broke me (Freeeeeedoommmmmmmm!), and then I read the book which actually hurt *more*. Hadn't been expecting that.

I can think of a few more, but those are the big ones for me.

World War II things get me every time though. There was a book of telegraphed letters between Roosevelt and Churchill and I kept crying throughout it. It just all felt so huge to me. Political speeches are great for that feeling, and I'm completely with you on Churchill.

What was the book? Send me the title, please? This I have to read.

Braveheart. That part hurt *so* much, and that betrayal, and all those flashes between everyone. I will not break down just thinking. I will not break down just thinking. I will *not*....

Oh damn. *Grr*

"We will fight on the beaches . . ." Oh yeah, that gets me everytime. I think the "we will never surrender" is the true kicker. Anything about WWII is likely to make me bawl. As is the Declaration of Independence. Every time I read it. "We solomly pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honour" - how can this not inspire tears?

And I started crying the minute the iceberg hit in Titanic. All those people! Oh my god! And the kids, and the mother and gah - Leonardo dying was nothing as to my trauma over the unnamed passengers. But then, at the end, when he meets Rose and takes her hand and the credits start? The man next to me was giving me strange looks as he pushed past my insensate form. The last hour was one big tear-fest.

Have you ever seen The Fox and the Hound? I saw it in the theaters as a child and sobbed my way through the closing credits and the walk to the car. People were giving my mother dirty looks as she led me through the parking lot. Just the thought of that last, wistful "we'll always be friends forever" still makes me sniffly.

I sobbed at the end of Chosen too - Buffy's smile and the thought that she wouldn't have to carry this huge burden alone anymore opened the waterworks bigtime.

I'm a sap, I know it.

*hugs sap* Yes. I am comfortable now wiht my identity as a total sap.

And WWII things--this huge struggle between an absolute evil and good, and yep. I used to just sit there and try to imagine what it must have been like when he was writing that speech in Britain, the daily fear, the *blitzkrieg*, and all those little planes that weren't as advanced as the German ones flying out like they weren't outclassed, because this was their country and it was something they had to do.

Okay, writing that paragraph made me start blinking hard.

*curls up*

You know, I have seen Fox and the Hound, and I need to get it for Child--it's faded hugely from my memory. Oh! And Old Yeller! That one STILL kills me. And Of Mice and Men, the latest version. Reading the book made me ache, but watching it just cut me to pieces. In class, no less.

*curls up tighter*

What a gorgeous cover. I love it.

Also, I respect you for being willing to cop at crying during Armageddon, man. *grins*

*narrows eyes*

The eternal, until-then-unspoken love ripped apart before it even began so Harry could go off and save the world? With Ben's character screaming his love behind him? In that elevator, his oxygen tank destroyed so he can't even follow?

I crack up when they pick *straws* now.

*grins* What's your movie weakness? Tell.

Okay missy, I'm back online for good now. That means you need to get your butt on when I am! ;o) How else am I to bug you about my fic? *grins* Love you! Missed you lots too! Come talk to me. Tonight. Ten my time? Pretty please? I'll share with you the wonderment of my new ship. See the pretty picture? lol


*grins* I see. OC sucking you in, too?

*sighs* Dammit, all this running for OC! Everyone is! *shocky*

welcome back, honey!

Keep Me by silviakundera I want this song, dammit. Must look. Pretty. The cuddliness is unending.

You MUST get the acoustic version! That's the one I used in the vid, and by far the prettiest. *swoons*

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