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oh come the fuck on
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Delicious.com,

...you don't know this about me, there's really no way you could but let me summarize the last week of February through the first week in April for you.

I've been assigned to script and test one hundred something different defect and defect parts on a computer program located on servers who had to get a firehose from the local firemen to cool down after their cooling system broke--I swear I have the email and I forwarded that to everyone I ever met, state data was on a computer being cooled by men holding firehoses. Men. Holding. Firehoses.

This is my life.

I have three help_haiti fic due of lengths between 7K and 10K words because the thing I forgot is when I'm writing long fic, I keep doing it until I crash or get writer's block or perhaps the absurdity of working on a statewide network that spans hundreds of thousands of computers was held together one glorious day by men with firehoses will eventually lead to darkness and despair. Whatever.

Delicious, there used to be a drop down at the bottom of the page where you could specify the number of entries per page. I had it defaulted to one hundred. It is now at ten and there is no drop down to fix it back to 100.

Where did you hide it?

This is what sanity looks like when it hangs by a goddamn firehose with all of my completed work.


PS: Okay, it's under display options drop down where the number of bookmarks is. Is it just me or are programmers sadists? I suddenly understand why schools require they take a semester philosophy course that comes down to "The Strange Thing Called the End User". It's also obviously not enough.

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It's up at the top now, under "display options" which is on the righthand side above the numbers of "other people who have this bookmark saved" thingy.

It took me forever to find where they'd moved the option to edit tag bundles (now under "options" on the tag column), so I feel your pain.

This has to be a class programmers take on "how to make the end user wish you would die in a fire" with added lulz.

*changes and breathes* Thank you.

Top of the page, right under the total number of links you have saved: "display options" with an arrow pulldown.

It took me over an hour to find it, after they moved it and all my settings were deleted because of a new hard drive at work.

Why do programmers hate us?

I.. oh man, I don't even know what to say, except. Did you take a picture?

I'm sorry programmers hate you :(

lol, sorry about you programming problems, but you were starting to get to me with *men holding firehoses* !

There was no such thing as a "The Strange Thing Called the End User" class when I got my degree. Probably because the vast majority of computer users were assumed to be just as geeky as the programmers.

Or maybe just because it was pointless, since GUI didn't really exist back then.

The last project I was on, I remember arguing for a feature that I thought the users would really like. (It would replace the need to print and compare two screen printouts, with a single screen.) The system architect kept shooting me down because "it wouldn't look as good."

Please please please tell me that the men holding firehoses looked like this. (SFW, actually)

Lie to me if you have to.

LOL on the 'Strange Thing Called the End User'. Oh, so true.

Umm, the servers were waterproof, right? You're not having to rescue data off waterlogged electronics systems? *knows nothing about server systems*

From personal experience, all you usually have to do for drowned is disconnect the power and let dry. Melted requires technical intervention.

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